Fes is a comparatively traditional city with a beautiful old city area or the medina. For those who wish to observe the traditional culture of Morocco should visit Fes, as it is often named as the cultural capital of the country. The Al-Karaouiyine University is said to be the oldest university in the world and is a beautiful place to visit and learn about the history of the region. There are quite a few museums in the city like the Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts and the Dar Batha Museum which preserve the traditional Moroccan art and craft. \r\n Fes is also popular for its leather work and if interested visitors can visit the tanneries in the city. The Dar al-Magana spreads over 198 acres and is built in the surroundings of beautifully manicured gardens. The Dar al-Magana also houses the famous water clock. In the old city there are two fortresses from where visitors can get a complete view of the city; these are the Borj Nord and the Borj Sud. The Bab Fettouh and the Bab Guissa are two major landmarks in the city. \r\n Fes offers an extraordinary shopping experience. The city is popular for its leather goods, handicrafts, jewelry, pottery, woven cushion covers, copperware and brassware. There are several clothing shops around the Kissaria. Antique shops can be found around the Derb Sidi Moussa. Rue el-Attarine is famous for herbs, spices and cosmetics. Visitors can also walk through the different souks in the city to get some good deals on rugs and leather items. ...more

Fès, Morocco



Fes is a comparatively traditional city with a beautiful old city area or the medina. For those who wish to observe the traditional culture of Morocco should visit Fes, as it is often named as the cultural capital of the country. The Al-Karaouiyine University is said to be the oldest university in the world and is a beautiful place to visit and learn about the history of the region. There are quite a few museums in the city like the Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts and the Dar Batha Museum which preserve the traditional Moroccan art and craft.

Fes is also popular for its leather work and if interested visitors can visit the tanneries in the city. The Dar al-Magana spreads over 198 acres and is built in the surroundings of beautifully manicured gardens. The Dar al-Magana also houses the famous water clock. In the old city there are two fortresses from where visitors can get a complete view of the city; these are the Borj Nord and the Borj Sud. The Bab Fettouh and the Bab Guissa are two major landmarks in the city.

Fes offers an extraordinary shopping experience. The city is popular for its leather goods, handicrafts, jewelry, pottery, woven cushion covers, copperware and brassware. There are several clothing shops around the Kissaria. Antique shops can be found around the Derb Sidi Moussa. Rue el-Attarine is famous for herbs, spices and cosmetics. Visitors can also walk through the different souks in the city to get some good deals on rugs and leather items.

Nearby Airports

Fes is served by the Saiss Airport, which is one of the major airports in the Fes-Boulemane region in Morocco. The airport caters to domestic and international flights and is located about 15Km from the city center. From the airport visitors can take the airport shuttle to the city which costs about 20dh for a one-way trip and leaves every 30minutes from the airport. Local buses also serve the airport. Taxis are also available from the airport. There is a fixed price for taxis to the city center; a one-way trip costs 120dh.

Halal Restaurants

Fes offers a wide range of halal restaurants. The best halal restaurants in Fes include Snack Omar,Le Kasbah, Café Medina,L'Ambre, Café Clock, Palais des Merinides, Dar Saada Restaurant, San Remo, etc.


There are several mosques in Fes. Some of the prominent masjid in Fes includesKaraouine Mosque, Bou Inania Mosque, At Arrahma Mosque, Charbliyine Mosque, Akhawayn Mosque, etc.

Things to Do and See in Fès

  • Bou Inania Madersa
  • El Attarine Madersa
  • Merenid Tombs
  • University of al-Karaouine
  • Medina (Old City)
  • Dar al-Magana
  • Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts
  • Tanneries
  • Dar Batha Museum
  • Borj Nord
  • Borj Sud
  • Bab Fettouh
  • Bab Guissa
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  • Muslimah-Friendly Fitness Studios & Gyms in Singapore

