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HalalTrip is the largest lifestyle platform for Muslims globally. Our understanding of the behavior and specific needs of the Halal conscious traveler has enabled us to ensure our clients identify the right approach to remain competitive in the industry.

We work closely with CrescentRating by integrating insights-driven data into our products and services which help destinations, travel stakeholders and investors track the health and growth of the Halal travel segment.

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We provide professional support and targeted solutions that address the needs of your destination and business. Our team of experts ensure that your unique value proposition is communicated to Muslims with the intended brand positioning.

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We curate the best parts of your destination and personalise them to fit the needs of Muslim travelers. Every guide takes into careful consideration the requirements of a Muslim traveler.

Get inspired and discover all that you ened to know about the destination when it comes to Halal food, activities, experiences and places to visit on your next trip. These Halal travel guides are interactive and includes QR code integration that makes for real-time updates on external sites seamless.

These guides have been developed in partnership with tourism agencies and destination marketing organisations.

Also available on the HalalTrip app. Download and save it offline for when you are on the move.

  • Australia Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Australia Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Your great Australian escapade begins here with the best Halal restaurants, shopping and mosques to visit when you are in any of Australia’s six states and two territories with this travel guide.

  • Indonesia Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Indonesia Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Immerse Indonesia's beauty with this Halal travel guide to Jakarta, Bogor, Puncak, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Batu, Bali and Lombok. Discover Indonesia's mosques, unique attractions and specialty cuisines.

  • Philippines Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Philippines Halal Travel Guide for Muslims

    Home to most beautiful beaches and hub of richest heritage, Philippines offers a mesmerizing experience for all. Discover Halal food in Philippines and the best hotels and resorts to relax in.


City Guides for
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Native Advertorial Content

We craft copy that is easy-to read, engages with your prospective customers and helps you generate leads and iremain competitive. Guided by insights and data, our articles focus on the various touchpoints of Muslim travelers and address the concerns they have in fulfilling their obligations with ease. All our articles are meticulously crafted to reach the right people and drive the right conversations.

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7 Jajanan Khas di Hong Kong Yang Aman Dikonsumsi Muslim

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Destination Microsite

Having a dedicated microsite allows you to create focused content and optimize that content to drive traffic to your page. We ensure that the design of the microsite structures your content in an informative way and ultimately, aligns with your brand.

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Research and development of unique content focused on various aspects of a destination. With informative posts, to keep the consumers and readers informed about new products, special offers and culture behind the destination targeted at specific consumers taking into consideration the nature of the campaign.

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The Halal Travel

Hosted by colleagues, friends and ‘tea’ buddies Hazirah, Nurul and Raudha, The Halal Travel Podcast is a space to let out their heart and soul as Muslim millennials. The trio invites inspiring Muslims from different walks of life to share the stories that made them who they are today. Tune in to the podcast on the way to school, at work or while cooking for a lighthearted listen.

Streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Anchor Podcast.


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