Hosted by colleagues, friends and ‘tea’ buddies Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha, The Halal Travel Podcast is a space to let out their heart and soul as Muslim millennials. The trio invites inspiring Muslims from different walks of life to share the stories that made them who they are today. Tune in to the podcast on the way to school, at work or while cooking for a lighthearted listen.

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Ep. #3 | Zulhaqem Zulkifli: On Pursuing a Masters in Buddhism and Giving Back with Project Hills

Upon graduating with a Degree in Philosophy at NTUS, Zulhaqem earned the highly coveted Public Service Commission scholarship to further his Masters in Buddhist Studies at Oxford's St Peter's College. His choice of studies raised eyebrows so we asked what motivated him to choose this path.

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Sidetalk #2 | Cruise to Nowhere

You must've heard about the Cruise to Nowhere departing from Singapore to....where exactly?? This episode, we talked about the popular cruise experience that has provided locals an affordable alternative to staycations.

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Ep. #2 | Kaven Siddique Lim: On His Convert Journey and Performing Umrah as a New Muslim

Siddique reverted to Islam at the age of 18, he has been active in the local Muslim converts association. With a team of volunteers, he manages The Converts Central - a podcast focusing on the challenges new Muslims face along their conversion journey. Listen to his personal conversion journey!

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Sidetalk #1 | Welcoming Ramadan

Welcome to the first episode of SideTalk - mini episodes where we chat about the latest news and trending topics. This episode, we talk about what we're looking forward to the most and the least in Ramadan.

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Ep. #1 | Fadhi & Kim: On Overcoming Cultural Differences as a Binational Couple

We spoke with Fadhi and Kim a.k.a KimFad, a Malaysian-Korean binational couple currently residing in Malaysia. We were happy to meet adorable baby Naeun and asked the couple about their meet, how their parents reacted to their decision to marry and how Kim adapted to living in another country.

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Ep. #11 | Sarimah Amat: On Being a Foster Parent, Loving Others and Winning Yishunite of the Year

It’s not a stretch to say that Madam Sarimah Amat is the most popular person in Yishun! Apart from winning Yishunite of the year,her selflessness and care for others is admirable, we should all aspire to have the same level of love that she has in her heart for her foster children and those in need.

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Ep. #10 | Basheer Ahmad: On Founding Global Ehsan Relief, Helping Others and Importance of Compassion

Mr Basheer founded Global Ehsan Relief with only one full-time staff - himself. Today, GER has more than 40 employees across 5 countries! From caring for orphans and refugees to assisting in providing education to people in developing countries, his compassion and dedication is genuinely remarkable.

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Ep. #9 | Ili Sulaiman: On Her Love for Food, Missing Hong Kong & Overcoming PCOS

Ili’s mixed heritage - part Chinese, British, Sri Lankan and Malay! - is synonymous with her love of food of different cuisines. She grew up in Malaysia and was the 2015 winner of Food Hero, a talent search for the best home cook and host across Asia.

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Ep. #8 | Ellie Quinn: On How She Found Islam, Traveling Alone and Creating Content Out of It

Ellie’s a veteran traveler and her travel escapades will spark envy in any adventurer. What’s even better is that she lives in one place for months to immerse herself in the culture and its people. She recently embraced Islam and her journey has us listening intently for more.

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Ep. #7 | Amira Rahmat: On @asingaporeanabroad and Her Ghostly Encounter in Japan

As a cabin crew, Amira travels for work a whole lot and she started @asingaporeanabroad to share her travel stories while she flies for work. She strongly believes that traveling as a Muslim does not have to be difficult and does so by sharing her tips on Halal travel as much as she can.

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Ep. #6 | Nura Ahmad: On Overcoming Cancer and Founding Her Tribe

Girlboss Nura Ahmad shares with us her love for yoga, how she founded boutique studio Her Tribe, her amazing journey battling cancer and the miracle of being able to conceive a child despite all odds. Her energy is infectious and we love how she is an advocate for women’s fitness.

