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Naturally Irresistable Uzbekistan is a mysterious country of the East, where the history of cities gathered in legends, where the sun shines all year round and this reflects the unique nature and beautiful hearts of people.

Welcome to the country of magnificent architecture and ancient traditions preserved a unique heritage. Everyone who comes to this blessed land is welcome here! If you have visited Uzbekistan once, be sure, you will want to return back here again.

Six Mosques You Need To Witness in Uzbekistan

This country is perfect for those of you who crave to experience a journey of the Islamic faith. You can explore its historic mosques, where you can view its beautiful design elements, embrace its heritage and pray in a peaceful serene ambiance.

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The Establishment Of Prayer Rooms For Muslim Visitors In Uzbekistan

There has been increasing attention given to developing Uzbekistan's tourism potential, with the development of a new form of tourism, “Ziyarah tourism” which was a term coined by Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of Uzbekistan.

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How Uzbekistan Is Celebrating Eid This Year

Uzbekistan is one such country where the Ulema Council has given recommendations on how to celebrate Eid this year. Uzbekistan has a population of 34 million with 88% being Muslims.

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  • SUNRISE 06:03
  • ZUHR 13:24
  • ASR 17:22
  • SUNSET 20:45
  • MAGHRIB 20:45
  • ISHA 22:35