Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World is a popular attraction in Phuket and is visited by large numbers of locals and tourists throughout the year. Being the first butterfly garden of its kind in Thailand, Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World was opened to the public in 1990 with the intention of educating people and earning their admiration for some of the most beautiful creatures and insects in the area. All the butterflies at Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World are bred at the garden itself and a research centre is also found at the site to carry out more studies on the butterflies and insects in the area. Some of the highlights include rare specimens such as tarantulas, leaf insects and scorpions at the breeding centre as well as the well-equipped silk museum. A gift shop is also located at the premises for visitors to take home a few mementos of their visit. ...more

Patong Beach, Thailand



Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World is a popular attraction in Phuket and is visited by large numbers of locals and tourists throughout the year. Being the first butterfly garden of its kind in Thailand, Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World was opened to the public in 1990 with the intention of educating people and earning their admiration for some of the most beautiful creatures and insects in the area. All the butterflies at Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World are bred at the garden itself and a research centre is also found at the site to carry out more studies on the butterflies and insects in the area. Some of the highlights include rare specimens such as tarantulas, leaf insects and scorpions at the breeding centre as well as the well-equipped silk museum. A gift shop is also located at the premises for visitors to take home a few mementos of their visit.

Ticket Price

Tickets typically cost around 300 Baht for adults and 150 Baht for children

Opening Hour

Open daily from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Recommended Visit Duration

Around 1- 2 hours

Suitable For

 Adults, Families, Young Adults, Senior Guests, Children

Must See

The silk museum and the breeding centre

Prayer Facilities

Muslim travellers who require prayer facilities at Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World may enquire for a private space that can be used during prayer times. It is also possible to visit some of the mosques in Phuket such as the Ya Me Yah Mosque, KaRul Islam Mosque, Masjid Al Madinah Phuket and Kamala Mosque, which are the most prominent mosques of the city.

Halal Food

Though eateries and restaurants will be available in the area, access to Halal food may be limited. Muslim travellers looking for Halal food near Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World may visit some of the Halal restaurants in Phuket. Prominent Halal restaurants in Phuket include Royal Paradise Hotel, Thai O-Cha Briyanee, Dubai Sheeshah Restaurant, Ghadafi Halal Food, Ban Sang Duan, Cairo and San Sabai which serve an enticing range of Halal food

  • Stopping By Phuket For Your Holiday? We've Got 6 Shopping Places For You To Checkout!

    Forgetting to bring something you need while on holiday would be a great excuse to start shopping in Phuket. As you explore the many shopping locations scattered across Phuket, you will see that there is so much more to do in Phuket other than sightseeing. Take a look at the list we have put together of the best places to shop in Phuket where you will be able to get your hands on anything from high-end designer brands, to authentic handicrafts and interesting souvenirs from Phuket that will definitely answer all your shopping needs. Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong Picture Credit: Jungceylon Facebook Your journey to Phuket will definitely take you to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Patong beach. It is also one of the best places for shopping in Phuket as it is home to the largest mall in Phuket, Jungceylon Shopping Complex. The entire complex features two main stores, which are the Robinson department store and Big C supermarket, and over 200 other shopping stores making this truly a shopping lovers paradise. You will also find the chance to enjoy other entertaining activities as the complex features a five-room Cinema, gaming arcade, food court, laser shooting range and 16-lane bowling alley among many others.​ Central Festival Phuket​ Picture Credit: Central Festival Phuket Featured next on our list of best places to shop in Phuket is the second largest shopping mall in the area, the Central Festival Phuket. Located just outside Phuket town, this is could be known as the one-stop-shop for every shopping need. The area has about 120 outlets featuring anything from fashion items, electronics, cosmetics, sporting goods, books and stationery, food, international brands and so much more.​ Phuket Weekend Market Picture Credit: Phuket Weekend Market Facebook Located about a kilometer away from the Central Festival you will find the Phuket weekend market, which is a great place to visit as a tourist as it allows you to experience the true flavor of what life is like in Phuket. This amazing shopping fair which is open from 1600 to 2100 hours attracts thousands of locals and tourists due to the vibrant display of clothing and fashion items, second-hand goods and local food vendors. Phuket Walking Street Picture Credit: Thavorn Beach Villa Resort & Spa The Phuket Walking Street is one of the latest additions to the long list of attractions in Phuket Old Town. It is commonly referred to as Lard Yai and translated to ‘big market’ in southern Thai dialect. This is a must visit location for shopping in Phuket as it gives you the opportunity to enjoy southern Thai culinary treats, but you might want to double check for Halal certifications or stick to vegetarian meals that are equally delicious. It is also well known for the numerous handicraft and gift stalls where you can pick out unique souvenirs from Phuket to take back home.​ Karon Bazaar Karon Bazaar is one of the best places to shop in Phuket where you can enjoy a beachside shopping experience unlike no other. Due to the high volumes of tourists that are attracted to the area, you might want to be watchful of higher prices being quoted. But with a bit of bargaining, you will be able to get good deals on some trendy items.​ Banzaan market​ Situated just behind the Jungceylon Shopping Complex you will find the rather modern looking fresh market, Banzaan Market. This area is a great place for the Muslim traveler to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, sweets and dried goods. It is also a great place to enjoy refreshing exotic fruit juices like sugarcane, coconut and guava juice after a warm afternoon spent shopping in Phuket....