    An active body is a healthy body. Keeping fit has never been as important as it is now. With the ongoing pandemic, one of the best defenses we can put up is by building up our immune system through exercise. Don’t know about you but all that staying indoors during the Circuit Breaker (and staycations)  is making us feel a little sluggish. And if you’re worried and conscious about onlookers watching you while you exercise, don’t worry! These are some Muslimah-Friendly fitness places you can go to keep fit and stay healthy with peace of mind. Some of these classes are even conducted online!   Her Tribe Image Credit: ClassPass Her Tribe is one entry that is known for being hijab friendly. With classes ranging from Ariel Yoga to Barre sessions, they offer a range of holistic fitness classes that can help you find your balance after a long day at work. If you are just starting to dip your feet into the fitness scene, these classes will be great for you as they cater to beginners as well! You can pick and choose which of their sessions strike your fancy over at ClassPass. Join their Bbarreless session if you’re looking to lose that extra pounds. Location: 329A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427586 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass Image Credit: ClassPass If you’re more inclined to the traditional gym setting then might be the one you’re looking for. A female-only fitness studio, they hold Circuit and Strength Training will surely be a HIIT! Join their STRONG sessions if you’re planning to beat your PB (Personal Best) or if you’re working towards that toned figure, join their REFORMER classes. Their sessions are a great way to start getting familiar with the gym equipment as all their classes are beginner-friendly! A great thing about is that they also offer in-house personal classes for bookings. These range from Personal Training sessions, Buddy Training, or Mobility Sessions (Sports massage is a must-try, not even joking). You can browse through their classes and schedule them at their website or ClassPass. Location: 2 Gambas Crescent, Singapore 757044 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   The Eaqlia Studio Image Credit: classpass Under the same management as Aida Fitness, Eaqlia caters to the folks up north. Eaqlia or Mind in Arabic is a fitness studio which focuses not only on the physical but also the mental part of wellness. Other than the physical fitness classes offered like Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, and even Shadow Boxing, The Eaqlia studio encourages the other aspects of wellness like eating habits and mental health. Classes vary in difficulty, this is great news as increasing the intensity of your workout really helps in developing your fitness level. If you’re more comfortable with the idea of staying indoors, Eaqlia studio also offers online virtual classes with VIRTUAL EAQLIA where you will get to join their live workouts running in their studios from the comfort and privacy of your home. Location: 102 Yishun Avenue 5, #04-119, Singapore 760102 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   Aida Fitness Image Credit: classpass Previously known as E-tribe, Aida Fitness is a branch of The Eaqlia Studio that offers similar classes but for the east-siders. So you can expect similar classes with The Eaqlia Studio. Just don’t be tempted by the food available nearly (Geylang Serai is soo close-by) Location: Centropod, 80 Changi Road, #01-02, Singapore 419715 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   Contours Express Image Credit: Contours Express A fitness boutique, Contours Express not only brings you the privacy from being a female-only place but it also purposefully convenient with all their boutiques located in the housing areas of Singapore. There might even be one near your house! The offerings from them are similar to large gym franchises but without the budget pinch. Making the gym accessible to women of all backgrounds. Follow their bespoke weight-loss program, where they go through the details and advice you on your nutrition and exercise, or join their many group or training classes. There is something for everyone! If you’re looking for a traditional gym setting then Contours Express is really in with a good shout. Location: Bedok, Bishan, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Pasir Ris, Serangoon, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun (Check out their website for more details) Website | Instagram | Facebook   Nawal Haddad Fitness Image Credit: Nawal Haddad Fitness Currently hosting their classes exclusively online, Nawal Haddad Fitness offers virtual fitness classes where you can just sweat it out at home. Get ready to move a lot though, as some of the classes they offer will require you to dance and box around the house! Who said exercising can’t be fun? If that’s not your tempo, build up your core muscles and flexibility with their Hatha Yoga classes. An interesting program that they’re offering is Fatburn Extreme, a group fitness training dedicated to weight loss exercising. Using bodyweight exercises, this method is a tried and tested way for losing that extra CB/staycation weight. In addition to just losing weight, it will help you build on your endurance as well! If you’re interested in learning more about this form of exercise, look up “calisthenics” on google or youtube to get an idea of what to expect when you join this program. Location: Online Website | Instagram | Facebook   There are a lot of benefits to exercising (we can’t list them here because there’ll be a lot!) and it has become more and more important these days with us staying indoors and working from home a lot more than before. Keeping fit is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Breaking out of the sedentary lifestyle and start your journey in fitness can be daunting but it will definitely be a very fruitful experience. Insha Allah!...

