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Jarfalla Islamic Center, Stockholm Snapphanev. 244 A Jarfalla Stockholm 163 75 Sodermanland and Uppland Sweden

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08-580 107 65

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All prayers including formal jum'a

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  • Plan To Travel After Covid-19? Here Are 10 Best Road Trips In Europe To Add To Your Bucket List

    Nothing tops an excursion that overflows with extraordinary views, astonishing and breathtaking attractions, time and energy put into spending memorable moments with companions or with your loved ones. A well planned out road trip is a definitive escape that will leave you with a truckload of memoirs you will clutch onto for your lifetime. Traveling across unfamiliar roads is probably the most ideal approach to bond with everyone close to you. It's never too early to start planning for your next travel after Covid-19, especially with many countries getting ready to open up their country for travel.    via GIPHY Before we go into the 10 best road trips that you should add to your bucket list in Europe, here are some worthwhile factors that will make you love road trips specifically!  The flexibility of Road Trips The most evident reason why you ought to opt to go via vehicle is that you do not have to adhere to plans or timetables. Driving additionally gives you the adaptability to change your agenda and stop at any place en route. Gather together with your Friends Once we get to the `adults` phase of life there are instances where we put some distance between the companions we grew up with or went to school together in light of the fact that we are now excessively engrossed in our own family lives or work lives. A road trip is an ideal reason to discuss everything with your buddies that you used to share when you were younger. The Experience Trumps it all Prior to heading out for a road trip, try not to jot down every last detail of the plan. Your main aim would be soaking up as much as you can of touring the countryside. Attempt to maintain a rule to refrain from asking questions like "Have we reached?" or " How long more?". Ensure that your trip consists of all the pleasant conversations, turning the volume of the radio to its peak, the scenic views, and all that a road trip has to offer! Be Safe than Sorry In an ordinary scenario for any road trip, to be better prepared, you would pack filtered water, snacks, sufficient clothing and a first aid kit. However, given the way that the world is currently recuperating from Covid-19, be sure to take with you essential items for hygiene, for example, hand sanitizers to cleanse your hands, sterilizing wet disposable wipes, dispensable gloves, plastic bags and tissues.   One of the best ways to travel around Europe is to go on a road trip as it can be cost-effective and reasonable if planned right. Even though taking a flight appears to be the convenient way out and spares you a ton of time, they can be over-the-top expensive. The preferred option would be to drive in Europe to explore new places if you are the type who loves to breathe in the fresh air outside, appreciate beautiful and scenic views and go along the type of routes that gives you an Instagram-worthy picture. Driving in Europe has proven to be far simpler with the approach of GPS gadgets. All you need is a smartphone and you are all set to go! Here are 10 of the best road trips Europe has to offer!  via GIPHY   1. Scotland Image Credit: Bjorn Snelders on Unsplash; Isle of Skye in Scotland is a must-visit spot! Setting aside the fact that Scotland has a gloomy weather climate pretty much all year long, this spot is noted for its radiant scenic views that changes drastically with the seasons. Scotland vows to be incredibly photogenic and compensating with sights that will blow your mind. If you choose to take this spot as a destination, you can pay a visit and appreciate flawless lakes, grand palaces and enchanting towns. Must-visit spots would be Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Glen Coe, Glenfinnian Viaduct and Scottish Highlands. Circling from Inverness around the north shore of the territory, you can travel a little more than 500 miles and absorb marvelous Scottish scenes en route. Driving through this route gives you the opportunity to encounter ideal Scottish attractions. You can visit the palaces of Dunrobin and Ardvreck and explore the charming Smoo Cave.   2. Norway Image Credit: Lightscape on Unsplash; The Northern Lights in Norway.  Albeit driving in Norway can be generally costly contrasted with other European urban areas, the perspectives that will invite you are likewise unmatched to the remainder of Europe. Visiting Norway will likewise expand your odds of being able to witness the Northern Lights, as you will be given the opportunity to visit portions of Norway that you in any case would not have had the option to by walking! Make certain to stop by at Preikestolen, Bergen, Geirangerfjørd, Ålesund and Lofoten Islands. Norway's fjord and mountain scenes are famous for their stunning magnificence. This would be a call to all nature lovers! Envisioning the miracle you will feel as you look up at forested mountains brimming with enthralling beauty and glancing over polished waterfalls is what makes Norway so exceptional.   3. Slovenia Image Credit: Francisco Ghisletti on Unsplash; Incorporate Lake Bled, Slovenia's famous attraction, in your route!  