10 Ramadan Habits You Should Endeavour To Turn Into Lifelong Routines

By Fazal Bahardeen | 14, Jun, 2018
10 Ramadan Habits You Should Endeavour To Turn Into Lifelong Routines

Ramadan is a month where we make huge changes to our daily routine. We make a lot of sacrifices to overcome our “normal” habits to bring about these changes. Most importantly Ramadan teaches us to be conscious of time and as such be disciplined with organizing our daily activities much more consistently.

It will immensely benefit us if we strive to practice some of these lifestyle changes beyond Ramadan and make them lifelong habits. Here are 10 that we should try our best to make part of our daily routine even after this blessed month of Ramadan.


1. Getting up early
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Ramadan has helped us to make it a habit of getting up 30 to 60 mins before Fajr. This is probably the most important lifestyle change we can bring into our daily life. Several studies have correlated waking up early with success​. It will definitely give you a head start for the day ahead. It gives you 2 to 3 hours of quality time for yourself before you get started with work in the office or home. You could use this time to plan your day ahead, read Quran, exercise, etc.

2. Praying Tahajjud Salat
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If you make it a habit of getting up before Fajr, you could easily incorporate Tahajjud Salat into your daily routine. It is probably the most precious time that you can have for yourself in complete solitude without any distractions, asking whatever you want from Allah (SWT).

3. Going to the Masjid for Fajr
fajr in mosque

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