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Jl. Malikkusaleh, Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia


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  • Looking For Something Local While You're In Aceh? Try These Acehnese Noodles For A Change!

    I love noodles. Any kind of noodles. Ramen, Udon even instant noodles! Fortunately, thanks to the people of Aceh, the Acehnese Noodle is one of the best traditional dishes that will definitely make you drool. Despite the number of times that I have visited Aceh, I'm always on the lookout for this goodness. There are two types of Acehnese Noodles that you ought to try when you're in Aceh! Fried Acehnese Noodle from Mie Ayah Mie Ayah - one of the longest-selling stalls in Banda Aceh. You can only find Mie Ayah in Banda Aceh and not anywhere else! You have to try their Seafood Acehnese Noodle when you drop by the stall. Located along Lhong Raya intersection, this stall is so packed during lunchtime to the point that there are no vacant seats at all! Their opening hours are from 10 AM to 12 AM daily except for Sundays. While I was talking to the stall-keeper, he mentioned that ever since the tsunami in 2004, people from all over the world start to fly into Aceh, giving the dish a try. The Acehnese Noodle has a different taste from any other noodle dishes on the Java Island. The Fried Seafood Acehnese noodle contains egg, shrimp, chips, and lime to enrich the flavor of the dish. Location: Jalan Wedana, Lhong Raya, Banda Aceh City, Aceh 23231 Tip: Don’t forget to try their hot Teh Tarik! Goat Acehnese Noodle of Mie Ampon Teeh From Banda Aceh, take a 4-hour drive down to Meulaboh to try the amazing Goat Acehnese Noodle at Mie Ampon Teeh. Located in the heart of Meulaboh city, Mie Ampon Teeh serves one of the best Goat Acehnese Noodle in town! The Goat Acehnese Noodle looks like noodles served with thick savory curry. The dish is served warm and it could be spicy according to your level of tolerance. Served with goat meat, a savory gravy over the noodles, chips and red onion as garnishing, how can you say no when the best Aceh traditional food served right in front of you? The stall opens at 10 AM and will close soon after they are sold out. The stall often closes at around 3 PM to 5 PM, depending on the number of patrons on that day. There is only one cook in the kitchen, so you have to be patient if it's taking too long to deliver your order. Location: Jalan Manek Roo, Meulaboh City, 1 kilometer from KFC Meulaboh, Aceh. Tip: Most patrons of Acehnese noodle stalls tend to have a smoke break after their meals. If you happen to have breathing problems with regards to smoke, feel free to find a table away from them. Last but not least, tell us your experience tasting traditional Aceh dishes on the HalalTrip App!...

  • Enjoy Your Coffee With Breath-Taking Scenery From Geurutee Valley In Aceh, Indonesia

    Aceh, a province located in the northern part of Sumatra Island, Indonesia, encompasses its own uniqueness among other provinces in Indonesia. Aceh has their own rule applied in the province called  the Islamic Shariah. All local people and the visitors must obey the Islamic Shariah in Aceh. Yet, Aceh is the ideal spot for couples that are looking forward to a romantic holiday or even an adventurous one for the solo travelers. Located in Aceh Jaya Regency and near the border of Aceh Besar Regency, Geurutee Mountain is a vacation spot that can be easily accessed as it is along the national street, connecting Banda aceh to South and West Aceh. It only takes 1.5 hours by car from Banda Aceh to Geurutee. Geurutee has now been named as one of the world's oxygen-supplying forest. The Geurutee mountain has an extremely deep cliff ​and is directly on the ​boarders of the Indian Ocean​. The top of the mountain is definitely a crowd's favorite among tourists. One can simply enjoy their coffee with an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. If you're exploring the area, don't miss out on sipping on the famous Acehnese Coffee while you enjoy the tremendous view of the exotic islands. Expect the million dollar view set right before your eyes. The steep mountains, paddy fields, gardens, ocean, islands, forest, valley and the exotic bays.  Located in the middle of the ocean, the Kluang Island is an uninhabited island that acts as a pit stop for fishermen.  Along the mountain top road, you'll see traditional stalls owned by local residences, selling a whole variety of food and drinks, especially the Acehnese Coffee. This simple stall at the top of Geurutee was indeed made for those who came to see the view of the land below the mountain. In this area, monkeys are often seen on the side of the road and even in the stall itself while they wait to be fed by travelers. Fret not if you're worried about the presence of monkeys here because these monkeys are used to interact with travelers. Tip: All stalls located on the outskirts of the mountain will close at 7PM  So if you're looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous escape, Aceh should definitely be in your bucket list. Don't forget to take your brilliant pictures and share it with us on the HalalTrip App!...

