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Bukhara city, Alpomish street

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  • The Establishment Of Prayer Rooms For Muslim Visitors In Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan is home to some of the most well-preserved mosques and Islamic sites. This beautiful country, situated in Central Asia, is also the birthplace of many renowned Muslim clerics and scholars namely Imam Al Bukhari, Ibnu Sina, alBeruni, and many more. There has been increasing attention given to developing Uzbekistan's tourism potential, with the development of a new form of tourism, “Ziyarah tourism” which was a term coined by Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of Uzbekistan. For the past two years, Uzbekistan has been investing in building and improving infrastructures, hotels and visa-free entry for 86 countries and over 50 countries with e-visa facilities - highlighting its commitment to developing tourism in the country. One of the initiatives to make Uzbekistan a Muslim-friendly destination includes the establishment of prayer rooms in shopping and entertainment centers in "Mega Planet" and "Afsona" in Tashkent.  Initiatives To Make Uzbekistan A Muslim-Friendly Destination Image Credit: Baqbergen Atabayev on Unsplash Uzbekistan has also come up with several initiatives to provide Muslim-friendly services in the country. Initiatives by the Uzbekistan State Committee for Tourism Development to provide Muslim-friendly services and facilities are now being implemented by state and private organizations. Prayer facilities are offered for Muslims in all international airports and main railway stations in the provinces.  Image Credit: Mega Planet Tashkent on Facebook Recently, shopping and entertainment centers like “Mega Planet” and “Afsona” in the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, have established their first prayer rooms for Muslim visitors. With these Muslim-friendly facilities made available, tourists no longer need to worry about prayers while spending their time in the shopping malls. Why You Should Visit Uzbekistan Image Credit: Darrell Chaddock on Unsplash; Bukhara, a must-visit city in Uzbekistan, with well-preserved historical sites and Islamic architecture  If you are planning for your next travel post-COVID-19, Uzbekistan is highly recommended as your next destination! As travel restrictions slowly ease out, service providers in Uzbekistan will provide facilities that will increase Muslim traveller experience across the country. This makes Uzbekistan a travel destination that should not be missed as Muslim travellers can travel with ease, without worrying about Muslim-friendly amenities since they would be readily available by the time it is safe to travel again. Image Credit: JK Baseer on Unsplash; Samarkand, Uzbekistan.  Not only that, this beautiful country, which is one of the cradles of Islamic knowledge, boasts a great collection of historical monuments and architecture - with strong links to the history of the Silk Road. It is no wonder that Uzbekistan is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Popular cites like Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara are definitely a must-visit for first-timers; you get to explore the different palaces, mosques, historical monuments, and many more, which could definitely help you in understanding the rich history and development of Islam in this country. ...

  • Ibn Sina on Quarantine, Medicine and Pandemics

    Covid-19 represents one of the greatest challenges mankind has faced in the 21st century. Over 10 centuries ago, Ibn Sina, the father of modern medicine and polymath, unlocked the nature of epidemics. He discussed this in his seminal book "The Canon of Medicine". Once, Ibn Sina, who was born in Bukhara, visited another polymath named Al-Biruni at his Urganch academy in Khwarezm. This movie/documentary, released in 1956 by the Tashkent Production Studio in Uzbek, includes a conversation between them on Ibn Sina's views on how to overcome epidemics, how to quarantine, and how to keep the population safe at the time. In this movie clip, we could see how certain measures in place to overcome Covid-19 today, were already emphasized by Ibn Sina over 10 centuries ago. Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, is regarded as the father of early modern medicine. He was also one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers, inventors, and writers of the time. Al-Biruni was well versed in physics, mathematics, astronomy, and natural sciences. He also distinguished himself as a historian, chronological, and linguist. Al-Biruni spent the first twenty-five years of his life in Khwarezm, in the current day Uzbekistan, and made most of his findings in the Urganch Academy.  Both these scientists were the product of the Golden Age of Science in the Muslim lands of that time. The period where exchange and preservation of knowledge flourished. With Muslims discovering paper making technology from China, they revolutionized the transfer of know-how, by writing voluminous books.  Ibn Sina's book "The Canon of Medicine" (القانون في الطب‎) was a multi-volume encyclopedia of medicine used as one of the primary books in the universities up until the 17th century. He wrote the book in Arabic, which was the lingua-franca of the time. This video was produced by HalalTrip in partnership with Uzbekistan Tourism. The movie footage was used with the permission of Uzbekistan Tourism. For more content on Dua(s), Halal food places, and travel ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel: Also, you can visit us on our website or social media platforms for more updates: Website | Facebook | Instagram  Download the HalalTrip app on Google Play or App Store now! ...

  • Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week

    The Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week, which was supposed to be held on the 12-16 March 2020, has been postponed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into consideration the safety and comfort of all participants and travellers, we have decided to postpone this event until October 2020.  This is an unfortunate situation and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Let us pray that the situation gets better and May Allah grant us His mercy and help us to overcome this difficult time. Uniting top-notch specialists from everywhere throughout the world for seven days of occasions planned for empowering the Halal business in the region, Central Asia presents the Uzbekistan's Ziyarah Tourism Week which is the biggest event of the region. Islamic researchers, scholastics and the Halal industry specialists will talk about and enlighten the audience on subjects of the Islamic legacy, the travel industry, finance, architecture, food, modest-fashion style and associated segments at events and sessions in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, facilitated by the Government of Uzbekistan.The renowned speakers hosting the different sessions and conferences come from more than 30 different nations. The gathering will include religious scholars and representatives from driving establishments of the Islamic world, higher educational organizations, scholarly circles, and travel organizations. Some of the esteemed participants attending are Aziz Abdukhakimov who is the Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Usmonkhon Alimov who is the Chairman of the Muslim Board, Fazal Bahardeen who holds the CEO post at CrescentRating and Hon. Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin who is the Mufti of Perlis in Malaysia.Photo Credit: Ziyarah Tourism Week   Key Aspects of The Week Halal Tourism Experts: Significant universal and local specialists will talk about and dig deeper into the advancement in the Halal travel industry and the Halal business. Blueprint for Destinations: The Uzbekistan's Ziyarah Tourism Week that is panned out for seven days will build up a pathway for destinations and feature their Islamic history which will enhance their culture to the Muslim world. Sector Immersion Training: Travel agent representatives, hotel directors and the travel industry partners will be given an increase significant market mindfulness on the Halal travel segment and learn basic client care prerequisites of the Muslim travelers in the travel industry sector. Halal Chef World: This program is intended to be an ability building and enhancing experience and learning venture that provides organized content throughout the course. Schedule for the Uzbekistan’s Ziyarah Tourism Week  Halal Tourism Immersion Training For all experts hoping to dig deeper, comprehend and focus on the developing Muslim travel industry and be guaranteed by the world's driving expert on Halal Travel, CR Academy is the way to go! This institute gives quality preparing and accreditation programs to experts looking to more readily focus on the developing Muslim Travel Market and obtain certifications from the world's driving expert on Halal Travel.  Travel specialists, hotel supervisors and the travel industry partners and stakeholders will increase significant market awareness of the Halal travel segment, learn fundamental client support necessities for Muslim explorers, and get accreditation. Join worldwide specialists in far reaching programs that will furnish you with driving experiences and get you accreditation on Halal travel.Presenters - Fazal Bahardeen (CEO, CrescentRating) who will touch upon the Overview of Muslim Travel Market and Muslim-Friendly Services. Nisha, (Elevated Consultancy) who will speak about Essentials of Customer Service Requirements of Muslim Travelers. Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara Salat Ul-Jumu'ah in the Grand Mosque of Bukhara Photo Credit: falco on Pixabay  Tune in to the adhan given from Bukhara's notable Kalan minaret. This is trailed by the Salat-ul-Jumu'ah at the remarkable mosque of Bukhara – Masjidi Kalan.Address: Grand Mosque of Bukhara, Masjidi Kalan International Ziyarah Tourism Forum 2.0 Photo Credit: Ziyarah Tourism Week This is the official opening ceremony of the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week. With attendees from across 30 different nations, the conference will include respected religious scholars and researchers, along with representatives from driving associations of the Islamic world, higher educational establishments, scholarly circles, and travel organizations. These famous worldwide and local specialists will talk about and explore the improvement and advancement in the Halal travel industry and the Halal sector in Uzbekistan. Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara Islamic Heritage Conference Photo Credit: Rachid Oucharia on Unsplash Since of late, there has been a developing enthusiasm among Muslims in rekindling the rich Islamic legacy of nations across the globe. Central Asia, or Mawarannahr, as it was known as in medieval periods, was once home to thriving focuses of information and knowledge for the Islamic world. Muslim researchers contributed in the fields of science, humanities, medicine, space science and astronomy, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! This would extraordinarily add to human advancement. At the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week, respected Islamic researchers from around the globe will lead panel sessions to talk about Uzbekistan's Islamic history and how to properly elevate and promote destinations that are religious sites. Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara Halal in Travel Conference Photo Credit: falco on Pixabay  CrescentRating, post 2016, has composed a few Halal In Travel gatherings around the globe. Industry experts and suited partners have increased and gained priceless bits of knowledge on how they can reinforce their situation and current standpoint in a segment that is at present worth billions of dollars.At the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week, travel specialists and bloggers will share their perspectives on current patterns in the Halal travel industry. Travel influencers will recount and narrate their encounters and understandings that they have gained while travelling in Uzbekistan. The conversations and suggestions will concentrate on making travel around Uzbekistan open, and particularly catered to Muslim explorers. Address: Sahid-Zarafshon Hotel Bukhara Islamic Architecture and Art Conference Photo Credit: Baqbergen Atabayev on Unsplash  The significant aspects of this conference feature the implication of Islamic engineering and craftsmanship to the world and investigate its impact across various districts. Researchers, students, architects and engineers will examine the subject of how present-day society can profit by traditional Islamic urban architecture and design. Modest-Fashion Show Photo Credit: Raden Prasetya on Unsplash  The Modest Fashion Show segment is where creators, brands, influencers, and purchasers can see the most recent patterns and trends and offer bits of knowledge related to the industry. Tashkent, the capital city, will play host to an energizing blend of developing and well-known fashion designers, in the company of global media, a platform where their hard work can be showcased. Address: The Capital City, Tashkent Halal Chef World Photo Credit: Rene Asmussen on Pexels  Halal Chef World is intended to be a capacity strengthening program for the catering industry. Culinary specialists who complete the evaluation will be granted CrescentRating accreditation in Halal Gourmet Dining. There is an immense range of points of interest for culinary specialists as well. They are given the chance to become familiar with the accepted procedures in Halal culinary aptitudes, recognize Halal ingredients and Halal substitutes along with share and combine recipes from prestigious worldwide gourmet experts. Photo Credit: Fabrizio Magoni on Unsplash  Lodgings and Restaurants get to widen their reach to Muslim voyagers comprehensively and be better furnished with the correct information when considering the needs of a Muslim traveler. They also get an opportunity to carry out branding endeavors and increase exposure of their establishments. Address: Citizen Hotel Tashkent Check out the latest updates for the Uzbekistan Ziyarah Tourism Week here. ...

