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170, Sadar Bazaar, Agra Cantt, Idgah Colony Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India

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  • 5 Recipes That Went Viral and Took the Internet by Storm

    Scrolling through your social media looking for new recipes that are Halal and fun to try this weekend? Check out these 5 recipes that went viral and took the internet by storm recently. The best part...

  • CelebrATE @ Lau Pa Sat for an Action-Packed Evening!

    Singapore’s famous food street, Lau Pa Sat is finally regaining its hustle and bustle! With the return of tourists and ease of safe management measures, Lau Pa Sat is back to its glory! Opened in 1894,...

  • Where to Find Halal Bubble Tea in Singapore?

    You've decided it's time to grab some bubble tea, and you're still not 100% sure if it's halal. Well, the short answer is yes. Pretty much all bubble tea is halal. So, no worries about looking specifically...

  • Most Visited Countries in Post-COVID Situation

    The rise of COVID-19 and the strict regulations pertaining to the same brought the entire world to a halt. As more and more countries imposed mandatory lockdowns, people had to shelve their travel plans...

  • Top 5 Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Kuala Lumpur or KL is Malaysia's most important commercial and financial center. What might have started as just another Malaysian city has blossomed into a gleaming metropolis that offers its visitors...

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