Halal Friendly Tour Packages

Welcome to Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country on the Balk...

EUR 500/ Per Person


10 Days 9 Nights, Macedonia Albania Montenegro Cr...

10 days and 9 nights, Amaing Balkan Tour...

EUR 740/ Per Person


Apartheid Legacy and Safari Tour

Travel between the legacy of Apartheid and Jo...

ZAR 10220/ Per Person


Special Package to Hong Kong

  Hong Kong is a vibrant city, and a ma...

USD 895/ Per Person


Tour Japan

Japan is one of the most popular travel desti...

USD 2483/ Per Person


North India Tour - 6 Days and 5 Nights

North India Tour (New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur)...

INR 16107/ Per Person


Islamic Heritage of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country on the Ba...

EUR 1200/ Per Person


Scenic beach drive and whale watching

This tour includes a drive to the picturesque...

ZAR 1947/ Per Person


Popular Hotels

Zagreb 5

Hotel Aristos

EUR 80 / Avg. Night

Xi'an 1

Golden Flower Hotel Xi'an

CNY 391 / Avg. Night

Kuredu 3


USD 568 / Avg. Night

Hualien 5

Cullinan Hotel

TWD 1658 / Avg. Night

Amsterdam 2

NH Amsterdam Centre

EUR 130 / Avg. Night

Wayikkal 3

Club Hotel Dolphin

USD 115 / Avg. Night


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Key Features


We enable you to make an educated choice when it comes booking a hotel. The services offered by CrescentRated Hotels, are verified by CrescentRating. As such you will know what the hotel itself provides for Muslims as well as the nearby services and facilities like Halal restaurants and Mosques. For Hotels, which are not CrescentRated, you will still find the nearby information. Book online a CrescentRated hotel and you will not have any surprises as to the services they offer for Halal conscious Muslim guests.

Tour Packages

Our Halal holiday tour packages are vetted and rated by CrescentRating for suitability for Muslims. You can find packages for many destinations around the world. If you do not find the ideal itinerary for you, please do send us what you are looking for and we will try our best to cater to your needs.


To make it easier for you to choose a convenient flight, we have built in our in-flight prayer calculator right in the flight search results. Even before you book your flight, you can know the prayer times.

City Guides

Get a good overview of what to see and do in the city of your choice. Find out about the nearby airports, Halal restaurants, Mosques and must-see attractions of the city.

Airport Guides

All the information you need before stepping into a foreign airport; the availability of Halal food outlets, prayer rooms, shopping opportunities, transport information, contact details and other amenities.

Attraction Guides

Details on what to see and do on your travels. For each attraction, find a brief description, ticket prices, opening hours, the availability of Halal food and prayer facilities, and much more.

Mosque Guides

Find the location of all nearby mosques to your destination, complete with their contact details and additional information on their language of service, added facilities etc.

Halal Restaurant and dishes

Make an informed choice of where to have your meals with the right information; cuisine, halal assurance, CrescentRating and proximity to accommodation and attractions. Also check out the foodspots and reviews other users have made for each restaurant.


Stay up to date with the latest in travel news and HalalTrip announcements, and get handy tips on travelling.

Halal FoodSpotter

Share your dish on the Halal FoodSpotter so others can easily find Halal food in your area, and don’t forget to check out the Halal food outlets near you.

Can you reach the Mosque

Input your location and find prayer times as well as how much time you have till the next prayer. You will also find the nearby mosques to any destination of your choice, such as your potential accommodation or tour stop. By using your current location you will also be informed of whether or not you can make it to the Mosque in time to pray the current Salaath.

In-flight Prayer Calculator

Upon submitting your flight details, this feature will calculate your prayer times during the flight, and inform you of the Qibla direction and how it will change for the duration of your flight.

Travel Dua & Travel Etiquettes

Find useful Travel Dua and Ahadith on Travel Etiquettes.


Near Sultan Mosque in Singapore

Orchard Road Singapore

Arab Street Singapore