  • Perform Your Prayers At These Mosques in Uzbekistan!

    Welcome to the land of tranquility and peace, Uzbekistan. Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan has the most amazing desert oasis. Not to mention, its cultural and architectural heritage is also amazing and well preserved. This country is perfect for those of you who crave to experience a journey of the Islamic faith. You can explore its historic mosques, where you can view its beautiful design elements, embrace its heritage and pray in a peaceful serene ambiance. So now, let's take a sneak peek into 6 of the most beautiful mosques in Uzbekistan that you should visit and perform your prayers at:   1) Baland Mosque Image by: dsch1978 on FlickrRegistered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Baland Mosque is a historic mosque located in the city of Bukhara. Bukhara city is a jewel of Uzbekistan where hundreds of historical sites and buildings are protected by UNESCO. Baland Mosque was built in the 16th century and still stands sturdily today. When you arrive at the mosque, you will be greeted with an aesthetic gate. Going further inside the mosque, you will see beautifully decorated mihrabs, interior mosaics, and frescoes. What is nice about this mosque is the fact that it is equipped with two praying rooms adjusted for two seasons; winter and summer. Iman prayers would have the most serene ambiance for their dua and salah in Baland Mosque.   2) Bibi-Khanym Mosque Credit: @yakdm on Instagram Located in Samarkand, Bibi-Khanym Mosque remains as one of the biggest heritage mosques in Central Asia. This enormous mosque was built by a Turco-Mongol Persian conqueror named Timur during his invasion in 1399 to show his love to his wife. Timur then named the mosque after his wife’s name: Bibi-Khanym. In the sahn (courtyard) of the mosque, there are carved verses of the Al-Qur'an on a stone pedestal crafted from ornate marble blocks. There are two tall cylindrical towers (minarets) in the right and left of the main building. The main dome that has a rhombic geometric pattern is dominant with the blue color resembling the surface of a seashell. Adorned with beautiful blue calligraphy streaks on the walls the buildings, Bibi-Khanym Mosque represents the cultural identity of Turkish-Mongol Islam.   3) Chor Minor Credit: @alwayssherr on Instagram Also known as the Niyaz-Kul Khalif Madrasa, Chor Minor is a historical mosque located in the ancient city of Bukhara. This mosque has a unique bizarre architecture design. It was built by a Turkmenistan merchant called Khalif Niyaz-Kul in the 19th century, during the Janid Dynasty. The name of Chor Minor itself comes from the Persian language and it translates to “Four Minarets”, referring to its four unusual blue dome minarets. The elements of its design, architecture and four minarets are believed to be philosophically representative of four religions. The main room of Chor Minor has acoustic properties and the cupola above it makes it perfect for dhikr. It is believed that this mosque is a place where the Sufi perform their ritualized dhikr, singing and recitation, all accompanied by soothing, instrumental music.   4) Kalyan Mosque Credit: @andympics on Instagram The Kalyan Mosque is located inside Po-i-Kalyan complex in Bukhara. Po-i-Kalyan which means “The Foot of the Great” is a complex that was built in the 15th century. Heading back to long before it was built, right during the pre-Islamic era, the complex was a fire worshiper’s central cathedral. Later on in 1514, the governor of Bukhara at that time built this majestic mosque there to compete Bibi-Khanym Mosque. The mosque and the courtyard are separated by a grand rectangular hall called iwan that is beautifully decorated with blue tiles. Kalyan mosque is famous for its peaceful ambiance and size. The whole building itself has 208 pillars and 288 domes, much proof of its grandeur. The most eye-catching part of the complex is its brick minaret, Minâra-i Kalân, also known as the tower of death. This is a place where centuries ago, the criminals were thrown out from the top.   5) Bolo Haouz Mosque Credit: Daniel Mennerich on Flickr Built in 1712 by Abu'l Fayud Khan, Bolo Haouz Mosque is perched on the opposite side of the citadel of Ark, Registan district, Bukhara. The entrance and ceiling of Bolo Haouz are painted and carved with geometric motifs. What makes this historic mosque unique is that it has beautifully carved 40-thin wood pillars. Also, their pillars are 12-meters tall! The pillars hold the summer prayers’ room firmly and it is where tourists usually spend their time praying and take refuge from the heat. Not only does it have a summer praying room, there is also winter praying room in this mosque. There is a pool located just in front of Bolo Haouz which gives it a unique touch. The pool is actually where the name of the mosque was originally derived from because Bolo Haouz which means children’s pool.   6) Juma Mosque Credit: @biguy9431 on Instagram Though this last mosque is widely known as Juma Mosque, its actual name is Khoja Ahror Valiy. This beautiful ancient mosque is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It was established in 819 at the highest point of the Shakhristan Center. The mosque was built by Sheikh Ubaydullo Khoja Akhror and it was named after him. Despite having to go through many huge restorations in the past, this mosque still stands as the third biggest mosque in Uzbekistan, after Bibi-Khanym and Po-i-Kalyan. Three huge domes are painted in soft blue color and are located above the building. If you stand on Juma Mosque’s land, you can view city skyscrapers!    So there you have it! Those are 6 of the most beautiful mosques in Uzbekistan that you should visit and perform your prayers at. Start planning your trip now and visit Uzbekistan, a country of Islamic heritage....

