When can we travel again? is a question that perfectly sums up 2020.

With travel being restricted worldwide after the global pandemic, we are sure everyone is looking forward to the day when international travel finally resumes. The global pandemic may have stopped us from traveling, but it has not extinguished our spirit of adventure. It’s not all bad in 2020, the idea of travel reinvented itself with many focusing on domestic tourism, rediscovering our own countries, and even virtual experiences as a form of a substitute to actual traveling.

But as 2021 draws near, things are looking up for travel again, with more and more countries reopening their borders for leisure and tourism maybe it’ll be the perfect time for you to turn that dream destination of yours into a reality! Perhaps, we will be able to cherish our travel experiences even more than before.

So make 2021 the year where you embrace the return of travel and say yes to your dream destination!