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Influential & Inspiring Muslims

40 Influential & Inspiring Muslims

  • HalalTrip 40 is a compilation of inspiring Muslims who have contributed eagerly, persistently, arduously, and have significantly impacted the community through their craft, product, or service. HalalTrip 40 aims to be an annual compilation as nominated by the community.
  • We wanted to create a compilation of indivduals that valued the big things and also the small things. A compilation that sheds light on individuals who contribute for a greater purpose. We sought individuals who have made a huge impact on the community to give them the credit they deserve.
  • HalalTrip 40 recognises the efforts of Muslims in their respective fields, be it humanitarian work, content creation, or being a pioneer in their space. There are four categories in HalalTrip 40: The Firsts, The Advocates, The Inspirers, and The Creators.
  • HalalTrip 40 in no way implies our endorsement of their views. We measure their spheres of influence through the many areas and remarkable contributions they have made to the Muslim community.
  • If you know of anyone and would like to recommend them for the HalalTrip 40 2024 list.

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HalalTrip 40

The Top 40 Nominees with the most number of votes are shortlisted and featured on the HalalTrip 40 list of this year.

The Trailblazers

Trailblazers and thought leaders who have made breakthroughs in being "The First" Muslim in their respective fields.

  • Cadar Mohamud

    Unifying Muslim women worldwide through The Digital Sisterhood podcast

    Kat Aziz

    Empowering Muslim women with confidence through modestwear, Kaifiyyah

    Zeenat Parker

    Visionary leader of Women of Hope South Africa, providing Islamic chaplaincy services

  • Umar Munshi

    Founder of Ethis Ventures and GlobalSadaqah.com, pioneering Islamic Fintech

    Rahma Utami

    Founder of Suarise, empowering visually impaired individuals in the digital era

    Nurhayati Subakat

    Pioneer of Halal Cosmetics in Indonesia and founcer of Wardah Cosmetics

  • Lieutenant Iffa Daniesha

    First female Malay Muslim naval officer breaking barriers

The Advocates

They are the champions of doing good, those who are in it to make a change in the community through the causes they believe in.

  • Imam Uzair Akbar

    Advocate for interfaith dialogue and social cohesion in Australia

  • Assad Masud

    Revolutionary Arabic language learning platform, Arabic Unlocked

  • Dr. Rania Awaad

    Empowering mental health and holistic healing at Yaqeen Institute

  • Faraliza Zainal

    Creating a holistic learning center for individuals with special needs, serving the Malay-Muslim community.

  • Haydira Prili Ananza

    Mental health advocate sharing insights for a fulfilling life

  • Kamran Siddiqui

    Philanthropic trips to Bosnia centered on Islamic heritage and history

  • Melody Nurramdh-ani Laksani

    Hijab influencer and Japan-ASEAN ambassador for food and agriculture

  • Pandawara Group

    Bandung-based organization promoting environmental awareness

  • Ustaz Dzaki Rosman

    TikTok content creator, known for his educational videos on Tajwid and the Islamic call to prayer

  • Ashwaaq Fidar

    Advocating for sustainability and inclusivity through modestwear, InQlude

The Inspirers

They are the champions of doing good, those who are in it to make a change in the community through the causes they believe in.

  • Abdiya Imam

    Transformative experiences for Muslim women worldwide through Sisters Getaway

  • Aisha Amiijee

    Empowering women globally through storytelling on Voices of Muslim Women

  • Husein Ja'far Al Hadar

    Promoting peace, inclusivity, and kindness for all

  • Mishary Rashed Al-Afasy

    Renowned Kuwaiti nasheed artist and Qur'an reciter

  • Zhafira Aqila

    CEO of TauLebih, offering comprehensive sexual education from an Islamic perspective

  • Muhsin Cason

    Muslim boxer promoting peace, unity, and interfaith dialogue

  • Sheikh Omar Sulaiman

    Inspiring Muslim scholar, speaker, and advocate

  • Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

    Islamic scholar and founder of Bayyinah Institute, offering resources for Quranic understanding

  • Yusha Evans

    Muslim counselor, life coach, and lecturer, founder of the Muslim Gamers League

  • Zahra Aljabri

    Relatable spiritual coach and entrepreneur, founder of the Muslima Coaching Academy

The Creators

They are the champions of doing good, those who are in it to make a change in the community through the causes they believe in.

  • Dr. Farajhasan

    Dental student and creator spreading positivity on TikTok about the Quran

  • Dua

    Travel enthusiast sharing Muslim-friendly tips on DuaDiscovers

  • Ahmad Alzahabi

    Inspiring food content and faith education through The Golden Balance

  • Ahmed Almaadheed

    Qatari artist and entrepreneur behind 3D animation series, Fougha Sathah

  • Elena Nikolova

    First Muslim woman to become a Chartered Islamic Marketer in UK

  • Ibrahim Algwaider

    Content creator, comedian, and philanthropist spreading positivity.

  • Khalid Al Ameri & Salama Mohamed

    Husband and wife duo content create to spread positivity

  • Mustafa Ahmed

    Introspective and emotional poetry

  • Soundous Boualam

    Co-founder of Brussels Global Review, creating motivational content based on Islamic teachings

  • Sinan Ismail

    Beloved creators of Islamic cartoon series, Omar & Hana

  • Zahid Ibrahim

    Content creator inspiring personal growth through his channel

  • Syafiqa

    Creating humorous and relatable Hijabi Gal content

  • Explore To Makan

    Dedicated to sharing knowledge and passion for travel through Explore To Makan

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