Abode of Peace

Hidden Gems

The Taste of Brunei

Food is a major part of travel. Readers of this article will get a taste of the cuisines in Brunei. The listings in this article will be dishes that can only be found in Brunei, with a short description of the dish.

Reconnecting With Nature

Enjoy the pristine jungles of Brunei on a guided tour with the experts or get on a rubber boat and "cruise" your way down the meandering rivers of Brunei. It is an endless adventure here in Brunei Darussalam.

BNT (GMT +8)

Prayer Times In Brunei
  • FAJR 04:54
  • SUNRISE 06:08
  • ZUHR 12:19
  • ASR 15:44
  • SUNSET 18:30
  • MAGHRIB 18:30
  • ISHA 19:40