  • 8 Things You Must-See and Do in Phuket, Thailand

    The largest island of Thailand, Phuket, is by far one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. So if you have decided to head on down to this part of the world for your holidays, you have made the right decision. As there are so many Phuket attractions and activities you will have ample amounts of things to enjoy. But since your time spent on holiday is limited, you would ideally want to pick out the best things to do in Phuket to make your stay an unforgettable one. Here are some of the top-rated tourist attractions on Phuket Island we recommend for you to try, so you can enjoy the most Muslim friendly vacation. Credit -   Explore the wonders of Old Phuket Town Picture credit - No matter what the weather is like, the Old Phuket Town is a charming site you simply cannot miss. It is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon exploring the Sino-Portuguese splendour of elegant mansions, ‘shophouses’, cafes and restaurants. The sleepy town comes alive on weekends with the local markets that line the streets.   Witness the glory of Phuket from afar Picture credit - You must be already set to roam around Phuket and try out all the amazing activities in store for you. But getting some distance is also a good thing. There are many viewpoints on Phuket that let you do just this. Promthep Cape is a popular crowd gatherer worth checking out, but if you are looking to enjoy some quiet time at sunrise and sunset you could consider the Khao Rang viewpoint, Three Beaches View – located between Nai Harn and Kata, overlooking three of the most beautiful beaches or the Windmill viewpoint - located between Ya Nui and Nai Harn beaches, where you can see several windmills facing the ocean.   Enjoy a day out at Phang Nga Bay Phang Nga Bay is home to some of the most popular Phuket attractions and activities. The area displays a unique natural landscape adorned with sheer limestone cliffs standing tall amidst the emerald green waters. You can enjoy a cruise through the area on a bus-boat tour and witness famous landmarks like James Bond Island and Koh Panyee.   Watch the spectacular Phuket FantaSea Show Picture credit - Kamala Beach comes alive with the spectacular FantaSea Show, one of the most vibrant cultural theme parks you could ever witness. The theme park operates between 17:30 - 23:30 with a special show named “Fantasy of a Kingdom” held at 21:00. Tickets are priced at about 2,200 baht and are truly worth it because this is one of the cool things to do in Phuket where you will be able to enjoy several entertaining activities like acts by Trapeze artists, carnival games and various animal acts.   Relax on Thailand’s most popular beaches Picture credit - The beautiful beaches of Phuket are top-rated tourist attractions on Phuket Island. Therefore you most certainly should leave out some time to simply relax and take in the breath-taking view of the mighty ocean in front of you. Patong beach, which is the longest beach, is one of the most popular Phuket attractions. You can even visit Rawai Village – home to a fishing harbour and Nai Harn Beach which are also some of Thailand’s most popular beaches.   See the beauty of marine wildlife at Phuket Aquarium The main attraction of this site is the massive tunnel that surrounds visitors with an array of marine species like rays, snapper, grouper, wrasse, sharks and much more. The Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) is also located on the premises which include a hatchery and endangered species museum.   Shopping in Phuket It comes to no surprise that this world-class tourist destination is also a shopping lover’s paradise. The city provides great variety for shoppers with their glitzy shopping malls packed with branded and items, bargain stores are known to offer impressive deals and vibrant night markets and village markets that offer anything from authentic souvenirs to delicious Thai treats. Some places that you should try to stop by are the Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Central Festival Phuket, Premium Outlet Phuket, Banzaan Fresh Market and Phuket Walking Street.   Have some fun at Phuket Trickeye Museum Picture credit - This is one of the top-rated tourist attractions on Phuket Island and the first of its kind in Southern Thailand. Featuring a large gallery of interactive 3D painting, this is a great place to grab some interesting photos to remember your visit to Phuket.   ...

