Chinese Muslim Association Muslim Restaurant Dennis Deli is located inside Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Departure Are Gate C9. You will be served by simple yet delicious fast food meals of chinese and western foods as well as a comfortable dining environment. Certified Muslim-Friendly.  ...more

Taoyuan, Taiwan



Chinese Muslim Association Muslim Restaurant

Dennis Deli is located inside Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Departure Are Gate C9. You will be served by simple yet delicious fast food meals of chinese and western foods as well as a comfortable dining environment.

Certified Muslim-Friendly.



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6am - 9pm


Departure Area Gate C9, 3F., Terminal 2, Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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  • Praying in Shanghai – 5 Mosques in the City

    There are many mosques in Shanghai and this article explores all the places to play in Shanghae. Although one might not think so, there is a small, thriving community of Muslims in Shanghai. There are a few, but well established and grand Shanghai mosques that aid in the preaching and preserving of Islam in Shanghai. If you’re wondering where to pray in Shanghai, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled the following list for the convenience of travelling Muslims who are looking for places to pray in Shanghai.    Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Shanghai   1) Shanghai Songjiang Mosque Established during the Zhizheng reign, this is the oldest mosque in Shanghai.  It is surrounded by beautiful, sprawling gardens, with a construction that has stayed true to its original architectural styles of Arabic columns and domes as well as influences from the Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties. The foremost buildings of the mosque include prayer rooms, a prayer niche, a corridor, and sermon halls.    Location: The mosque’s lot shares two addresses:  - 43 Middle Part of Middle Mountain Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, or  - 21 Gangbeng Alleyway, Songjiang District.   2) Xiaotaoyan Mosque This is the largest mosque in Shanghai, and was first built in 1917, only to be reconstructed 8 years later in 1925. This majestic mosque holds its rich history proud and is the home to a two-storied prayer hall, a sermon room, a library and reading room, an imam’s room and a reception room.  Since its inception, it has been receiving and serving Muslims in Shanghai through its many establishments of schools and orphanages, as well as being the headquarters for organizations such as the Management Committee of Mosques in Shanghai, Shanghai Islam Association and so on. Visitors can also enjoy a walk outside in the spacious courtyard or go further and feast on the variety of food offered by the street vendors for some of the best Halal foods in Shanghai.    Location: 52 Xiaotaoyuan Street, Nanshi District, Shanghai.   3) Pudong Mosque Constructed in 1935 and expanded in 1984, it is situated near Dongshang Road of Pudong District, offering tourist easy access and plenty of area to cover with an expanse of 1,650 square meters in total. The mosque houses a massive prayer hall, the imam’s room, and a sermon hall.  Minarets that are 36 meters high stand tall and proud on the outside of the mosque, where you will also find shops and vendors selling Islamic study materials and Halal foods. This is another place where you can find Halal food restaurants in Shanghai.    Location: 375 Yuansheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai.    4) Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque  Also known as the North Mosque, the Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque was erected during the Qing Dynasty. During a period of time, this was the main political, religious, and cultural epicenter for Muslims in Shanghai, namely those who resided in that area. The main areas of the mosque include the expansive courtyard, dean’s hall, libraries, many conference halls, and the exceptional prayer hall designed to resemble the palace-style construction of the Chinese.   Location: 378 Fuyou Road, Shanghai.   5) Shanghai Huxi Mosque This was the first mosque in Shanghai to be reconstructed after the establishment of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The mosque demonstrates a large influence of the traditional Arabic/Islamic style of architecture both on the inside of the mosque, and the exterior grounds.  The Shanghai Huxi Mosque comprises of a two-floor prayer hall double-heart-shaped arches and fan-shaped vaults. It also has minarets that are 25 meters high, domes, and fountains situated in both, the front and back courtyards.    Location: 3 Lane, 1328 Changde Road, Putuo District, Shanghai.     Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Shanghai   Download the HalalTrip Mobile App (Google Play & App Store) to find nearby attractions and Halal food places.  ...

  • Mosques in Taiwan

    The history of Islam in Taiwan dates back to around the 17th century. The country is home to a small Muslim population and travellers to Taiwan will be able to find sufficient facilities including quite a few mosques. Read on for more information about mosques in Taiwan. Islam first arrived in Taiwan when the Kingdom of Tungning was established in Taiwan by the Ming Chinese military leader Koxinga along with Muslim families from the Chinese province of Fujian. These Muslim families are believed to be the first Muslim settlers in Taiwan and their descendants later grew into Taiwanese society and became a part of modern Taiwan over time. At present Taiwan is home to over 60,000 Muslims, with Islam being a growing religion in the country. The country is also home to a very large number of employed foreign Muslims from South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. Taiwan is home to a total of seven prominent mosques that cater to the sizable Muslim community residing in the country - Taipei Grand Mosque, Kaohsiung Mosque, Taipei Cultural Mosque, Taichung Mosque, Longgang Mosque, Tainan Mosque and At-Taqwa Mosque. The Taipei Grand Mosque is the oldest and most prominent mosque in the country. It was established in 1947 and is considered to be a historic landmark. The mosque is located in the Da'an district of Taipei City and can accommodate up to 1,000 worshippers during prayer times. Its building structure is noted for its Arabic architecture and it offers a prayer hall as well as a reception hall, administrative offices, ablution rooms and a library. The second oldest mosque in Taiwan is the Kaohsiung Mosque located in Lingya, Kaohsiung City. Built in 1949, the Kaohsiung Mosque can be accessed from the Weiwuying Station of Kaohsiung MRT. The building covers an area of over 2,500 square metres and features prayer halls, nooks, corners and components that reflect Middle Eastern architectural elements. Taipei Cultural Mosque located in Zhongzheng, Taipei City, was established in 1950 and is owned by the Chinese Islamic Youth Association - an organisation of Chinese Muslims in Taiwan. It is considered to be a 'civilian mosque' and features a 5 storey building offering prayer facilities to the Muslim community in the area. The Taichung Mosque and Longgang Mosque are located in Nantun, Taichung City and Zhongli, Taoyuan County respectively and are amongst the prominent mosques in Taiwan. Both mosques offer ample facilities for worshippers during prayer times and are also host to many religious activities and events. Other mosques that Muslim travellers can visit in Taiwan are the Tainan Mosque - located in East, Tainan City - and the At-Taqwa Mosque - located in Dayuan, Taoyuan County. They are two of the more recent mosques to have been built and see many worshippers during prayer times. Plans are also underway to construct more mosques across the country to cater to the increasing number of Muslim inhabitants in Taiwan....

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