  • Community Heroes: Food Sharing Indonesia

    After Friday's fajr, Dian Ayu Antika Hapsari and Shella Sabillah Alamri did not waste any time to welcome the day. They brought dozen of meal packages and drive around Malang City, East Java province. Bravely riding along on the back of a scooter to find the elderly and other people in need to distribute the meals to them. They never take the same route twice meaning that they often distribute the meals to different people every time. Let me introduce you to Malang City's very own community heroes. Dian Ayu Antika Hapsari, usually going by the name Tika - a civil servant, and her close friend, Shella Sabillah Alamri known as Shella. The two friends decided to set up a humanitarian movement together, to help others amid the ongoing pandemic. Tika told HalalTrip in a video call interview that the pandemic has disadvantaged everyone in the city including the elderly who are still working in order to support themselves. Yet, since the city implemented large-scale social restrictions, the elderly who are working as rickshaw drivers, scavengers, cracker sellers, and many more, are facing difficulties since most Indonesians are staying at home. That was when Tika and Shella decided to establish Food Sharing Indonesia (@foodsharing.indonesia) on 7th August 2020. This movement has two main activities which are Food Touring and Food Visiting. Their first meal distribution was on 14 August where they aim to run this activity around 6.30 am and after Friday prayers. Tika and Shella believed that the early hours of the morning is the perfect time to meet the working elderly. If the meal distribution is started later than 7.00 AM, they would have missed the working elderly as they would have already gone to work. "It is called Food Touring," Shella said. While, Tika said that they also conduct Food Visiting which they distribute meals, goods, and funds to the orphanages, Islamic boarding schools, and Quran hafidz. Their donors expect them to distribute donations to certain groups of people. "We need to deliver people's trust very well," Tika said. Food Sharing Indonesia conducts Food Visiting once a month. They intend to continue this movement even after the pandemic is over. Shella reminded HalalTrip that the poor, the orphanages, and the needy will sadly remain even after the pandemic ends. On Friday, 18 September 2020, Tika and Shella managed to distribute 210 packaged meals to their target meal receivers. They also cooperated with Yayasan Galeri Kreatif, Pedal Kuliner, and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in their community movement. Tika and Shella often send a report to the donors as part of their accountability to manage donations, dedicated to being transparent with the donation funds and allocation. Active on social media, they regularly update their donors and followers on the Food Sharing Indonesia's activities and where their donations are going to. Currently, Food Sharing Indonesia is open to donations from anyone. Furthermore, Food Sharing Indonesia has even received support from people outside of Indonesia, thanks to their great networking. Some examples are Shella's colleagues who are living in Australia are also interested in donating to their movement. Tika's colleague, a Libyan citizen who studies in Malang is also intrigued to contribute to the movement.    Meaningful Experience Surely, Tika and Shella have met with lots of meals receiver with many different characters. Undoubtedly, most of these meal receivers are so happy to receive the meals before they start work. These people are very thankful to Food Sharing Indonesia who with their pure hearts, travel around the city to find those in need.  "They pray for us, right in front of our eyes," Tika told Halaltrip. Moreover, Shella also feels so moved when people eat their packed meals right after receiving them.    Obstacles As this food distribution needs more manpower to do so, Shella and Tika feel that they should seek for help from volunteers. Even if they can manage their careers and this food drive movement, more people are needed for the movement to grow, allowing them to reach out and help even more people. Shella said that they often announce that they’re open to volunteers to help them in their cause, yet the result has not been so significant. Also, she even distributed offline fliers to everyone she knew to introduce them to the Food Sharing Indonesia movement. Unfazed and determined, she continues her effort to gather more volunteers through her personal and Food Sharing Indonesia's Instagram account to gain more public attention. Meanwhile, Tika told HalalTrip that Food Sharing Indonesia is planning to open an official bank account for the movement to store the donation funds. This measure will be taken as their solution to avoid the mix up between the movement’s donations and their funds. Currently, Food Sharing Indonesia is still using Shella's bank account and requires the donor to let her know through WhatsApp after transfer some funds.   Future Goals Tika expressed her future goals for Food Sharing Indonesia on being established as a non-profit foundation, to which Shella also agreed upon. She believes that if this movement can manage the donations more professionally and also be able to expand their reach to help a broader range of receivers, then the establishment will be made. Both Tika and Shella intend to give soft and life skills training to the poor. Moreover, they plan to lend some of the donation funds, of course with the donors’ consent, to the poor so that it will be used as their capital to open their own business in hopes of improving their quality of life.  "We want to provide the tools, not only feed them," Tika and Shella told HalalTrip. Food Sharing Indonesia plans to work with some communities like orphanages, the less-privileged, and widows – as long as they are feasible to receive some help or donations. Tika and Shella will do skill assessment tests for those communities to figure out the skills that they need to get them back on their feet. Skills such as cooking and digital marketing are just some of the prospective skills they intend to help with. This pandemic has tested our empathy as human beings to show our kindness to the people in need. Tika and Shella can gain people’s trust in gathering and distributing donations, packed meals to the right people. Setting an example to us with their actions that we too can help those around us, especially during these trying times. We need to strive collectively against this pandemic.  This too shall pass!  Follow their journey on Instagram at @foodsharing.indonesia   Know any similar inspirational community heroes around you? Comment down below or simply write in to us at  We would love to hear their stories!   Photos credit belong to Dian Ayu Antika Hapsari, Shella Sabillah Alamri, and Food Sharing Indonesia....