  • 5 of Indonesia’s Most Majestic Mosques

    Indonesia is the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world, and it is therefore no surprise that it is home to some incredible, world-renowned mosques. Visited by worshippers, as well as tourists from across the world, these mosques are known for their exquisite architecture, intricate design, and size. If you’re planning on visiting Indonesia and not sure which mosques deserve a visit, here’s our guide to 5 of Indonesia’s most majestic mosques! . 1) Istiqlal Mosque The national mosque of Indonesia, and the largest mosque in the country, as well as Southeast Asia. Istiqlal Mosque was built to serve as a memorial to Indonesian independence, and a visit to Jakarta is therefore incomplete without a visit to this mosque. Located in Jakarta, it stands across the street from the Jakarta Cathedral, and next to Merdeka Square. The mosque is spread across nine hectares, can accommodate over 120,000 worshippers, has 7 gates, 5 floors, and is home to a massive rectangular prayer hall, above which is a large dome supported by twelve columns. The interior of Masjid Istiqlal is quite simplistic, with graceful Arab calligraphy. Surrounding the mosque is a gigantic courtyard, which can also accommodate thousands of worshippers. . 2) Masjid Raya Bandung Formerly known as the Grand Mosque of Bandung, Masjid Raya Bandung, in West Java, Bandung is one of the city’s iconic buildings. A landmark of Bandung, Masjid Raya Bandung was built in 1812 and has undergone several renovations since. Initially a simple building, with Sudanese architectural influences, today’s Masjid Raya Bandung is anything but simple, even though architecture from the old mosque can still be seen. The large building now consists of several floors, is topped off with domes and is accompanied by two towers. While the mosque is frequented by worshippers from all over the world, it is also visited by non-Muslim tourists, and is a gathering spot for locals. Visitors can climb to the 19th floor of the towers, which is the top floor, to enjoy a 360 degree view of Bandung city. . 3) Al-Irsyad Mosque                  Also located in Bandung, West Java, is Al-Irsyad Mosque. This mosque, unlike almost every other mosque in the world, does not have a dome; which is usually a typical characteristic of a masjid. The modern looking Al-Irsyad Mosque is cube in shape and is unique and innovative in style and architecture, with a stunning exterior and an equally beautiful interior. Al-Irsyad Mosque is however not as large as the above mentioned mosques, and can only accommodate approximately 1,000 people. . 4) Menara Kudus Mosque Located in Kudus in the Indonesian province of Central Java, the Menara Kudus Mosque is another of Indonesia’s most majestic mosques. Known to be one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia, dating back to 1549, Menara Kudus Mosque is also renowned for its stunning, unique design. It is a combination of Islamic and Hindu architectural styles, due to Hinduism being the predominant religion at the time the mosque was built. The mosque is temple in shape with a Hindu-Java-like exterior decorated with ceramic plates. Menara Kudus Mosque is thus a true example of the tolerance and harmony shared between the Muslims and the Hindus in the area. . 5) Baiturrahman Grand Mosque Located in the Aceh Province, in the heart of Banda Aceh City, is the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, an icon and landmark of Banda Aceh. Over a 130 years old, this Grand Mosque is a great example of Islamic architecture with its majestic domes, minarets and white exterior. It is also quite renowned, as it survived the 2004 earthquake and tsunami which destroyed most of the city. The mosque is also where people of the city sought temporary shelter during the natural disaster. A trip to Banda Aceh City is truly incomplete without a visit to the mosque.   For more information on Indonesia please visit   ...

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