  • 10 Halal Restaurants to Head to in Phuket, Thailand

    Muslim travelers can easily locate Halal food in Phuket and try out a fine variety of local and international food. There are numerous Halal food restaurants in Phuket where you can really experience the traditional flavours or try something different – the choice is yours! Find out where to eat in Phuket and what places you should check out while you are in Thailand. Credits -   1. Bangmud Seafood Restaurant Bangmud is part of the floating restaurants right next to Coconut Island, and you can easily get yourself ferried over. This charming floating restaurant has become the best spot for Muslim-friendly food in Phuket that has fantastic seafood dishes. You can see them catch fresh seafood that will end up well-prepared on your plate. Some wonderful items on the menu include Tom Yum and fried soft shell crab - do try their wonderful prawn and squid dishes too. For more information about Bangmud Seafood Restaurant click here.   2. Dirham Halal Restaurant Located at Bang Tao Beach, this quaint, inviting Halal restaurant serves Thai cuisine and international dishes too. There is a good variety of Muslim-friendly food in Phuket served at Dirham with curries, chicken or seafood dishes and some interesting fusions meal that includes Indian and Western flavours too. Drop by if you are looking for unique food at an affordable price.   For more information about Dirham Halal Restaurant click here   3. Anwa Lookchin Pla There is nothing like local flavours to make your holiday so much better. Located at Patong Beach, Anwa Lookchin Pla serves up some delicious local fare and Asian cuisine – and you get generous portions for affordable prices. From noodle dishes, chicken rice and signature dishes such as Tom Yum soup, you cannot miss out on visiting this Halal restaurant.For more information about  Anwa Lookchin Pla click here   4. Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood Kusuma is another great spot on Patong Beach where you can taste the best flavours from amazing seafood. Excellent Thai style crab, lobsters and prawns are just a few of the delicious items on the menu. Kusuma is one of the ideal spots for authentic Thai cuisine that has become a favourite among locals and tourists alike.For more information about Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood click here   5. Makan Halal Restaurant Makan restaurant is conveniently located right next to Mak Prok mosque and is about 10 minutes away from Phuket International Airport. With a relaxing, modern atmosphere - make your selection from a small but excellent menu when you are craving some pizzas, pasta or steak.For more information about Makan Halal Restaurant click here   6. Kataturk Turkish Restaurant Just like the name suggests, this one of the go-to spots for some awesome Turkish food. The warm inviting restaurant serves fantastic Turkish dishes – from kebabs to Pilav or Lahmacun and more, that you simply must try out. Kataturk will certainly exceed your expectations when it comes to amazing Halal food with flavour.For more information about Kataturk Turkish Restaurant click here   7. Arabia Restaurant This beautiful restaurant is where you can experience the best Middle-Eastern and Indian food with friends or family – they also serve Thai food too. Arabia has become a popular Halal restaurant that serves good portions of delightful food. From different kebabs to items like Manakish or Kebsa including curries or tandoori chicken, there is quite a range to choose from. For more information about Arabia Restaurant click here   8. The Sandwich Club If you are craving juicy burgers or some shawarma drop by The Sandwich Club for food that has tasty but affordable options too. They have also kebabs, a range of delicious sandwiches and sides too. The Sandwich Club is one of the best spots for delicious fast food that is also filling – perfect after a day at the beach.For more information about The Sandwich Club click here     9. Marina Kitchen This underrated restaurant boasts of amazing Chinese and Malay cuisines also has a nice range of items on their menu. This is an ideal place for some good Asian cuisine that you can have with family or a large group of friends. Though not as well-known as other spots, Marina Kitchen is a hidden gem to try out.For more information about Marina Kitchen click here   10. Casablanca Restaurant Casablanca is located at the The Royal Paradise Hotel in Patong and is another great spot for Halal Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. You can enjoy some tandoori chicken, lamb kebabs and other spicy aromatic food in a comfortable, beautifully designed setting. Their biryanis are pretty good too and perfect for a night out.   After spending an entire day of sightseeing, use this Halal food guide to Phuket to simply relax with friends or family by enjoying some great food during your trip to Thailand.For more information about Casablanca Restaurant click here   ...

