In-flight prayer times and qibla direction calculator for airplane travel.

Get the In-flight prayer (salah/namaz) times for your next plane journey. Enter the flight details and plan your prayer times on board the plane. The air travel prayer calculator shows Muslim prayer times and qibla direction along the airplane's route.

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Hamza Farooqui

Group Chief Executive Office, Cii Holdings, South Africa

The app provides a versatile, quick and easy to use function on the iPhone. With a few touches in-flight prayer timing calculation and reminders are available. A must have for any Muslim traveller. Crescent Rating continues to provide innovative tools and we look forward to more in the near future

Shiraz Sideek

Vice President, Central Operations, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UAE

An innovative tool with easy access through the iPhone. Travel time calculation based on departure / arrival city along with respective dua’a recital is a great companion to every Muslim traveller. My best wishes to Crescentrating

Jontie Karden

Co-Founder, Sakina Design

I've always struggled with the issue of when to pray while flying. Over the years I’ve had multiple conversations with friends, who were just as lost and confused. Jazakum Allahu khairan for providing this incredible solution to a serious and prevalent problem … and for putting it in the palm of my hand


  • How to perform prayers (salah/namaz) on an airplane?
    • Performing your prayers (salah/namaz) while on an Airplane is not that easy as most Airlines do not provide such facilities. The following tips will help you perform as best as possible:

      1. Ensure you know all the rules and dispensations pertaining to wudhu and salah as a traveller. You can find here a list of areas that one should ensure they have the knowledge of.

      2. Since it is not easy to perform wudhu and salah on an Airplane, if there is a choice, it is better to choose flight timings which allow one to perform all salah before departure or after arrival.

      3. If you are on a long flight and need to transit through an Airport, if there is a choice, it is better to choose to transit through an Airport which has comfortable prayer and wudhu facilities as well as Halal food. You can find brief overviews of Airport facilities under the Airport guides section.

      4. If after considering all of the above, your flight timing is such that have to perform Salah while on air, then it is about managing the four key elements for salat efficiently; time, wudhu, direction & space.

      5. Time: First thing is to know the correct prayer times for the flight using the Air Travel Prayer Times calculator here or using the HalalTrip mobile app.

      6. Wudhu: Taking wudhu on a plane is not easy as well. As such it is better as much as possible to take wudhu before boarding the plane. Especially if the next prayer time comes soon after take-off. If you have to take wudhu on a plane, it is very important to make sure that proper care is taken not to mess up the aircraft toilets, so as not to inconvenience other passengers or staff. Understanding the rules of "masah" (wiping over socks) will help ease the performance of wudhu while travelling.

      7. Space: If you are flying first or business class, finding a place to spread your prayer mat and pray properly is not generally an issue. However if you are flying economy class, due to space constraints, it a bit more challenging. In this case, the best is to approach the airline staff and see if they are able to provide some space. If that is not possible, then one can perform salah while seated. Consult your scholar to know the exact ruling regarding the performance of salah while seated in a plane.

      8. Qiblah direction: If you are able to find space to pray properly, then you can find the approximate Qiblah direction by using HalalTrip mobile app. If you are praying seated, then facing the Qibla direction will not be always possible. Consult your scholar to know the exact ruling regarding facing qibla in such a situation.

  • The Airport that I am going to use is not in the drop down list. How can I get that Airport listed?
    • You can let us know which Airport that you want us to add via email (, Twitter (@crescentrating), facebook ..etc and Insha Allah we will add the Airport as soon as possible.
  • Do you take into account the 'altitude' so that the sun's disappearence from line-of-sight at Maghrib time at higher altitudes is taken in account?
    • Yes. Please read the answer to question #4 as well.
  • Have any known scholars approved the methodology used by the calculator
    • For calculating Salaath times for a given position, the calculator users only the well-established “Calculating Methods” (indicated in the drop down list of the calculator). There are 7 accepted methods which have been there for some time now and are agreed by different scholars. These calculations methods also take into account the time adjustments needed for higher altitudes. Crescentrating’s Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator, simply uses these methods, based on the users choice, in plotting the prayer time along the flight path. It does not use any new salaath calculation methods.
  • Why is that some prayer times are not calculated
    • Currently we are unable to calculate some prayer times during summer (around 15th June to 15th August) for direct flights between some parts of Asia and North America. These flight paths tend to fly at higher latitudes and on some flights one may not encounter sunset at all.
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