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Halal Friendly Hotel FAQs

  • What is a "Muslim friendly Hotel" or a "Halal-friendly hotel"?

    • It is a Hotel that has taken into account some faith based needs of Muslim travellers but not all their needs.
  • What is a Halal Hotel or a Halal Resort?

    • A Hotel which has taken into account all the key needs of Muslim travellers including having only Halal food & beverages in the Hotel. The Hotel will also not serve Alcohol. They may also have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. There are such hotels now in places like Turkey, UAE, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • What is a Halal Beach Resort?

    • A Halal Beach Resort is resort which specially caters to the needs of Muslim visitors. They will generally have separate areas of the beach for designated for males and females.
  • What is a Shariah-compliant Hotel or Resort?

    • A Halal Hotel, which also strictly adheres to Islamic principles in hotel governance and operations, as well as halal non-interest based financing etc.
  • What is Crescent Rating?

    • A proprietary rating system developed by CrescentRating to rate travel services on how Muslim-friendly they are.
  • What is a Crescent Rated Hotel or Resort?

    • A hotel granted a Crescent Rating from 1 to 7 based on its Halal food facilities, prayer facilities, services during Ramadan, level of non-Halal activities and recreational facilities in the hotel.