  • Why Should You Travel to Phuket?

    Why visit Phuket? This top destination in Thailand has been an immensely popular tourist attraction, receiving hoards of visitors throughout the year. HalalTrip takes a closer look at what makes Phuket such an amazing destination! Click here for a complete Muslim-friendly guide to Phuket Phuket is an enchanting island located towards the south of Thailand, home to a population of over half a million people. Being Thailand’s biggest island, it is a popular tourist destination and is flocked by travelers around the world who wish to experience the distinct spirit of the island.The name “Phuket” translates into different variations of the word ‘hill’ which it appears to resemble from afar. Although the majority of citizens in Phuket are Buddhists, there is also a sizeable Muslim population residing on the island, most of whom are Malay.    A World-Renowned Tourist Destination Being one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, Phuket attracts up to a million tourists each season. As expected of an area whose main economic activity is tourism, visitors to the island will never be faced with a shortage of things to do in Phuket. From beaches and resorts to historical sites, Phuket will offer its guests an unlimited variety of activities to indulge in, as well as plentiful dining and shopping opportunities.   Beautiful, Beautiful Beaches! Phuket is famous for its beautiful beaches and beach resorts. Few islands in the world offer as easy access to sandy beaches lined with palm trees and warm, clear waters as Phuket does. There are beaches to suit every traveler – bustling beaches full of energy like Patong Beach where visitors can enjoy exciting speedboat rides and water sport activities to quiet secluded coves such as Banana Rock Beach which few people have even heard of. Families seeking relaxation would enjoy the likes of Surin Beach or the intimacy of Bang Tao Beach.    For You Shoppers Even shopaholics would find Phuket their dream destination; shopping opportunities are unlimited here, as expected of a tourist haven. Food markets on the bustling streets, colorful night markets as well as up-market department stores are all designed to cater to the needs of even the pickiest shopper and offer a wide variety of goods. Shops and boutiques in Phuket sell everything from traditional handicrafts and antique jewelry to the latest collections of famous designer brands and beautiful wooden furniture.   The Amazing Food Dining in Phuket is taken very seriously by the locals and tourists are lucky enough to experience the effects of this passion; everything from food stalls on street corners to high-end hotels serve a wide range of mouth-watering dishes. Cost is not indicative of quality – the cheapest meals in small restaurants are just as good as the expensive international cuisine in luxury resorts. Food in Phuket is truly international and due to the considerable Muslim Thai population, Muslim travelers will be able to experience almost all of the island’s tantalising flavours as considerable amounts of food served are Halal. In fact, some of the most popular food in Phuket is Halal food. Just make sure to enquire with restaurant owners about the availability of Halal food prior to dining. Give the Kusuma Halal Thai Seafood restaurant a try! Phuket has a lot to offer its Muslim visitors apart from delicious Halal food. 4% of the Thai population is made up of Muslims.   Places to Pray In Phuket, Mosques even outnumber Buddhist temples and can be found in the vicinity of popular tourist hotspots. Cok Makam Musyid Mosque or Patong Mosque is found on Patong Beach which is one of Phuket’s must-visit beaches. Other mosques Muslim visitors should not miss out on are Islamiya Mosque in Bangtao Village and the Saphan Ruam Mosque in Phuket Town. With an abundance of dining options, prayer facilities and shopping opportunities, Phuket will undoubtedly enthrall Muslim travelers and offer paradise for a fantastic holiday in the tropics. Start packing!   Click here for a complete Muslim-friendly guide to Phuket   ...

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