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  • 10 Best Places To Visit In Turkey After Covid-19

    Turkey has been welcoming tourists all year round and is one of the top destinations for travelers. The Mediterranean climate allows traveling all year round an ideal one. Turkey have so many to offer, be it the sandy beaches and vast seas to scenic nature and the historical sites. This culturally rich country is also a Muslim-friendly destination, allowing you to have a smooth trip where you can explore and enjoy beautiful places as well as practice your faith with ease. Recently, Turkey has slowly eased travel restrictions. It is possible that sooner or later, it would be swarmed with tourists once again. Even though international travel may take some time to recover, it is still never too early to plan for your next destination in Turkey after Covid-19, given that it is home to some of the best places and cities to visit.  If Turkey is your destination, check out these 10 best places to visit in Turkey! via GIPHY  1. Istanbul Image Credit: Adli Wahid on Unsplash; The Famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  Istanbul can never be left out when it comes to Turkey. It is one of the largest cities in Turkey. Despite being a modern city with a European ambiance, it has beautiful architecture and historical sites dated back to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. You can find thousands of mosques in the city, the most famous one being the Blue Mosque. Stand a chance to admire the beautiful architecture and the interior design of the Blue Mosque, unique to Turkey. Image Credit: Zen zeee on Unsplash; Hagia Sophia, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.  After that, take a trip down a historical site, Hagia Sophia, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. This museum used to be a church that was later transformed into a mosque during the Ottoman empire. Preserving historical, religious, and architecture value, expect to see a mixture of Christian and Islamic collections ranging from mosaics to galleries.Once your sightseeing is done, head down to Grand Bazaar. As one of the largest bazaar in the world, you can find a line up of shops and restaurants along the 60 streets. It will be a great time to spend the whole day exploring the streets and discovering goods like clothes, carpets, and souvenirs. We highly recommend adding Istanbul to your bucket list as it is one of the best cities to explore in Turkey, with so much to offer! 2. Cappadocia Image Credit: Soyoung Han on Unsplash; Hot Air Balloons, a popular activity when you're in Cappadocia. Search for Cappadocia, and the result that comes out will be related to hot air balloons! Exciting right? Watch the scenic view from the hot air balloons at sunrise, one of the most popular and must-do activities when you are in Cappadocia!But activities in Cappadocia is not only limited to riding a hot air balloon. You will be awed by the scenic and picturesque views, cave dwellings, and rock formations. Cappadocia offers various hiking trails that you can explore for all of you who crave some adventure. Let me tell you that it is worth hiking at least 1 or 2 valleys to experience the remarkable rock formations, only in Turkey.  3. Göreme Image Credit: Steve Ende on Unsplash; Unique rock formation in Göreme Since we have mentioned Cappadocia, Göreme is another town worth mentioning. Located in the Cappadocia region, you should visit Göreme when you are around the area. Its unique rock formation makes it look like "fairy-chimney', and you get to see people still living in rock houses. This place has also attracted tourists due to rock restaurants and rock hotels, something that you might not experience in other cities. Don't forget to visit the Göreme open-aired museum too! Göreme is definitely one of the best places to visit in Turkey! 4. Antalya Image Credit: Adel Salehi on Unsplash; Enjoy the beautiful waterfall and scenic views at Antalya.  Antalya is one of the popular cities in Turkey, promising endless things to do. From exploring historical sites to exploring sandy beaches with turquoise seas. Even visiting the outlying areas promises you a great experience.Stroll down the streets of Kaleici, also known as Old Town. The labyrinth of streets offers you hotels, shops, and restaurants. The white-washed Ottoman mansions are picturesque that you wouldn't want to miss it. If you can't get enough of sightseeing here, head down to Old Harbor, in what used to be a trading port, but where you can now relax and watch the sun setting over the sea.If you are looking to soak yourself under the sun or enjoying some white sandy beach, Lara beach is perfect for you. There are plenty of water activities to do here as well, like jet-ski and stand up paddleboard. The beach is surrounded by a beach resort, and it can get pretty crowded during the peak season, attesting to its popularity!  5. Ankara Image Credit: Yusuf Belek on Unsplash; One of Turkey's attractions, Anıtkabir.  