Road tripping across Slovenia is a journey brimming with routes to waterfalls, lakes and caves that structure and contribute quite a bit towards Slovenia's history. This particular destination is a moderately little nation frequently neglected by voyagers. Slovenia is the perfect European road trip destination simply because of its wide streets that make driving a breeze when navigating. This spot has everything. You name it they have got it! From wonderful mountain ranges, world-class sweets, clamoring urban areas, old Venetian towns along its coast to renowned vacation destinations. Incorporate Lake Bled, Škocjan Caves, Ljubljana, Piran, Lake Bohinj and Julian Alps in your route as well! 4. Italy Image Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash; Venice is definitely a must-visit when you're in Italy! Perceived by numerous tourists as the perfect travel destination (we are not surprised!), Italy screams of lovely scenes, truly rich urban areas with architecture and workmanship going back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, tasty and scrumptious delectables sold along each road you walk which is famous around the globe for their special quality and uniqueness. Due to these aspects, these highlights make Italy without a doubt one of the most fascinating road trip destinations in Europe. Look at the concealed jewels of Italy while hitting all the top vacationer hotspots. Amalfi Coast, Milan, Naples, Tuscany, Venice and Rome are a must-visit!   5. Switzerland Image Credit: Morgan Thompson on Unsplash; Zermatt, Switzerland, a hotspot you don't want to miss!  Switzerland lies in the focal point of Europe yet displays a special mix of societies along with magnificence and productivity. Ever wondered which place the celebrated mountain engraved on each bar of Toblerone originated from? None other than this beautiful hotspot! Watch out for the Matterhorn, in the entirety of its greatness. Be sure to be compensated with astounding perspectives en route! Bern, Zürich, Zermatt, Gruyères and Jungfrau are hotspots you certainly would prefer not to pass up! Switzerland makes it simple for you to love the place without much of an effort. You can choose to stop and enjoy a picnic, overlooking beautiful views while you are cozied up on a mountain top with your loved ones. Have a go at looking at stars in the night sky or walk through Switzerland’s urban areas to get a taste of their local culture.   6. Iceland Image Credit: Adam Jang on Unsplash; Don't miss out on the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach at Vik Island! Up and coming as a bustling traveler hotspot, particularly for those searching out the Northern Lights during winter, an excursion in Iceland rewards you with perspectives on a portion of Europe's most sensational landscape. Be ready to experience clear waterfalls and massive glaciers while you drive through this captivating Nordic country. Attractions like Golden Circle, Vik, Iceland Highlands, Akureyri and Reykjavik will have you drooling for more! Take some time to visit legendary nature spots in North Iceland, such as the "Waterfall of the Gods" and "Peninsula of the Trolls".   7. Spain Image Credit: Neil Martin on Unsplash; Bilbao, a place of interest in Spain, that will not let you down! The Basque Country is frequently neglected by travelers who swarm the better known South of Spain. However, Spain has anything a person on a road trip might be searching for as it has so much to offer! Stupendous beaches, palaces on top of mountains, medieval towns, dazzling design and the absolute most praised eateries on earth. There is a lot to see and do in the midst of the charming scenes that motivated Picasso and Velàzquez. San Sebastian, Bilbao, Picos de Europa and Biarritz are places of interest that will not let you down! It is highly recommended that you devour seafood from the Galician towns. A road trip in this district offer amenities for a vast array of individuals like those who love the beach, family voyagers, music lovers, foodies and those basically needing to dive into Spain's rich craftsmanship and history.   8. Croatia Image Credit: Ivan Ivankovic on Unsplash; Don't miss out on Dubrovnik at Croatia! Croatia is considered to be generally an unexplored corner of Europe. The Balkan locale is incredible for exploring and coming across these shrouded jewels without these visits causing a dent in your pocket. With an abundance of history, social and culinary fortunes and incredible nightlife, the area is highly regarded as a renowned travel hotspot. Blistering summers and cold winters imply that the ideal time to visit is pre-summer or early autumn. Don't miss out on Zagreb, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Bosnia and Herzegovina! 9. Ireland Image Credit: Henrique Craveiro on Unsplash; Stunning sights at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Ireland is a fantasy come true for a road trip thanks to its coastline, enthralling landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. Truth be told, driving is the simplest method to get around, while you get to soak up the scenic views as you drive along. All through your drive, you will find the opportunity to visit mansions and lodges, walk around harbor towns, and hobnob and mingle with the cheery local people. Also, you will be blessed to receive stunning sights on the Irish coast, some of which are the Cliffs of Moher, Ahill Island and the Aran Islands. Views, history, culture, clamoring cosmopolitanism and the tranquility of town life will not disappoint you one bit! I am sure you would not want to pass up the opportunity to visit gorgeous attractions.   10. The Scandinavian Triangle – Sweden, Denmark & Norway Image Credit: Robert Bye on Unsplash; Begin your road trip journey in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Sweden, Denmark and Norway, otherwise known as the Scandinavian Triangle, is a great road trip opportunity to absorb the charms of the locale. In spite of the fact that these are three distinct nations, you can without much of a stretch drive through the south of Sweden, eastern Denmark and southern Norway in a circle over a couple of days. It will not take you long to succumb to the Scandinavian Triangle, due to it consisting of the Baltic coastline and the rich landscape which is bound to leave you speechless. The ideal spot to begin your Scandinavian road trip journey is in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Subsequent to making the most of the city's Old Town, Royal Palace and the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, drive south along the coast towards Denmark. In transit, you can appreciate and look out for southern Sweden's medieval towns and palaces.   Make certain to be ensured that arranging a road trip in Europe will be one of the most fulfilling and memorable holidays you will take in the course of your life. Start planning your road trip around Europe now!  via GIPHY...