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Ep. #5 | Fahimah Thalib: On Modeling for Vogue Singapore, Going Viral and Traveling

You might’ve seen her on billboards and ads but her latest modeling stint with Vogue Singapore propelled her into the limelight. We speak with Fahimah, a part-time model and full-time speech therapist whose love for traveling we can definitely relate to.

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Ep. #4 | Atherah: On Being a Singapore Girl, Square Cakes and Her Favourite Things

Hazirah chanced upon Atherah’s account @myfavourite.things on Instagram and could not stop raving about her bespoke cakes since! Whimsical cakes in unconventional shapes, her bakes are truly works of art and we couldn’t agree more. We hope you love this episode and Atherah as much as we do!

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Ep. #3 | Tamu & Waju: On Being a Binational Couple and Trusting Your Instincts

Tamu & Waju’s love story made Nurul tear the first (and second) time she heard it! Truly, what a humble and down to earth couple. Hear Waju’s revert story and how they both met for the first time on the day of their Nikah. We hope you love this episode and Tamu & Waju as much as we do!

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Ep. #2 | Inari-ku: On Halal Japanese Food and Training at the Tokyo Sushi Academy

We first met Kak Marhamah of Inari-ku three years ago when we started the Cook Halal series and she was our first guest! The story of how she got into Halal Japanese cuisine never gets old. Her resilience and determination to keep learning and improving her craft is admirable.

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Ep. #1 | Adnan & Samia: On Globetrotting the World in Style While Giving Back to the Community

We have a couple all the way from New York! Samia shares her first time flying first class, Adnan divulges his love for Mexico, their tips on eating Halal overseas and the importance of giving back to the local community whenever they travel through their non-profit organization - Act of Goodwill.

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Ep. #10 | The HalalTrip Show: A Biweekly Live Quiz

The HalalTrip Show! Something we’ve been having for quite sometime now, 10 episodes to be exact! It’s a live stream game show where anyone around the world can come together and join the Live Trivia Quiz and win some prizes! We stream biweekly on Fridays, 9PM SGT or 1PM UTC!

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Ep. #9 | Eating Halal Abroad

Kebab? Falafel? We get you. Finding Halal food can be hard when you travel and it can make or break your trip. We talk about how we overcome these challenges, be it stocking up on instant noodles and instant pastest or bringing our pots and pans all the way from home (we’ve all done it, cmon).

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Ep. #8 | Must Visit Places Before They Vanish

The effects of climate change and over tourism are real and on this episode, we debate whether it is possible to travel and be sustainable at the same time. To top it off, we share our personal destinations to visit before it is too late and they disappear for good.

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Ep. #7 | Fashion Has Evolved, So Have We

Our personal style has evolved over the years and on this episode, we talk about what was cool way back when, what fashion today means to us, and most importantly how modest fashion has come a long way.

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Ep. #6 | Travel Experiences We’ll Never Forget

This episode, we reminisce about our embarrassing encounters at the airport apart from other life-changing, cringe-inducing moments that, if not for this podcast, would not have lived to see the light of the day.

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Ep. #5 | Goodbye Quarantine, Hello New Normal

As we gradually exit the lockdown phase, this episode we share our ups and downs and learnings from 4 months of working from home and what we look forward to (and others not so much) upon returning to the office - and life in general

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Ep. #4 | Who Are We?

We were forced to do this podcast!! Hear us spill the beans behind the good, the bad and the weird reasons for starting THTP. We also finally introduce ourselves properly though to be honest, one episode is barely enough.

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Ep. #3 | Can We Travel Yet?

We finally put the ‘Travel’ in Halal Travel Podcast!! This episode, we talk about how we think travel will change for good in light of Covid-19. We also share our top destinations to visit as soon as we get the green light to pack our bags and go go go!

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Ep. #2 | Graduating Class of COVID-19

On this episode, we have a guest who is one of many who have had to miss once-in-a-lifetime moments due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We also sidetrack a little and talk about good ol’ Uni days. As random as it sounds...welcome to our podcast.

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Ep. #1 | Make Eid Happen

Ramadan bazaars? Baju raya? Eid visiting? In our first episode, we look back to our memories of Eid growing up and what we miss the most this year. We share embarrassing Eid stories and hope that Eid is gonna happen.

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