Is travel back in 2022?

2021 was another rollercoaster of a year where travel returned slowly, making traveling in 2022 a large possibility! Borders for international travel open and close as the situation changes. We’re sure everyone who was eagerly waiting to finally travel to their dream destinations was following the news closely.

As more people get their COVID-19 vaccinations, borders between countries started opening up. Slowly but surely, travel is starting to return to us! It started with interstate travels then quarantine travel arrangements and now Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs), we finally have a chance to travel again albeit to select countries depending on where you are.

It might be scary to just fly off to another country this early on but it seems that now, there is some form of normalcy in the Health & Safety protocols in travel with measures such as PCR tests and Vaccine Certificates, making it safer for us to cross borders with ease.

So dust off your luggage bags, get your passports ready, have your vaccine certificates ready and let’s go traveling again in 2022!

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