  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Holiday to Stockholm

    Stockholm, Sweden’s wonderful capital is one of Northern Europe’s most exciting destinations. Ethnically diverse, modern yet rich in history, dynamic and naturally stunning. Surrounded by a number of islands, Stockholm is a city that needs to be on every travel addict’s bucket list. The city is architecturally stunning. This city is incredibly clean, its public transport is superb, its setting by the water is picturesque, and its people are extremely friendly. Home to incredible attractions for visitors of all ages - UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Michelin starred restaurants, charming streets, scenic spots and everything else one could ask for when picking a holiday spot. Stockholm has definitely become one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe! If the above reasons haven’t quite convinced you yet, we’ve listed 7 great reasons as to why the Scandinavian city needs to be the destination of your next vacation. By the end of it, we’re pretty sure you’ll be more than ready to pack your bags and head to Stockholm real soon! ;)   1. Gamla stan Picture Credit: What better way to understand Stockholm’s fascinating history than to visit the place it all began, back in 1252! One of our top reasons to visit Sweden; the city’s Old Town or Gamla stan houses some of Stockholm’s oldest buildings and streets, and also a number of points of interest that cannot be missed. This small island in the Stockholm Harbour is so incredibly magical, one visit and you’re sure to fall in love! The location of many of the city’s attractions, such as the Royal Palace; which is one of the largest palace’s in the world, Stockholm Cathedral; Sweden’s national cathedral, the Nobel Museum and Stortorget; known to be the oldest square in Stockholm, it is no surprise that this wonderfully preserved medieval city is so famous. The Old Town also has numerous note-worthy restaurants and cafés, and some great places to shop. Its labyrinth of narrow winding cobblestone streets and tiny alleys are meant to be explored, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised every corner you turn! And when paying the Royal Palace a visit, don't miss the 40 minute long changing of the guard ceremony and parade!   2. Djurgården Picture Credit: Djurgården Island, in the heart of Stockholm, is unlike any other place in the area and is thus one of the city’s foremost attractions. This tranquil green oasis is a favourite spot amongst locals and tourists alike for all the diverse recreational opportunities it offers, and attracts millions of visitors every year for numerous reasons. Home to some of the city’s most famous museums and galleries, historical buildings and monuments, stunning green spaces and beautiful parks, great waterside walking paths, and even an amusement park. Djurgården is the ideal place to experience endless fun outdoors. The Vasa Museum, the Nordic Museum, the Skansen, Isbladskarret, Gröna Lund, and Junibacken in Djurgården, are just a few of its key attractions that will definitely complete your visit to Stockholm!   3. The Vasa Museum Picture Credit: Stockholm may be home to a plethora of historic buildings and museums, but one attraction you cannot leave without seeing is the sensational Vasa Museum. One of the most popular locations in Sweden, the Vasa Museum sees over a million visitors each year, and is known to have been visited by over 25 million people since its opening. The maritime museum is dedicated largely to its most prized possession, a national symbol that represents Sweden’s Great Power Period; the Vasa ship. The 17th century Swedish warship was built on the orders of the King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus, and sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Today, visitors come from across the world to see the impressive salvaged warship, to learn all about its Viking history and to take in the numerous models and exhibits focusing on it. Offering a unique Swedish experience, the Vasa Museum is a must-include in every visitors itinerary. Address: Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, SwedenContact: +46 8-519 548 80Website:   4. Skansen Picture Credit: Founded in 1891, Stockholm’s Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world. The museum is one of the best ways to learn all about Swedish history and to meet some Nordic wildlife too! Visitors can expect to explore the history of Sweden and discover what the everyday lives of the Swedes was like, before our time. The museum is a miniature version of what Sweden was; with a collection of Scandinavian homes, historical buildings, and farms from all over the country. Visitors will even come across people dressed up in period attire, and numerous informative displays, and don't miss the opportunity to experience famous Swedish traditions, like Midsummer being celebrated