  • Uzbekistan’s 7 Most Extraordinary Mosques

    Muslims who travel to Uzbekistan are in for pleasant surprises at this unique destination. Uzbekistan is also well-known for old, beautiful mosques that are rich with history and culture – you will marvel at the amazing Islamic architecture. Not only are some of these mosques important historic sites, but these structures also reflect the cultural influences of the centuries gone by. Additionally, there is hardly any hassle if you need to find nearby prayer places in Uzbekistan due to the high Muslim population in this travel destination.   1. Baland Mosque, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Picture Credit -   The 16th century Baland Mosque is among the historic mosques that are located in the ancient city of Bukhara – which is also a UNESCO Heritage site. The mosque has two beautifully adorned prayer areas for summer and winter. The Baland mosque’s iwan (entrance) is actually the summer prayer area that is decorated with intricate wooden muqarnas, and the winter prayer room is just as fascinating with impressive mosaics and Islamic architecture.Click here for more information about Baland Mosque   2. Chor Minor, Khodja Nurobobod St, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Picture Credit -   Also known as the Madrasah of Khalif Niyaz-kul, Chor Minor is another historic mosque that is located in Bukhara. This mosque stands out for its unique architecture, with its four blue, ceramic domed towers and was built in 1807 by a Turkmen merchant known as Caliph Niyazkul-Beg. The four towers are decorated with different motifs that reflect four world religions and are designed differently from each other. In fact Chor Minor means ‘four minarets’ in Persian. Chor Minor’s unique shape also features an intriguing hexagonal lobby as well.Click here for more information about  Chor Minor Mosque   3. Po-i-Kalyan, Khodja Nurobobod St, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Picture Credit - Po-i-kaylan is a religious complex consisting of the Kalyan mosque and the Mir-i-Arab Madrasah. This religious ensemble is located at the foot of the Kalyan Minaret which is one of the popular attractions in Uzbekistan, and the name of the religious complex itself means ‘foot of the great’. The ancient Kalyan Minaret consists of a round tower constructed from baked bricks with a spiral staircase, and it was built in 1127 making it the oldest structure in the complex. The Kalyan Mosque was built 1514, and you should not miss out on admiring the impressive traditional architecture which consists of an open, beautiful mosaic entrance and the structure topped with a large blue dome. The Mir-i-Arab Madrasah that is decorated with colorful mosaic tiles was constructed from 1535 to 1536 and is still being used today.Click here for more information about  Po-i-Kalyan Mosque   4. Magok-i-Kurpa Mosque, Mekhtar Anbar St, Bukhara, Uzbekistan This mosque was built in1637 and is another historic mosque in the ancient Bukhara city. The Mago-i-Kurpa Mosque is a two-storey building that consists of twelve domes. The second storey is located almost underground and can be reached by a staircase. The mosque gets its name from the word ‘Magok-i’ that means ‘in the subsoil’, but the mosque is larger than it appears and the main dome can seen quite prominently.   Click here for more information about Magok-i-Kurpa Mosque   5. Bolo Haouz Mosque, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Picture Credit - This mosque is the only that stands in Registan Square that is located opposite the Ark Of Bukhara. Bolo Haouz was built in 1712 and was the official prayer place for royalty, Also known as Baula Hauz, the name of the mosque means ‘The Mosque of the Bala Lake’ – the lake actually referring to the octagonal pool in the courtyard. A minaret was newly added in 1917 too. The wooden columns at the entrance will first grab your attention with its intricate carvings and muqarnas – the decorative iwan is also the summer prayer area. The painted ceiling is especially impressive with its colours and carvings that are influenced by Persian architecture, making this one of the interesting attractions in Uzbekistan.Click here for more information about Bolo Haouz Mosque   6. Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Bibikhonim St, Samarkand, Uzbekistan Picture Credit - A Muslim travel journey to Uzbekistan is a great way to learn more about Islamic historical sites from a different era – like the Bibi-Khanym mosque. It was originally built in 1404 and was among the largest and most impressive mosques during the 15th century – and an important monument in Samarkand. The mosque was built by the ruler, Timur in honour of his wife Bibi-Khanym and pushed the boundaries of architecture all those centuries ago. With the mosque’s decorative bright, blue domes with tall minarets, marble carvings and the large scale of the building, it’s a magnificent attraction to visit. Don’t miss the ancient marble Quran stand that dates back to the original time that the mosque was built.Click here for more information about Bibi-Khanym Mosque   7. Minor Mosque, Little Ring Road, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Picture Credit - The Minor mosque is one of the newer additions on the list that you must visit when you are in Tashkent. The mosque was opened in 2014 and is constructed out of white marble in traditional Uzbek style. This mosque also has a unique circular prayer hall complete with an intricately decorated mihrab too. The exterior of the mosque features two white marble minarets and the main building is topped with bright blue dome – a beautiful sight especially during daytime.Click here for more information about Minor Mosque   How to find nearby mosques in Uzbekistan? Muslim travel to Uzbekistan is much easier with the HalalTrip app that will help you easily locate mosques and prayer places in Uzbekistan. Start planning you trip today! ...

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