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  • Local Foodie's Guide to: Halal Food in Durban, South Africa

    Written By: Farzanah Ebrahim What do I eat if I'm in Durban? We are on a school mid-term break at the moment so decided to take a trip to Durban for a few days. Durban is a beautifully warm coastal city...

  • Ramadan 2021: The Most Iconic Iftar Foods in Morocco

    For Moroccans, iftar has to be the fanciest meal of the year. Each day of Ramadan, Moroccan families try to make the Iftar a little bit better than the day before. Ramadan is the perfect time to showcase...

  • The Halal Travel Podcast | SIDETALK #2 | Cruise to Nowhere

    In this episode of Sidetalk, we talk about cruises to nowhere! Traveling has not been possible for a while for all of us, cruises to nowhere are something that is a breath of fresh air. You must've heard...

  • Ramadan 2021 France: All You Need To Know

    With a population of 5% Muslims, France is one of the European countries where people recognize Ramadan and Muslims fasting for their spiritual pursuit of heaven. Most of the French people respect Muslims...

  • Top 6 Things to do in Mindanao, Philippines

    With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a lot to offer for tourists from all walks of life, and one of them is Mindanao. Nicknamed as the ‘Land of Promise’, the archipelago’s second-largest...

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