here. There are also some great cafés and shops here, along with an aquarium, a zoo and a play area for children. Transporting visitors back to the past, the Skansen is said to attract over 1.3 million visitors each year. Address: Djurgårdsslätten 49-51, 115 21 Stockholm, SwedenContact: +46-8-442 82 00Website:   5. Östermalms Saluhall Picture Credit: If you’re a foodie, (and really, who isn’t!?) this one just might sell you on Stockholm and its magnificence! Östermalms Saluhall or Östermalm's Market Hall is one of the world’s best food halls and has been a premiere tourist attraction for over 130 years. The famed indoor food market is a great place to experience the best of Swedish cuisine. No matter what the weather is like outside, the market is always warm and cozy, and incredibly aromatic, making it the perfect place to go on a gastronomic adventure in Stockholm. It boasts numerous restaurants, cafés and food stalls, and while none of them are Halal certified, Muslim visitors will be able to find countless seafood and vegetarian dishes, free of alcohol, to sample. There are also a variety of packed Swedish items meant to be taken home, from lingonberry jam, to smoked fish, to a variety of salads and a selection of Swedish delicacies and treats. One of the best ways to really discover a place’s culture is through its food, and what better place to do that in Stockholm than at Östermalms Saluhall! Yum! Note: Although it has been reported to be permanently closed on Google, the Östermalm's Market Hall is still operating at a temporary place while the main building is under renovation. Address: Östermalmstorg, 114 42 Stockholm, SwedenWebsite:   6. Fika! Picture Credit: Fika is an important term in Sweden’s culture. With the basic meaning ‘to have coffee’, it is so significant to the Swedes that they choose not translate it. More than just having a cup of coffee, which is often accompanied by a sweet pastry, cake or Swedish treat, fika in Sweden is a way of life. It is a tradition that is enjoyed by its locals no matter at what time of the day, with friends or family, in a cosy café or even at home. Taking a fika break occurs numerous times a day, and it is therefore no surprise that the Swedes are actually some of the biggest coffee drinkers in the world! We don’t know about you, but boy would we like to partake in some fika! ;)   7. It has thousands of islands to discover! Picture Credit: StefanoRomagna, Stockholm’s 30,000 island archipelago cannot be described. From spectacular islands home to boutique hotels and posh communities to those uninhabited, to islands boasting stunning sandy beaches, and those covered in woodland; that spill into the Baltic Sea, and a variety of activities from kayaking to fishing and biking, the Stockholm archipelago is sure to keep visitors mesmerized for days! Just a 20 minute boat ride from the city, there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered! So what are you waiting for!? *Insider tip: If you’re staying in Stockholm for a few days and plan to explore the best of it, buy a Stockholm Pass. Not only will it give you access to a number of the city’s museums and attractions, but also its public transportation. The pass is also a great way to ensure you don’t spend hours standing in queues outside of the city’s top tourist spots; instead you get to skip the long lines and have longer to spend at the attraction itself! If you’re looking to enjoy a Halal holiday in Stockholm, there are in fact a few Halal restaurants and mosques. Due to the small Muslim community in Stockholm, finding these places won’t be easy, but will be possible. The HalalTrip Mobile app is therefore the best and most convenient way to find mosques and prayer places in Stockholm. Also with the help of the app, you will be able to find Halal food in Stockholm, as well as the city’s other must-visit attractions and more. Download the Halal Trip app to look for more Travel guides and attractions....

  • Avrupa’da Aileler İçin En Uygun Tatil Ülkeleri

    Seyahat etmek, nitekim Dünya’nın en güzel hislerinden birisidir. Farklı ülkeler, o ülkelerin farklı kültürleri, yeni insanlarla tanışmak ve dahası seyahat etmenin en güzel yanlarının başında gelir. Bu durum aile ile yapılıyorsa her zaman biraz daha ince düşünme ve planlama gerektirir. Hele ki bir ebeveynseniz, çocuklarınızın eğlenmesi sizin için tatilin en önemli konularından birisidir. Tabi bunların yanı sıra sizin de eğlenmeniz de es geçilmemesi gereken bir noktadır. Gideceğiniz yerin neresi olduğundan ziyade, çocuklarınızın kaliteli vakit geçirmesi için biraz fazla ince eleyip sık dokumanız gerekecektir. Evet, biraz telaşlandığınızı görüyorum. Sizin yerinize biz düşündük, şimdi arkanıza yaslanın ve sizin için hazırladığımız bu keyifli listeyi okuyun. Kaynak: İşte aileniz ile gezebileceğiniz Avrupa ülkeleri;   1.DANİMARKA Danimarka’da çocukların dikkatini çekecek en önemli yerlerden biri Legoland Billund.7 ayrı bölümden oluşan Legoland, minyatür bir şehirden oluşuyor. Parkta su oyunları ile ilgili birçok aktivite olduğu için yaz sezonunda gitmeniz çocuğunuz için faydalı olacaktır. Burası aynı zamanda her yaş grubunda çocuğa hitap etmektedir. Bunun dışında Kopenhag’da Guinness World Record Museum tavsiye ederiz. Burada Dünya’nın en büyük ve en küçüklerden oluşan sergileri muhakkak deneyimleyin. Aynı zamanda Kopenhag’ın denizinin dalgasız ve güvenli oluşu sizin içinize bir nebze su serpmekle birlikte çocuğunuzun da keyifle yüzmesine katkıda bulunacaktır. Ufak bir bilgilendirme Kopenhag’ın şehir merkezinde birçok alan trafiğe kapalıdır. Çocuğunuz bu alanlarda özgürce dolaşabilir.   