Halal Trip's Top Travel

Picks of 2018

Planning where to travel can be a difficult thing. With a large range of holiday destinations becoming more accessible, how do you select one that makes the most of your time? To help you decide and plan for your next Muslim-friendly vacation, the HalalTrip's Top Destinations 2018 page lists out the best travel destinations to based on your needs, from the holiday destinations for Muslim families to the Muslim friendly cities in Europe and even the best honeymoon locations or romantic getaways. Whether you are on a tight budget on a solo travel or looking for the perfect family getaway, we have the prefect travel inspirations for you.

Halal Trip's Selection for Top Travel Destinations in 2018

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More on the Cities in Halal Trip’s Top 13 Picks of 2018

  • Jeju, South Korea

    With beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue waters, mountains, waterfalls and nature all around, no wonder Jeju is every vacationer’s dream spot in South Korea. Locals and foreigners alike flock to this island year around, as the temperature remains quite constant throughout the year. And there is always something for you to do, no matter what your preferences are! 

  • Georgetown, Malaysia

    Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital of the state of Penang in Malaysia. For a Muslim traveller, Georgetown offers decent facilities including a fair number of mosques, halal friendly hotels and halal restaurants. The city features a variety of attractions and an excellent halal dining scene. Georgetown has often been named as the melting pot of different cultures. Wandering around the streets of the city one can see beautiful historic buildings and appreciate the Islamic architecture.

  • Bodrum, Turkey

    Bodrum is a vibrant coastal resort town well-known across the world for offering a number of attractive facilities and wonderful attractions. Located in the Mugla Province it is placed along the Mediterranean coast. The beautiful beaches and the historic sites in Bodrum attract people from all around the world. Built in the ancient city of Halikarnassus, visitors can see ancient ruins dotted all around the city. There are a number of Muslim-friendly facilities in Bodrum that visitors are sure to enjoy.

  • Osaka , Japan

    Located about 343 miles from Tokyo is the city of Osaka. The history of the city dates to 1500 years back but it gained importance only after a beautiful castle was built in the area in the 16th century. For Muslim travellers the city offers a few halal facilities. Osaka is said to be the third largest city in Japan and spans over a huge metropolitan area. There are several section in the city that can be explored easily. The city gives visitors numerous opportunities to explore its hidden treasures.

  • Kolkata, India

    Kolkata is labeled as the City of Joy and also as the City of Palaces. The people of Kolkata are quite friendly and always helpful for visitors. Kolkata has been around for several years and its existence is closely related to the arrival of the British East India Company in the late 17th century. Kolkata is considered as the commercial, business and the financial center of eastern India. For Muslim visitors, Kolkata offers a variety of halal facilities such as Halal foods, Halal friendly accommodations and nearby mosques etc .

  • Fes, Morocco

    Famed for being home to the oldest university in the world, Fes is a historic walled city often compared to Jerusalem. The existence of Fes dated back to the year 789 when it is said to have been established as the medieval capital of Morocco. It was one of the most important cities of Islamic Civilization. Today Fes is among the major tourist destinations in Morocco and for Muslims halal holidays in Fes is a refreshing experience. There are several mosques in Fes and also a wide range of halal restaurants in Fes which make the stay for Muslim visitors quite easy and enjoyable.

  • St Julians, Malta

    The exotic resort town of St Julian's is located within close reach of the capital of Malta, Valletta. Visitors can get a view of the Valletta skyline from St Julian's. The town was originally a fishing village bit now has become a well-known entertainment center in Malta. There are no mosques in St Julian's but there are a few halal restaurants in the town. The beaches in St Julian's are lively and quite huge. St Julian's offers attractions for people of all age groups. Whether one is looking to spend some alone time with their loved one or to spend some family time, St Julian's is a great holiday destination.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of UAE and also the seat of the government. It is among the most developed cities in UAE and at times referred to as the “New Middle East. Having developed rapidly, Abu Dhabi is attracting a number of travellers from across the world. For Muslim visitors the city is an excellent vacation spot as it offers an diverse range of halal facilities and mosques. The city has come a long way to become one of the fastest developing metropolises in the UAE. From excellent shopping to fine dining and excellent sightseeing, Abu Dhabi offers the best of everything.

  • Lombok, Indonesia

    Lombok island is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, located towards the south of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The island offers an abundance of breathtaking natural wonders including numerous beaches, waterfalls, mountains and several smaller islands which are also frequented by tourists. In addition to the wealth of flora and fauna, the capital city of Mataram is home to several museums, shopping malls and other places-of-interest for travellers to explore. Muslim travellers to Lombok will face no difficulty getting around or dining out, due to the plethora of Halal friendly accommodations and Halal restaurants in Lombok. Several mosques in Lombok are also available on the island, due to the sizable Muslim community.

  • Hamburg, Germany

    Hamburg is the second largest city in and is known as the wealthiest city in Germany. The country's biggest port and the second-busiest in Europe is the heart of Hamburg, however Hamburg has also become a major media and industrial centre. Hamburg was tagged as "The Gateway to the World". Hamburg is home to a diverse population. Muslims make up a small but sizeable part of this population; hence Muslim tourists should be able to conveniently find a few mosques and Halal restaurants.

  • Galle

    Galle is one of the prime-destinations in Sri Lanka. For a Muslim traveller Galle offers good halal facilities. The city is one of the best preserved colonial towns in Sri Lanka and takes visitors back into history. The streets are dotted with historic Dutch villas and the Galle Fort gives visitors a peek into the ancient times. Galle has been seeing a lot of influx of foreign visitors. The town is located about 116 Km from Colombo and finds place along the south-western coast of Sri Lanka. The city offers a beautiful blend of history and nature.