Finding Qibla Direction Using HalalTrip's Website

By Halal Trip | 13, Oct, 2017
Finding Qibla Direction Using HalalTrip's Website [Qibla Compass]

No matter where your travels take you, you will always want to know the Qibla direction to pray. In such an instance you would often wonder ‘how can I know the direction?’, ‘Which way is Mecca?’ and ultimately, which way do you pray? But with the advent of advanced technologies, you can easily get Qibla direction anywhere by using various online methods. As your trusted travel partner, HalalTrip offers you convenient ways to find the Qibla direction through our website and even mobile Qibla finder app. Read on to learn about the simple and easy ways you can find the direction of Kaaba, in Mecca, so you can adjust your direction before you start your prayer no matter where you are.


Qibla meaning

As a Muslim, the Qibla direction is a very important direction you need to know. This direction points to the direction of Kaaba in Mecca situated in Saudi Arabia and is, therefore, the direction you need to face when praying.


Traditional Qibla compass & finder

In earlier days various methods for estimating the direction of Qibla included using the sun. The Mihrab – the semi-circular structure located in the mosque is used to indicate the direction of the Qibla. Alternatively, a Qibla compass could be used where the compass needle is set to point to a specific number allocated to the city (according to the reference booklet) and a prayer direction can be obtained. This method often has its drawbacks as the accuracy reduces when indoors.


Qibla direction locator/finder using online compass and map

Qibla Finder App HalalTrip App

The Qibla direction does not simply refer to a compass point like North, South, East or West. The direction you should face depends on where you are in the world. Therefore it will be very useful to have a trusted Qibla compass & finder in hand so you can find the get Qibla direction anywhere.

One of the best ways available to adjust your direction before you start your prayer is using HalalTrip’s website. All you need is access to the internet and have your location services enabled, and you can easily get an accurate reading of where is Qibla now. You then simply need to enter your location and the distance and direction to Makkah will be shown to you within seconds. Once you align yourself to a nearby landmark or road shown on the map, you can use this Qibla direction finder to tell you which direction to face when you pray. In addition, you can also use our website to get other useful information like prayer times and mosques nearby.


Using HalalTrip’s Qibla finder app

QIbla Finder HalalTrip App Screenshot

In addition to our website link, you can also use our very own HalalTrip Qibla finder app so you can get accurate information on the Qibla direction right from your mobile device. The App is available for free on Apple and Android and offers Muslim travelers a host of valuable information like nearby mosques, prayer times, and even Halal food places. The app features three direction finders – Dynamic, Static, and Map. Once location services are activated and your compass is calibrated you will be pointed towards the Qibla direction in the Dynamic setting. The static feature points to Ka’abah relative to North and is a good method to use when you already know what way is north. The Map feature which is most similar to our website link is the most accurate method available to find the direction of Qibla, especially when you are indoors.

Now that you know of the most convenient methods to find the Qibla direction, try out our Qibla locator online or download the app before your next journey and see how simple it is to find which direction you should face when you pray.

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