2.PORTEKİZ Kaynak: Eğer çocuğunuzun birazda olsa denize merakı varsa Portekiz kesinlikle gitmeniz gereken destinasyonlar birisi. Lizbon şehrinde mutlaka Lizbon Okyanus Akvaryumu görmeniz gereken yerlerden sadece biri. Aynı zamanda Sualtı Müzesini de gezmelisiniz. Eğer ailece vakit geçirmekten hoşlanıyorsanız Lizbon’a 40 dakika uzaklıkta olan Pena Sarayını ziyaret edebilirsiniz.   3.AVUSTURYA Picture Credit - Avusturya’nın başkenti olan Viyana müziksever çocuklar için farklı deneyim sunuyor. Viyana sokaklarının hemen hemen her yerinde klasik müzik esintileri var ve bu sizi ve çocuğunuzu dinginleştirecektir. Bildiğimiz gibi, her çocuk masal sever. Viyana bu doğrultuda bize Sisi Müzesini karşımıza çıkarıyor. Çocuklarınızla birlikte müze ziyaretlerinden zevk alıyorsanız birkaç önerimiz daha var; Doğa Tarihi Müzesi ve Saray Arabaları Müzesi. Salzburg’ta bulunan oyuncak müzesi çocuk sinemaları ile çocukları, antika oyuncukları ile de yetişkinlere farklı bir deneyim sunuyor. Aynı zamanda eğlenceli olan bu şehir sizi hem eğitip hem eğlendirmeyi vaat ediyor.   4.İTALYA Kaynak: İtalya’nın Verona kentinde bulunan Gardalad, şehrin önemli eğlence oyun parklarından biri. Garda Gölünün kıyısına kurulmuş olan bu park hem doğayla iç içe hem de içerisinde su parkları, akvaryumları ile çocukları farklı bir deneyim fırsatı yaratıyor. Eğer İtalya’yı hem siz merak ediyorsanız hem de çocuğumuz eğlensin istiyorsanız Verona’ya göz atmanızı tavsiye ederiz.   5.İSVEÇ Kaynak : www.junibacken.seİ sveç’te bulunan Stockholm bilindiği üzere yaşam kalitesi sebebiyle Avrupa’nın en yaşanabilir kentlerinin başında geliyor. Burada rotanızı ilk olarak Junibacken Çocuk Müzesine çevirmelisiniz. Bu müze adeta bir masallar diyarını anımsatacak size. Çocuğunuz burada keyifli vakit geçiriyorken sizde bir kahve molası verip ve yanında güzel bir  Chakladboll (bir tatlı) ile zamanınızı geçirebilirsiniz.   6.KIBRIS Kaynak : Her zaman çok uzaklara ya da biraz daha yorucu tatillere gitmek yerine bize biraz daha yakın yerlere gitmek isteriz. İşte bu doğrultuda karşımıza Yavru Vatan Kıbrıs çıkıyor. Hem yaz aylarında hem bahar aylarında, her haliyle güzel. Hem tarih kokan yapısı hem de sahildeki restaurantlarında keyifli zaman geçireceğinizden eminiz. Eğer burada bir tarih turu düşünüyorsanız, Girne’de bulunan St. Hilorian Kalesi ve Bellapais Manastırı sizin için uygun olacaktır.   7.ALMANYA Eğer ailecek bir lunapark meraklısı iseniz, adrenalini biraz olsun seviyorsanız kesinlikle önerimiz Rust kentinde bulunan Europark! Avrupa’nın ikinci en yüksek roller costerı Silver Star macera seven aileler için farklı bir deneyim sunuyor. Bu parkın içinde aynı zamanda pek çok Avrupa ülkesini de deneyimleyebiliyorsunuz. Nasıl mı? Parkın içinde farklı Avrupa ülkelerinin isimleri verilmiş sokaklar mevcut ve bu sokaklarda o şehirlerin yemeklerini yerken aynı zamanda manzaraları da seyretmek bir taşla iki kuş vurmak olacaktır. 8.İSPANYA Kaynak : Eğer deniz, kum, güneş üçlüsü istiyorum ve aynı zamanda bir Avrupa ülkesi olsun istiyorsanız İspanya’nın Barselona kenti tam size göre. Burada bulunan plajların hepsi çok güzel ve aynı zamanda her zevke hitap ediyor. Eğer yeme içme merakınız var ise tapas ve şarap kültürü sizi etkileyecektir.  Ailecek futbolu seviyorsanız Camp Nou’yu ziyaret etmenizi tavsiye ederiz. Bunların yanı sıra PortAventura eğlence parkı ve resort oteller Barcelonayı aileler için uygun kılıyor. Not: Tapas, İspanyol mezelerinin genel adı.   9.İNGİLTERE Çocuklarınız başkent Londra’da Hamley’si keşfediyorken sizde Camden Market’si keşfedebilirsiniz. Tabii vakit sizin pek önemli değilse. Hamley’s aynı zamanda hem çocuklar hem de sizin için inanılmaz bir deneyim olacaktır. Çünkü 50 bini aşkın bu mağaza çocukla çocuk olmak için güzel bir yer. Bunların yanı sıra, Dünya’nın en eski hayvanat bahçesinin bulunduğu Londra Hayvanat Bahçesinde keyifli vakit geçirebilirsiniz.    10.FRANSA Genellikle aşk tazelemek için gidilse de Disneyland Paris hem sizin hem çocuğunuzun bir numaralı gözdesi haline geliyor. Tüm çizgi film karakterlerinin bulunduğu bu park başkent Paris’e 1 saat uzaklıkta. Disneyland aynı zamanda içerisindeki konsept otel olan Şato Otel’i de içerisinde barındırıyor. Bir diğer büyük eğlence parkı olan Parc Asterix zamanınızı güzel geçirmekte size eşlik edecektir...