  • Travel News Wrap: 7 September Week

    Singapore and Japan will Launch the Green Lane starting from September 18 Image Credit: Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash Japan has joined the list of countries that will have a reciprocal green lane arrangement with Singapore. The reason for the implementation of this arrangement is to facilitate essential business and official travel between the two countries. This arrangement will be the first such framework that Japan will be implementing with another country. The arrangement will start on 18 September. Similar to the other ongoing green lane arrangement, the requirements, health protocols, and application process. Other than this, there is also an ongoing talk between Japan and Singapore about the implementation of a “Residence Track” where there will be a special quota of cross-border travel by business executive and business professionals “. Learn more about the reciprocal green lane here.   Phuket Reopening Delayed Image Credit: Photo by Frankie Spontelli on Unsplash The popular holiday destination, Phuket has delayed the reopening of their borders due to a virus case discovered recently. This infection was reported to be the first local infection in 100 days. Previously, Thailand planned to reopen the island of Phuket to foreign visitors in October but with the new case of the virus, it seems that the replanning is at hand. Currently, there is no information as to when the reopening will take place after this development....

  • 9 Best Halal Mooncakes You Can Find Around Singapore

    [Updated as of 15 September 2020] Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, and this year, it will fall on the 1st of October. Mid-Autumn Festival is notable all around Asia. You must be familiar with people carrying around lit lanterns during the festival. And of course, when we heard about the Mid-Autumn Festival, we know it is the season for mooncake too! For those who are not familiar with mooncakes, it is a round pastry filled with either red bean or lotus paste. Traditional mooncakes may also contain salted eggs. Today, you may not only find traditional mooncakes but you can see various flavors available from different vendors such as chocolate, green tea, and even durian. Even though we are not celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is always no harm to learn about another culture. Most of the time, the best part is to try the food! Worrying that you couldn't try any mooncakes because they are not Halal? Fret not because some vendors offer certified Halal mooncakes and you can go all crazy with the variety of flavors. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching very soon, we have you covered on the 8 best Halal mooncakes you can find around Singapore.   1. THREESACROWD Image Credit: THREESACROWD Cafe You might be familiar with this quaint cafe tucked in the heartlands of Tampines. Known for their Leegacy Ice Cream selections, delicious cakes and waffles, they are now adding Mooncakes on their list! Flavors include the favorites like Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncakes to Mango Chocolat and Tropical Cheesecake, these offerings are definitely a different take on what Mooncakes traditionally taste like. The idea of ice cream filled snowskin mooncakes slowly melting in your mouth makes it more than worthy for you to give them a try! Pre-order ends on 25th September and the Collection period for these mooncakes are from 5th September to 4th October. Prices: Box of 2: Ice Cream Mooncakes from $36 Website   2. Bread Garden Image Credit: Bread Garden Bread Garden is a Halal-certified bakery with four branches available in Singapore. You may find snacks and desserts like buns, cookies, and cakes to name a few. Bread Garden caters to special occasions like birthday cakes or wedding cakes also not to forget festive desserts like pineapple tarts and mooncakes.Bread Garden offers both traditional baked skin and snow skin mooncakes. With various flavors available, I’m sure you will be spoilt for choices. One of the mooncakes lists that caught my eyes is the MSW Durian, a snow skin mooncake with creamy Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian filling. It’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. You may also find flavors like Royal Milk Tea, a flavor for all boba milk tea lovers, and Lychee Roselia. If you feel that the outlets are inconvenient for you, fret not because delivery is available for your online order. So, add all those mooncakes into your cart and check them out!Prices: Single baked skin mooncake starting from $9.50 | Single snow skin mooncake starting from $11 | Box set starting from $39 Website   3. Four Seasons Durian Image Credit: Four Seasons Durian If you are looking for all flavors durian, then you can never go wrong at Four Seasons Durian. At Four Seasons Durian, you can find every pastry infused with Durian, ranging from cakes to bread. Of course, their mooncakes are not being left out from Durian flavors.The mooncakes at Four Seasons Durian are only available in snow skin. Either you choose between the D24 Durian or the Mao Shan Wang / MSW Durian, I am sure you will enjoy the rich and creamy flavor of the