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Guide to finding Halal Home Based Businesses in Singapore offering food, designer crafts, clothes, personal training and many more. Discover their products and services, read reviews and share your support to your favourite Home Based Business.

Hamra SG Singapore

Hamra SG

Blk 392 Tampines Avenue 7, Singapore 520392

Beauty & Cosmetics
Eliya Gothenburg


Alivallsgatan 41524, Kviberg

Food & Beverage
bakingsoba Singapore


Food & Beverage
Kayoskookies Singapore


Food & Beverage
Puncak Bakes Singapore

Puncak Bakes

Food & Beverage
Fitfab Singapore


Sports & Fitness
Seeking Hana Singapore

Seeking Hana

Arts & Crafts
Lepat Kacang Overload Singapore

Lepat Kacang Overload

Food & Beverage
Ash n Han's Basket Singapore

Ash n Han's Basket

Food & Beverage
Candles Collective Singapore

Candles Collective

Health & Wellness
DODI Singapore


Health & Wellness
My Naked Bar Singapore

My Naked Bar

Health & Wellness
Smood Natural Deodorant Singapore

Smood Natural Deodorant

Health & Wellness
My Shabby Spa Singapore

My Shabby Spa

410A Fernvale Rd, Singapore 791410

Health & Wellness
Nurture Eats Singapore

Nurture Eats

230 Tampines Street 24, Singapore 524230

Health & Wellness
Shasha and Dian Postnatal Massage & Treatment Singapore

Shasha and Dian Postnatal Ma...

Health & Wellness
Wetcupping SG Singapore

Wetcupping SG

Health & Wellness
Soaped by SA Singapore

Soaped by SA

Health & Wellness
Anya Meals Singapore

Anya Meals

Health & Wellness
Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement Singapore

Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement

Health & Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HalalTrip’s Home Based Business Directory all about?
    • The Home Based Business Directory is an initiative powered by HalalTrip to show support for homeground businesses that are currently in operation around the world. We not only aim to provide small business owners a platform to reach a larger consumer base, but also to make the search process easier for the masses. Now it’s easier to discover new home based businesses from a multitude of categories such as arts & crafts, health & wellness as well as Halal food.
  • How is this different from the Halal Restaurants Directory?
    • HalalTrip’s Home Based Business Directory is solely dedicated to smaller businesses that are run from the home. These businesses generally do not have a shopfront and usually run their business operations online.

      Unlike HalalTrip’s Halal Restaurants Directory, which features listings of restaurants and dining locations, the Home Based Business Directory encompasses a wide variety of home based business categories including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

  • How do I add my Home Based Business to the directory?
    • Simply submit your details by filling in the form here, and we will process and verify the information within 5 working days.
  • I’m not a Home Based Business owner. Can I also submit a listing?
    • Yes you can! You are more than welcome to submit the profiles of your favorite Home Based Businesses by filling in the form here. We will process and verify the information within 5 working days.
  • I’ve submitted my profile but I made a mistake. How do I modify my submission?
    • Write in to us at [email protected] and let us know what you’d like us to change. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.
  • How does HalalTrip add Home Based Businesses to the directory?
    • The Home Based Businesses are either added by the users of the website/HalalTrip mobile app or HalalTrip staff. When Home Based Businesses are added by users, HalalTrip staff makes every effort to verify the Halal status of the Home Based Business.
  • How does HalalTrip categorise the Halal assurance of the Home Based Business that?
    • HalalTrip uses the following to indicate how the Home Based Businesses, especially food-related businesses, are assured halal:

      - Muslim-owned

      - Halal assurance by owner

      - Seafood only

      - Vegetarian only