  • Best Muslim-Friendly Places to Travel in 2018 by Month

    A new year brings new beginnings and opportunities – and a reason to create a new travel bucket list with dream destinations to visit. There is nothing more exciting than exploring a fascinating destination and experiencing a new culture. These perfect destinations to visit for each month of the year are not only ideal for Halal holidays, but for unforgettable travel experiences too.   Top Muslim Holiday Destinations – Halal holidays 2018   January – Cape Town   Kick off the new year in Cape Town, South Africa! The Cape Town summer is ideal for fun activities such as swimming and to spend a day at the beach as well, so don’t miss out on Camps Bay or Boulder’s Beach. January is also very lively with festivities that include music festivals and outdoor cinemas – so you won’t be bored at all. Don’t forget to take a cable car ride up Table Mountain and appreciate the region’s magnificent scenery either. Cape Town is one of the best holiday destinations for Muslim families too, with numerous Halal eateries and cuisines – and entertainment for everyone too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Cape town Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Cape town   February – Maldives   White sandy beaches framed by the sparkling blue-green ocean and fine weather – these are just some of the reasons to visit Maldives in February. You can enjoy the best of water sports, snorkeling, diving and island hopping to name few thrilling activities. The Maldives is also ideal for big Muslim travel groups where you can stay at gorgeous Halal-friendly accommodation with amazing ocean scenery – and easily find Halal food near you.   Find nearby Halal food places in Maldives Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Maldives   March – Morocco Travelers can enjoy the warm sunshine and chilly nights in Marrakesh or the cooler climate in Casablanca during spring in Morocco. Marrakesh is an interesting cultural hub where you can marvel at some beautiful architecture. Some top attractions to see include Jardin Majorelle and Koutoubia Mosque, and don’t forget to drop by the souks in Medina either. If you visit Casablanca, do explore the museums and galleries, including interesting historical places such as the Hassan II Mosque and La Corniche. Morocco is a great destination for Halal holiday vacations, and where you can easily locate Halal restaurants –the local cuisine is amazing too. Find nearby Halal food places in Maldives Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Maldives   April – The Netherlands   What could be more beautiful than tulips in the springtime? Visit the Keukenhof in Lisse to experience this truly spectacular scene in April. Whether you spend all day walking through the winding streets or decide to take a canal cruise and admire the old buildings – you will appreciate this charming, colourful city soon enough. Do visit the famous historical spots such as the Anne Frank Museum or the famous Rijksmuseum research library. Another intriguing city to visit is Rotterdam, where you can see Erasmus Bridge and the famous Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Finally, you can locate Halal eateries with no issues in the main cities, and the country is home to different cultures too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Netherlands Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Netherlands    May – France There is nothing like spending spring in Paris where you stroll through the streets visiting famous galleries, museums and fascinating historical landmarks. Paris is also a shopaholic’s haven too. From The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral to the Arce de Triomphe – France has a rich history. The cities of Nice, Lyon and Bordeaux are worth a visit too. France does have some of the most Muslim friendly cities in Europe including Paris where there is no shortage of delicious Halal eateries to try out.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in France     June – Sweden   Atrip to Sweden in June is when you can enjoy the wonderful Swedish summer, during which the sun shines for 12 hours – the longest days of year for the country. Sweden is breathtakingly beautiful with lakes, lush green scenery framed by mountains and is also famous for the reindeer herds in the Lapland regions. Nature lovers can take a ferry ride to Djurgården Park to experience the Swedish landscape. The capital city, Stockholm has a rich history with interesting tourist attractions and museums to visit – don’t miss Drottningholm Palace and the Vasa Musuem. Some of the most Muslim friendly cities in Europe are in Sweden, where you can easily find prayer places and mosques near you –including Halal restaurants as well.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in France     July – Kenya   If exciting adventure is your thing, visiting Kenya in July is just perfect. Nature lovers will get the opportunity to see wildebeest and zebras crossing over from Tanzania – so going on a safari for amazing wildlife encounters is the best thing to do. You can also observe all kinds wildlife gathering around watering holes and visiting places such as the Nairobi National Park is a rewarding experience. The colder climate is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking too. Kenya quite Muslim-friendly and it won’t be hard to find Halal food near you or mosques either.   Find nearby Halal food places in France Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Kenya      August – Malaysia   The fine weather during this time is perfect for outdoor activities and island hopping – ideal to plan beach getaways to Tioman Island, Redang Island or maybe a trip to Borneo. Langkawi is another fascinating place to visit for nature and wildlife lovers. Kuala Lumpur is also a great spot for shopping and it’s a great time to take a city tour to explore the famous attractions of the city. The famous Batu Caves is also another famous attraction that you cannot miss. Malaysia is an ideal budget travel destination in 2018 and is also perfect for Halal holiday vacations – locating Halal restaurants and prayer facilities is quite easy especially in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.   Find nearby Halal food places in Malaysia  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Malaysia   September – Germany   Travelers who would like to have Halal holidays in Europe should consider an exciting trip to Germany. This is where you can explore Muslim friendly cities in Europe such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But Germany has many interesting attractions and historical landmarks that you cannot miss – Brandenburg Gate, Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral and so much more. Autumn starts around September, so the cities and countryside look especially beautiful where tourists can enjoy the pleasant weather too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Germany Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Germany   October – United States   This travel destination is one of the best places to enjoy autumn – especially in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. You can also find Halal and Muslim-owned restaurants in these states as well. When in New York, do visit Central Park or drop by the Statue of Liberty or if you prefer to visit San Francisco, don’t miss out on Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge. Chicago is just as interesting with the Field Museum of Natural History and many galleries that are worth checking out Find nearby Halal food places in the United States  Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in the United States   November – Japan   The fall season in Japan is when you will get to see beautiful autumn foliage and enjoy cool-crisp weather. Visit parks or gardens in Tokyo and other main citiess to take nature’s beauty – or even take hike in Kamakura. But Japan also has some major attractions you cannot miss such the 17th century Tokyo Imperial Palace or the Shinjuku National Garden. Shopaholic should also drop by Ginza and Akihabara where you can get almost anything. There are a fair amount of Halal eateries in the main cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. But if unsure, always inquire if Halal food is served or if non-Halal ingredients are used before placing orders. Find nearby Halal food places in Japan Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Japan   December – Dubai Dubai is exceptionally festive during December with so many events taking place, with the city getting ready for Christmas. People are also looking forward to the New Year celebrations and the impressive fireworks displays that start at midnight. Dubai has been among the most popular holiday destinations for Muslim families. Experience everything from thrilling amusement parks such as Aquaventure Waterpark to the observation deck of Burj Khalifa. You can shop until you drop in Dubai since the city is a shopaholic’s haven with spots such as The Dubai Mall and Mall Of The Emirates. Travelers can also taste a variety of cuisines at numerous Halal cafés and restaurants – finding Halal food and prayer facilities is very easy too.   Find nearby Halal food places in Dubai Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Dubai For a more Muslim-friendly experience during your exciting travels, have a look at some excellent Halal-holiday holiday packages or book Halal Hotels for a hassle-free vacation.       ...