Despite being the capital city of Turkey, Ankara is considered an underrated city. It is often not included in the top cities to visit. However, this doesn't mean that you should not consider Ankara as part of your itinerary! In fact, it should be on your bucket list given that it is a city full of historical landmarks; its beautiful and chill ambiance will give you a memorable trip. As Ankara is popular with museums, you should give the Anatolian Civilization Museum a visit. This museum features artifacts from archaeological sites. It portrays Turkey's past in chronological order, starting from the Paleolithic Age. Also, take a trip to one of Turkey's attractions in Ankara, Anıtkabir. Once you are done learning about the history, head down to Aqua Vega Aquarium. It is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and Turkey, definitely something that shouldn't be missed. For all of you who love visiting historical sites to gain more knowledge of Turkey's remarkable past, Ankara is the place to be!    6. Bursa Image Credit:  teknolojitasarimci from Pixabay; The Grand Mosque is the largest in Bursa. The historical city of Bursa is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this should be enough to include it in your itinerary! The Grand Mosque is the largest in Bursa, where you can witness the architecture of the Ottoman empire. The twenty domes and two minarets are iconic that you could spot the landmark easily. A ten-minute walk uphill leads you to Hisar gate, the only remaining monument of the Old City Wall. You can also enjoy the best view of Bursa at the top of the wall.Of course, after feeding ourselves with history and knowledge, we should pamper ourselves at the Grand Bazaar. Bursa is known to produce high-quality silk back in the Ottoman empire. If you fancy silk, then you should check out the shops here. Other than that, do check out their dried fruits, cheeses, and honey, which are locally produced, to get a feel of the local food and delicacies in Turkey (yum!). 7. Izmir Image Credit: bugra karacam on Unsplash; Ephesus is a must-visit historical ancient site in Izmir. Izmir is a city much less known compared to Istanbul and Antalya, but it is worth the visit as there are so many things to see! Izmir is best enjoyed by taking a stroll down the docks along the Aegean Sea. Such a relaxing moment can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and a book in hand, just taking in the fresh air.Historical sites like Agora and Ephesus are worth the visit. Agora is an open-air museum remains of the ancient city of Symrna. You can still witness an operating water channel built by the Romans. Meanwhile, Ephesus is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List as it is one of the best-preserved ancient cities. You should definitely visit these sites! 8. Pamukkale Image Credit: T. Selin Erkan on Unsplash; Pamukkale, also known as Cotton Castle. Pamukkale, which means Cotton Castle, also known as Hierapolis, is another part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Search for Pamukkale, and you can see a spectacular view that I'm sure you would want to witness them with your very own eyes. In Pamukkale, you can find natural hot springs which are reputed to be beneficial for health as it contains minerals. The travertine terraces make Pamukkale magical and picturesque. Remember to take lots of pictures here! Since you are already in Hierapolis-Pamukkale, don't forget to visit the Archaeology Museum, which showcases the Roman archeology. For all the history buffs, you will definitely enjoy this museum! 9. Sanliurfa Image Credit: Erkan YILDIZ on Unsplash; Sanliurfa, a city known for its rich history and culture. Sanliurfa, also known as Urfa, is another city that is rich in history and culture. This old city is regarded as a holy city as it is believed to be the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham. The cave, Hazreti Ibrahim Halilullah, where he was said to have been born, is now the Dergah Complex. It is located near the Mevlid Halil Mosque, one of the sacred sites being visited for pilgrimages every year.You can also expect to see the balikli göl, the sacred fish ponds with thousands of carps swimming. You can make your way to Harran too, near Sanliurfa. It is another historical site that used to be a center for culture and knowledge. Many Islamic scholars were born and raised here like Thabit Ibn Qurra and Al-Battani. If you want to learn more about Islamic history, Sanliurfa is the best place to visit!  10. Side Image Credit: Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash; Witness marvelous architectures in Side. If you still don't have the chance to visit Greece or Italy to witness the marvelous architectures, then Side is the perfect solution for you. Side can get pretty crowded during summer as it is an ideal getaway for locals and tourists alike. As Side doesn't only house the Hellenistic and Roman ruins, people do visit to enjoy the white sandy beaches.You can still witness the original Roman amphitheater, which was once a battleground for gladiators. The ruins of the Apollo's Temple stands among the modern houses and shops, providing a picturesque view of ancient and modernity. Don't forget to take lots of pictures for memories!   Turkey is definitely an ideal travel destination for everyone; this beautiful country has so much to offer! Historical sites, fun and exciting activities, as well as the beauty and spectacular views of the country, will surely take your breath away. It's even more convenient to choose Turkey as your next destination as it is a Muslim-Friendly destination! It is easy to find Halal food and you can also carry out your religious obligations with ease. Other than that, Turkey is definitely a perfect place for you to learn and explore Islamic history. Now that we've got our eyes set on Turkey, we're just waiting for the right time to travel after Covid-19!  via GIPHY...