mooncake. Unfortunately, they don't come in a single piece. But the best thing is that you can get it delivered upon placing an order online.Prices: Set starting from $60 Website   4. Eatzi Gourmet Bakery Image Credit: Eatzi Gourmet Bakery Eatzi Gourmet Bakery is another Halal certified bakery that made it to our list. It was used to be known as Jack's Cake House before obtaining Halal certificate. Eatzi Gourmet Bakery specialized in customized cake and dessert tables for all sorts of occasions.Eatzi Gourmet Bakery offers mooncakes of traditional baked skin. They have 3 varieties of white lotus paste fillings; Single yolk, double yolk, and macadamia nuts. You can never go wrong with the simplicity flavors offered. Similar to any other vendors up in this list, you can place the order online, and either opt for self-pickup or have it delivered to your place.Prices: Single pieces starting from $9.35 | Box set starting from $18.28 Website   5. Primadeli Image Credit: Primadeli Primadeli is a bakery that might not be foreign to any of us. With several outlets available all around the island, I am sure it is easy to spot one near you.Primadeli mooncakes are known for their contemporary flavors. They housed both traditional baked and snow skin mooncakes. Their snow skin mooncakes are very attractive and colorful, offering new flavors this year like Peach Cranberry and Apple Cheese. There is a minimum order requirement for their home delivery. So, if you happened to stumble upon a Primadeli branch, don't forget to get your mooncake craving fix!Prices: Box set starting from $51.80 Website   6. Swensen's Image Credit: Swensen's Did someone say ice cream mooncakes? Probably the odd one out of the list, Swensen's offered mochi snow skin mooncakes with a variety of ice cream fillings. With 7 different flavors made available, these ice cream mooncakes will transport you to a whole new world from your normal traditional mooncakes.Each box of ice cream mooncakes contains 4 flavors. You may choose to get the preset box set or customized your own flavors. One of its flavors, Kueh Salat is inspired by a Southeast Asia dessert of coconut and pandan flavors. You might want to give the grapefruit flavor a try for a different experience. You may opt for delivery or self-pickup at your desired store upon checking for its availability.Prices: Box set starting from $39.80 Website   7. Yu-Ai Confectionery Image Credit: Yu-Ai Confectionery  If you are not in the rush to get your mooncake craving fix, check out Yu-Ai Confectionery. It is one of the leading brands in Malaysia and is certified Halal by JAKIM. They are well known for mooncakes when the Mid-Autumn festival is approaching.Yu-Ai Confectionery mooncakes are known for some of its less sweet mooncakes. Their official website featured all sorts of mooncakes, but alas, we could only dream about trying their lava mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes (as products are not feasible for overseas delivery.) Even so, you can still try their traditional baked skin mooncakes and the available flavors are vast too! I'm sure you will enjoy their Less Sweet Pure Lotus or their Less Sugar Pandan Sugar mooncakes. As their official website doesn't cater to online ordering, you may head down to Shopee to order them through a seller. It will definitely worth the wait!Prices: Single piece starting from $9.27 Delivery rate around $1.70 Website | Shopee   8. Duria Image Credit: SAYS From its name, you must have figured that it is another Durian paste mooncakes and you are right! Duria is one of the leading manufacturers in producing Durian products. Having said so, you should definitely try their mooncake offerings.Nothing can beat the creamy and thick filling of the MSW Durian puree in a snow skin mooncake. You can either go for the authentic MSW Durian flavor or try their Pandan MSW flavor. Do take note that only certain products are certified Halal. Therefore, do check from time to time when you want to purchase them online. Here's one of the local Shopee sellers that you can get the mooncake from.Prices: Box set at $48 (Self-pickup) Website | Shopee   9. DIY Mooncake Kit Image Credit: Instagram If you want to try something new this year and something special, how about baking your own mooncake? It may sound troublesome but it is something fun to do with the families and kids at home amidst this pandemic time.Each Mooncake Kit comes with everything essential to bake a mooncake. It also comes with a handy instruction manual for you to follow through. Once you get the hang of it, who knows you might want to try some other flavors and experiment more to create the best flavors! If this is enticing for you, you may find Chang'e's DIY Mooncake kit on Instagram at @changemooncake.Prices: Kit set at $20.80 Instagram There you have it! 9 of the best Halal mooncakes that you can find around you. One of the best ways to enjoy mooncakes is with a cup of piping hot tea. But nothing can beat enjoying them with families and friends, spreading joy, and spending some quality time with them! *Disclaimer: Please check on the halal status of the food when buying through reseller apps such as Carousell and Shopee. Information was correct at the time of writing....