  • Muslim’s Guide to Shopping in Sweden

    Planning on travelling or moving to Sweden? Here's your Swedish shopping guide!   Sweden is a great place to visit and live in. It is one of the most Muslim-friendly countries in Europe, and has a rising population of Muslims; the most recent consensus puts the proportion of Muslims at around 6%. Going on a Muslim-friendly trip to Sweden is very possible, but you might need to do a little bit of research beforehand to keep yourself prepared. Let's start off by giving you this Muslim's guide to shopping in Sweden:   1. Clothes Shopping in Sweden   When it comes to fashion, you might have a little trouble finding Islamic clothing shops in Sweden that cater to Muslims specifically. But the good news is, Swedish fashion is big on layering and not too focused on showing skin. So you will be able to find good pieces of clothing like loose tops, long pants, coats, etc. that you can mix and match to create the perfectly trendy modest wear outfit.     Credit - Giphy   Here are some of shops and stores in Sweden where you find awesome clothes that are fashionable and affordable:       H&M   Picture Credit -   Of course, everyone's heard of the global fashion giant H&M, but did you know that it is a Swedish company? H&M is a great place to go shopping in Sweden for Muslim-friendly clothes, and if you're in the mood for some retail therapy, you never have to worry about finding nearby shopping places in Sweden because H&M has a total of 150 storefronts throughout the country! You can find the nearest one through their website or shop online.   Total 150 stores. Website:       Monki   Picture Credit  -   Monki is another popular clothing store in Sweden where you can find Muslim-friendly clothing. They have a good collection of stylish clothing of all types. Monki has 13 retail locations in Sweden, and also an e-commerce platform.     Total 13 stores. Website:       Online Shopping   If you are looking for Islamic clothing shops where you can buy traditional-style Muslimah attire, then you can turn to online shopping, because there are plenty of e-commerce stores with worldwide shipping that fulfils the needs of modern Muslimahs in Europe. Here are a few of them: Nabira Call Center: (+33) 1 84 200 380 Website: MyBatua Website: Modanisa Website: Customer Service: 0850 333 64 72 Inaya Website:       2. Shopping Malls in Sweden Sweden has plenty of large shopping malls that are great places to buy a variety of items from different shops and brands in one location. Many of them are also great for visiting with friends, family and kids for not only shopping but food and entertainment as well. Here are some of the most famous shopping complexes in Sweden:     Credit -     Mall of Scandinavia   Picture Credit -   This massive mall is situated in the town of Solna and is easily accessible by train. This is one of best shopping malls in Sweden not just for some retail therapy, but also to bring people with you. The mall has a cineplex where latest movies are streamed, it has a supermarket where you can get all your groceries, a food court (please check with individual outlets about Halal food) and play areas to keep the little ones occupied.     Address: 2 Stjaerntorget, Solna 169 79, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 400 080 00     Nordby Shopping Center   Picture Credit -   The Nordby shopping centre is situated in Stromsand in the Swedish countryside, right near the border of Norway, which is why you'd probably see more Norwegians here than Swedes. There are two large grocery stores in Nordby, along with many shops selling everything from clothes and beauty products to furniture and décor. But it is almost always crowded, arrive early if you want to avoid the hordes of people!   Address: Nordby kopcenter, Stromstad 452 70, Sweden. Phone: +46 526 407 90       Emporia Shopping Center   Picture Credit-   This is the biggest mall in Malmo and is and definitely a place to check out if you're looking to find cheap shopping places in Sweden. The mall houses two supermarkets, plenty of play areas, and a variety of shops where you can buy things at affordable prices.   Address: 19 Hyllie Boulevard | Annetorpsvägen, Malmo 215 32, Sweden. Phone: +46 40 36 36 00     Gekas   Picture Credit -   Described often as the “shopping Mecca of Sweden”, you know this is definitely a place you cannot miss out on. There are two reasons to why this is one of the best shopping places in Sweden: 1. It has everything you could ever want (and some things you didn't even know you wanted), and 2. everything is extremely cheap!   Address: Danish Road 13, 310 60 Ullared, Sweden Phone: +46 346 375 00     Here are a few more notable shopping malls in Sweden:   Kupolen Shopping Center Address: Crn of highway 50 and 70., Borlange, Sweden. Phone: +46 243 24 84 44   Taby Centrum Address: Marknadsvagen 15, Taby, Sweden.   Erikslund Shopping Center Address: 17 Krankroksgatan, Vasteras 721 38, Sweden. Phone: +46 21 448 01 40     3. Department Stores in Sweden If you are looking for the best Stockholm shopping outlets where you can buy a variety of stuff in under one roof, but don't feel like going through the hustle of walking through a crowded mall and visiting shops one by one, then Sweden's department stores are the answer to your prayers. Here are a few of Sweden's most famous department stores:   Nordiska Kompaniet (NK)   Picture Credit   NK is a more luxury-focused department store that has branches in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The prices might be a little steep here, but the quality of the products is unmatchable.   