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Video guide - How to find Qibla direction using an online compass?

Here's how you can calculate accurate prayer times and Qibla direction using the HalalTrip app's prayer calculator and Qibla direction feature.


  • Where is Mecca (Makkah) located?
    • Mecca is located in western Saudi Arabia. It is also known as "Makkah" ( مكة). The Holy Ka'aba is located in Makkah. It is also the birthplace of Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him). It is the holiest city for Muslims. Muslims go on pilgrimage to Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah.
  • What is the “Kaaba”?
    • Kaaba (Ka'aba) is the Mosque built by Prophet Abraham and his son Prophet Ismael (peace be upon them) in Makkah (Mecca). It is the cube-shaped building at the centre of the Grand Mosque called Al-Masjid al-Haram – a house of God within the larger complex of the Grand

      Mosque. Muslims all over the world face the actual Ka‘ba when they pray. It is an Arabic word (الكعبة) which means "the cube".

  • What is Qibla direction?
    • It is the direction in which Muslims face when performing their prayers wherever they are in the world. This is the direction leading to the Ka‘ba in the Grand Mosque in Makkah in current day Saudi Arabia.
  • What is a Qibla Compass or Prayer direction compass?
    • These are standard compasses showing the direction of Qibla on the compass. When users align the needle of the compass to a specific number allocated to the city (provided in the booklet along with the compass), the resulting direction of Qibla marked on the compass is the prayer direction. This may not be accurate when used inside buildings.
  • What is a Online Qibla Compass?
    • With advent of mobile devices, the physical compasses are getting replaced by the online compasses available on Android and iPhone/iPad devices. This has given rise to the Online Qibla compasses mobile applications. These compasses will automatically detect the location (when online) and then show the Qibla direction. These compasses also may not be accurate when used inside buildings. HalalTrip mobile App available for both Android and iPhone/iPads has an Online Qibla Compass.
  • How to find Qibla direction using an online compass?
    • Online Qibla direction compass mobile applications will generally automatically detect the current location (when online) and then show the prayer direction, as is the case with the HalalTrip mobile app. On some apps the user may have to enter the location, then the compass will show the qibla direction (relative to TRUE North and not relative to compass North).

      HalalTrip.com website also provides an online compass which provides the Qibla direction relative to the TRUE North.

  • How to find Qibla direction using google maps?
    • Locating the qibla direction using the google maps is very precise. It uses the great circle to show the qibla direction on a Google Map. Once you enter your location, the direction of qibla will be shown on the google map with a line drawn on the map. Zoom in the map and find the landmark to orient yourself to the qibla direction.
  • How to find Qibla direction online for my current location/place/house?
    • The best way to find the accurate Qibla direction for any location is to use a mobile application which provides both an online compass as well as the ability to locate the qibla using google maps. HalalTrip.com as well as the HalalTrip's mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android let's you easily find the qibla direction for your house or for any location while you travel. The HalalTrip mobile app will instantly find your location and display the qibla direction. On the HalalTrip.com website, the user just needs to enter the location and the qibla direction will be shown.
  • How to find Qibla direction without compass?
    • The best way to find the qibla direction without a compass is to use an online qibla direction locator. Especially using a google maps based prayer finder.
  • How is the word Qibla spelt in English?
    • "Qibla" is an Arabic word - قِبْلَة

      As such when written in English there are number of variations used to spell the word. The main variation is the use of either "Q" or "K" in the beginning of the word. The second is the addition of letters "t" or "h" at the end. This has given rise to the following variations of spelling:

      · Qibla, Qiblat, Qiblah

      · Kibla, Kiblat, Kiblah

      Sometimes the prefix "Al" is added to the word which make it "Al Qibla". "Al' is an Arabic prefix for the word "the". The most common usage is “Qibla”.

      Few other variations of how it is spelt are Quibla, Quibla, Qible and Qebla.

  • In addition to Qibla direction, where can I find Dua(s) for traveling on HalalTrip?
    • HalalTrip has a list of some of the most important Islamic travel Dua(s) for Muslims. It includes Dua(s) in Arabic and English with audio playback of the Dua(s) in Arabic, as well as Dua(s) to be recited before setting out on a journey, along with Dua(s) for when leaving home, traveling by plane, car, and more.