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King Rolls Vitan Romania

King Rolls Vitan

Calea Vitan 17A, București, Romania

watan sapporo halal food, Cafe & spice Sapporo

watan sapporo halal food, Ca...

Japan, 〒001-0014 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita Ward, K

Ojju Jakarta


Kota Kasablanka, Lantai Upper Ground, Food Society

Marisquería Moya Málaga

Marisquería Moya

C. Horacio Lengo, 20, 29006 Málaga, Spain

The Great India Halal Málaga

The Great India Halal

Pl. de la Solidaridad, 9, 29002 Málaga, Spain

El Tapeo del Soho A Airoa

El Tapeo del Soho

Calle Tomás Heredia, 25 29001 Malaga, Spain.

Azafran Málaga


C. Fernando Camino, 22, 29016 Málaga, Spain

Teteria Palacio Nazari Málaga

Teteria Palacio Nazari

C. San Agustín, 7, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Al-Yamal Málaga


C. Blasco de Garay, 7, 29001

Pad Thai Wok Málaga

Pad Thai Wok

Calle Alfonso Ponce de Leon, 3-2, 29140, Malaga, M

Pad Thai Wok Málaga

Pad Thai Wok

Avenida de los Guindos, 44, 29004, Malaga, Malaga

Pad Thai Wok Málaga

Pad Thai Wok

Calle Andromeda, 13, 29010, Malaga, Malaga



8 Dixon St, Sydney NSW 2000澳大利亚

Nazeer Delhi


B-371, Outer Ring Rd, Block B, Meera Bagh Paschim

Asalam Restaurnt South Korea

Asalam Restaurnt

대한민국 제주특별자치도 제주시 삼

Bella Marina halal restaurant Amsterdam

Bella Marina halal restaurant

Leidsekruisstraat 13, 1017 RE Amsterdam, Netherlan

Humam Food Bosnia and Herzegovina

Humam Food

Aleja Bosne Srebrene 24, 71000، البوسنة و



Prijeko ul. 19, 20000, Dubrovnik, كرواتيا

Balti Mahal United Kingdom

Balti Mahal

91 High St, Invergordon IV18 0AB, UK

Victoria Kebab Warrnambool Warrnambool

Victoria Kebab Warrnambool

70 Liebig St, Warrnambool VIC 3280, Australia


  • What is Halal?
    • Halal is the Arabic term for permissible. In Islamic terms, it means permissible according to the rules of Islam. It is most frequently referred to in regards to food, but it includes any type of action permissible in Islam.
  • What is Haram/non-Halal?
    • This refers to anything considered unlawful under Islamic teachings. It is often used in conjunction with Halal, often in regards to food, but can also refer to other unlawful acts in Islam such as stealing, corruption etc.
  • What is Tayyib?
    • The literal translation is good/clean/wholesome. It is commonly used by Muslims to refer to food, but often that of a higher quality or purity, such as organic or even simply healthy food. Thus, food can be Halal (made of permissible ingredients) but not Tayyib.
  • What is Halal food?
    • Food that is permissible to eat according to the teachings of Islam. This is essentially any food that does not fall into the category of Haram (or forbidden). Although some specific teachings vary, the consensus is that food/drinks must be free of pork, alcohol/intoxicants, poisons, harmful ingredients or unhygienic elements. Any meat must be slaughtered in accordance with the methods prescribed under Islamic law known as Zabihah.
  • What is the meaning of Zabiha?
    • Zabiha means Islamic method of slaughtering an animal. Muslims consider this to be the most humane and purest way to slaughter an animal for consumption.
  • What is Halal meat?
    • There are minor differences on which animals are considered Halal, but the general consensus is that all seafood is Halal and that herbivorous land animals are Halal provided they have been slaughtered according to Islamic rulings.
  • Who are Halal food certification bodies?
    • There are minor differences on which animals are considered Halal, but the general consensus is that all seafood is Halal and that herbivorous land animals are Halal provided they have been slaughtered according to Islamic rulings.

      Halal certification bodies are generally local bodies performing certifications within a local region/country and are sometimes regulated by government authorities.

  • What does "Halal-certified mean?
    • The products or establishments which have been checked by a recognised official Halal certification body and then had a certificate issued confirming its Halal status.
  • What are Halal certified restaurants?
    • Restaurants that are issued certificates by a Halal certification body that confirms their food as being Halal.
  • What are Halal certified kitchens?
    • A kitchen which is exclusively used for the cooking of Halal foods only. It maintains complete separation of Halal and Haram foods ensuring no cross contamination. Some Halal certification bodies will certify a kitchen within a restaurant independent from the overall restaurant.
  • What is a Halal logo?
    • A logo that is labelled on Halal-certified products by certification authorities to confirm that a product is prepared according to Islamic standards.
  • What is meant by Muslim Food, Muslim Friendly Food or "No Pork No Lard" claims?
    • These terms are used in some cases by restaurants to indicate that the food is suitable for Muslims to consume. There is a lot of ambiguity with these terms. They tend to suggest the food is only "friendly" to Muslims and may not actually be Halal. For Muslims the food is either Halal or not. Removing pork but presenting lamb which is not Zabihah, is not considered Halal.
  • How does HalalTrip add Restaurants to the directory?
    • The restaurants are either added by the users of the website/HalalTrip mobile app or HalalTrip staff. When restaurants are added by users, HalalTrip staff makes every effort to very the Halal status of the restaurant.
  • How does HalalTrip categorise the Halal assurance of the restaurants?
    • HalalTrip users the following to indicate how the restaurant is assured halal:

      - Halal certified restaurant

      - Halal certified Kitchen

      - Muslim-owned restaurant

      - Halal assurance by restaurants staff

      - Seafood only restaurant

      - Vegetarian only restaurant

  • How does CrescentRating rate Halal restaurants?
  • How is the accuracy of this listing of Halal restaurants?
    • As much as possible, HalalTrip and it's restaurant rating partner CrescentRating tries to verify the information provided by users who share restaurants. However, please ensure you check with the restaurant staff to verify the accuracy and authenticity of claims before you consume.