  • 7 Useful Islamic Apps for Muslims

    Regardless of whether it is to look up the time or direction of prayers, Islamic recordings, and podcasts, exceptional Muslim-accommodating destinations, halal restaurants, or completely anything – there is an application for it all! Thanks to the booming mobile application industry, we have access to anything and everything and it is just a few clicks away. The religious centered applications that cater to Muslims and their ways of life accompany one principle point and that is to make our lives easier by having knowledge and resources easily accessible online. There are plenty of apps that are accessible and are tailored to suit your requirements. Given beneath is a list of the most unique, user-friendly, and innovative applications that can be downloaded by anybody with a smartphone and an internet connection. Could it get any easier than that? I think not.   Muslim 3D Image Credit: Muslim3D Muslim 3D is an intuitive software program that takes you on an incredible experience into a Virtual World of Islam! Through the Muslim 3D application, you can sight-see and acquaint yourself with a virtual universe related to the Islamic way of life, customs, and history. This application can be downloaded onto your cell phone or tablet, laptop or personal computer or in the event that you wish to upgrade your experience by utilizing this tool you can do as such by utilizing a Virtual Reality headset for an exceptional and amazing exposure to what this app can provide to its users. Muslim 3Ds content revolves around the lessons of the Holy Quran and the genuine customs of the Prophet Muhammad. Website Download: Android | iOS   Scan Halal Image Source: Scan Halal With a mission to `educate, advocate and promote halal`, Scan Halal is exclusively devoted to helping Muslims discover Halal food. Due to the shortage of halal certification bodies, not many items state whether they are halal on the packaging they come in. Scan Halal has made an innovative application to make this more convenient for Muslims. With it being exceptionally advantageous to utilize, all you need to do is scan the barcode of the product and they confirm the halal status of the item against their database which contains over a million products. The application informs you if the food is undoubtedly Halal or dubiously so and whether it is best not to get it. The application can likewise be personalized and tailored as and how a consumer and user of the app wishes to do so, to distinguish liquor or animal ingredients in products, making it incredibly helpful when shopping/traveling. Website Download: Android | iOS   Muslim Central Image Credit: Muslim Central If you are someone who is keen and interested in tuning in to Islamic lectures however never have the opportunity to go to any face to face and in person, Muslim Central is there to save the day! Download the Muslim Central application for an entire collection of recordings from your preferred speakers, routinely updated with their most recent talks from a wide range to browse from! You can also find differing content introduced by several extraordinary speakers from around the globe. A portion of their famous contributors are Mufti Ismail Menk, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Ustaadth Nouman Ali Khan, Ustaadtha Yasmin Mogahed, and many more! The 130+ speakers who run the stage address numerous subjects of interests, for example, umrah, marriage, the current pandemic – Covid-19, Islam