Get Prayer Times and Nearby Mosques (Masjid) for any location

Enter any city and get instantly the Muslim Prayer times (Salat/Salah/Salath/Namaz times) and nearby Mosques (Masjid) for the location. You can also get the directions to the Mosque and know if you can reach the Mosque in time.

Prayer Times FAQs

  • How to get prayer times for any city?

    • Just enter the address or the city on this application. The application will then provide the prayer times and nearby mosques for any location. It will also indicate the direction to the nearby Mosques as well as whether you can reach the Masjid in time.
  • What time does Zuhr Salat end?

    • Zuhr ends when Asr starts.
  • What time is Maghrib prayers?

    • Maghrib prayers start just after sunset.
  • What time is Jummah (Jumuah) Salat (Friday prayers)?

    • In many parts of the world Jummah (Jumuah) starts just after Zuhr Azan (Athan). In general, the Jumuah program timing will be as follows:

      The 1st Azan will be done at the time of Zuhr. Then around 5 to 7 mins is given for the congregation to perform the Sunnah prayers. After that, the 2nd Azan will be done. The Imam will then deliver the Khutbah. The duration of the Khutbah can vary for each Masjid/City. It can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. At the end of the Khutbah, two raka'ats of Jumuah prayers will be conducted, which can take between 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Prayer times App for Android, iPhone and iPad?

    • Download HalalTrip's mobile app available for Android, iPhone and iPad to get prayer times and nearby mosques for any location.