Address: (1 of 2): Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 762 80 00 Website:     Ahlens   Picture Credit -   Ahlens is another department chain store in Sweden, but unlike NK, it is one place you can head to for cheap and affordable shopping in Sweden. You can find everything from perfume and makeup to furniture, clothing, and household items.   Total 66 stores. Website:       4. Secondhand Shopping in Sweden There are also plenty of secondhand shops in Sweden where you can find really cool things. Sodermalm is the best shopping street in Sweden for those looking to find treasure in the form of used goods. The streets are lined with a variety of secondhand shops specializing in everything from clothes and vintage CDs to antiques and artwork.     Credit Giphy   Here are some of the shops to look out for:   Emmaus Vintage Shop (All Vintage Items)   Picture Credit -   Address: Peter Myndes Backe 8, Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 744 22 22   Humana Secondhand (Clothes)   Picture Credit -   Address: Timmermansgatan 23, 118 55 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 744 22 22 Websites:   Myrorna (Variety of Items)   Picture Credit   Address: Götgatan 79, 116 62 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 556 033 68 Website:     Rönnells Antikvariat (Books)   Picture Credit   Address: 114 29, Birger Jarlsgatan 32B, 114 29 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 545 015 60 Website:     5. Flea Markets in Sweden Flea markets are a big deal in Sweden, especially in Stockholm. Known as loppis in Swedish, people love flocking to them whenever they get the time. You too can enjoy them with a bit of planning, as they can be a bit unpredictable as to when and where they exist at a certain time. Different loppis run on specific days of the week or at different times of the year. Our advice is to check up on local event websites to get a list of flea markets at the time you are visiting. Here is a couple that runs pretty consistently every year:   Hornstulls Marknad (On Weekends From April to October)   Picture Credit -   Address: 6, Hornstulls strand 4, 117 39 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 76 329 15 95 Website:   Loppmarknaden, Vårberg (All Through The Year)   Picture Credit -   Address: Vårberg Centrum, Fjärdholmsgränd 4, 127 44 Skärholmen, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 710 00 60 Website:     6. Souvenir Shopping in Sweden If you're on a vacation or trip, you might be wondering about what to buy in Sweden to take back home as souvenirs. One way to find unique gifts for those back home or even to have for yourself is to explore the secondhand and vintage shops as well as the flea markets that we've mentioned above. This is where you'll find unique things that are cheap and amazing.   There are also gifts and souvenir shops that you can check out, where you'll find things like wooden knives, Lovikkavantar mittens (famous in Sweden), cheese, artwork, artisan jams, and so much more. Below are a few best shops and stores in Sweden for souvenir shopping.   Indus The Gift Shop   Address: Västerlånggatan 34, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 21 92 92   Gustav Spel & Tobak   Address: Gustav Adolfs torg 8, 211 39 Malmö, Sweden. Phone: +46 40 30 39 33     7. Other Shops and Stores in Sweden   There are also plenty of other opportunities for shopping when it comes to what to buy in Sweden. Here are a few stores that are worth checking out:   Papercut Picture Credit-   Papercut is an amazing stationery and bookstore where you can find all kinds of books (plenty of English titles), cool stationery and magazines.   Address: Krukmakargatan 24, 118 51 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 13 35 74         Design Torget Picture Credit - Design Torget   If you're interested in art and design, Design Torget is a great place to check out. The art here is definitely unique and innovative, and handpicked items are added to the store every week, so you'll know whatever you purchase is one-of-a-kind.   Website:       Grandpa Picture Credit -   Grandpa is the ultimate cool shopping location in Sweden. The hipster store sells a variety of items from clothes, accessories and handbags, to vintage art and furniture. They say their main goal is to inspire people, and that the actual product is more important than the name it carries.   Address: Södermannagatan 21, 116 40 Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 643 60 80 Website:         IKEA   How could we give you a Swedish shopping guide and leave out IKEA? This Swedish furniture giant is famous world over, and it's reached its status by producing trendy, affordable and practical furniture and home goods. And of course, there are plenty of outlets in Sweden, including the largest IKEA store in the world, situated in Skärholmen, south of Stockholm.   Website:   For more shopping guides around the world, check out our travel blog. ...

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