overall, and substantially more. The beauty of these podcasts is that you can essentially run the audio while you continue with your day to day tasks, for example, cooking, driving, working, or while doing any activity whatsoever! Website | YouTube Download: Android   HalalTrip   Created with the goal of introducing a Trip Advisor-like travel site for Muslim voyagers, Halal Trip not exclusively is the biggest Muslim and Halal centered travel platform, but on the other hand, is an in-depth online lifestyle application to attract Muslims to travel and discover the world in all its glory. HalalTrip endeavors to showcase destinations, famous landmarks, and entertaining activities catered towards Muslims with their developing library of travel tips, reviews, and podcasts. They aim to unite the public by urging them to share their reviews and findings on mosques, Halal restaurants, Halal food dishes, attractions, and travel thoughts and giving Muslim-friendly insights and guides for Muslim explorers. It additionally incorporates basic essentials, for example, Qibla locater, Prayer timings, and an in-flight prayer calculator. Website Download: Android | iOS   Muslim Pro Image Source: Muslim Pro Muslim Pro, being one of the most well-known Islamic applications on the planet, is accessible in 15 dialects and provides features that give help and direction to Muslims who dwell in religious activities on a daily basis. Muslim Pro is known to be an across the board application. It offers prayer timings with Azaan notifications, the Qibla locater, and the Quranic writing in Arabic, along with its interpretation in various dialects and recitations along with the Islamic Hijri calendar and Muslim-friendly halal eateries and mosques, a zakat calculator, and a wide collection of duas. Website Download: Android | iOS   Tasbih Image Source: TopOfStack Software Ltd Thanks to this modernized and digital era, Muslims now have the advantage of recording their tasbih through this app! This Islamic application is a very easy and straightforward Tasbih counter that provides you a seamless prayer experience. You do not need to stress over carrying your tasbih wherever you go, all you need is this application downloaded on your smartphone and you are good to go! This application also gives extra features like finding the closest mosque as indicated by your location, monitoring the Islamic days like Ramadan, Hajj and can additionally be altered according to your favored language (Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, etc.) Download: Android | iOS   WeSalam - Hajj & Umrah Guide Image Credit: WeSalam The Salam application is one of the first most detailed applications intended to educate travelers step-by-step through the Hajj and Umrah experience. It incorporates intuitive guides, pictures, prayers, and counters to monitor the number of prayers that the user has carried out. You will likewise be able to access all the required data, tips, and tricks that will assist you with carrying out Hajj and Umrah. You can additionally peruse the Holy Quran by Surah or Juz and tweak the stanzas' text dimension and interface to suit your requirements. The application furthermore permits you to create your own dua lists. Website Download: Android | iOS There you have it, 7 useful apps that might help us strengthen our iman, Insha Allah. Have you tried any of these apps before? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below!...

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