  • Five Female-Only Beach Getaways Every Girl Need

    The time has come, ladies! Say hello to sun tanning by the beach, lounging by the pools, going for a good workout at the gym and winding down at the spa. And did we mention the endless outdoor activities and Halal cuisine all in one place? via GIPHY These female-only beach getaways were simply a dream back in those days. Today, women from all backgrounds, hijabi or not, can now experience being in their element in these female-only resorts and islands. In recent years, the travel industry has catered to the needs and wants of family travelers, solo travelers, and couples and now the time has arrived to cater to the new and upcoming market of women travelers. Image Credit: Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash This is exceptionally exciting for Muslim women who cover and practice modesty the Islamic way. Time to get rid of those nasty hijab tan-lines and let the golden tan spread all over. Female only tourism will allow women to finally experience getaways in a way that could only dream of doing. From mental health, physical health and pure delight, here are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Give Yourself A Good Ol' Beach Getaway. 1. Soak In All That Vitamin D Image Credit: Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash Booking an all ladies experience can be a great time to allow your body to fuel up on Vitamin D. Letting your hair down and tanning in the sun can allow you to get that much needed Vitamin D which maintains the internal and external health of our bodies, from our bones, nervous system, lung system and so much more. 2. Be The Productive You Image Credit: Jacob Postuma on Unsplash We often forget the importance of relaxation, but practicing mindfulness, meditation and relaxation can be great benefits to our mental and physical health. Our busy lives filled with family, work, and responsibility will often strain our bodies and it’s not too long until our bodies start to ache and pain as a way to tell us to slow down, breathe and relax. It is healthier and more productive to relax and enjoy some me-time before you get to that critical stage. 3. Appreciating Others Image Credit: Ifrah Akhter on Unsplash Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or even just your little-self. It is undeniable that this new type of experience will be liberating. It would allow you to bond with sisters all around the world, whilst simultaneously absorbing in some sun, sea, and satisfaction. You can connect with those around you in a different way, without worrying too much about daily life concerns. 4. Invest In The Growing Market Image Credit: Christian Lambert on Unsplash Although, these types of holiday experiences are just starting to appear in the travel market. Muslim ladies showing their interest and appreciation of these types of resorts, spas, hotels, and all-ladies experiences, will allow more to appear all over the world, making them more affordable and accessible for the future. 5. Health Is Wealth Image Credit: Tim Goedhart on Unsplash You may have thought that this experience is a privilege or a splurge but these reasons have shown you why women need to experience halal female-only holidaying. Not only is it healthy for your mind, body, and soul but it’s great fun! It is important to remember this is a relatively new opening in the market and its popularity can only mean we will be blessed with many more options in the future. With that, we have a few recommendations for your next Halal beach getaway! Turkey Angel Marmaris Resort Image Credit: Angel Marmaris It’s not always guaranteed that resorts can offer a strip of beach for women only, often resorts focus on swimming pool and spa experiences. However, Angel Marmaris offer you the natural experience of swimming in the Azure seawater, giving you a chance to come in contact with the natural healing properties of aqua. All the rooms face out to the sea, giving you a beautiful view and depending on your budget, some rooms called villas with private pools are available. The Resort prides itself on not selling Alcohol a huge component to halal-holidaying. Website | Facebook | Instagram Wome Deluxe Image Credit: Wome Deluxe on Facebook A 5-star resort in Antalya, Turkey that includes a women’s only area within the grand resort. Private pools, a private beach, pergola, hammocks, and sun terraces, this option is great for family holidays or mixed group holidays, where the females can sneak off to enjoy women only deluxe me-time then rejoin their children, brothers or other males when they are done for the day. In case you were to forget you were in Turkey, the full authentic Turkish Hammam experience is available for women too! Website | Facebook | Instagram North Africa and the Middle East Sharjah Ladies Club Image Credit: Sharjah Ladies Club Dubai is a touristic Hub and Sharjah a 10 minutes drive from Dubai will transport you to another world. Countless massage, facials, spa treatments are available for every sort of problem you want to be treated. It is a club for people who live in Dubai but they have created tourist packages to allow you to enjoy the gym and fitness classes as well. Website | Facebook | Instagram Europe SuperShe Island Image Credit: SuperShe on Facebook Nestled in Scandinavia near to Finland is an 8.4-acre acre, exclusively private island. This experience is something else entirely with features spas, amenities, saunas, fitness classes, nature activity, farm to table dining and so much more. Supershe describes themselves as a 10 person island with 4 renovated cabins, meaning if you ever wanted to truly feel like you were alone in the world then this is the place to be. Let the Supershe abandoned on island luxury experience begin! Website | Facebook | Instagram Southeast Asia Pooltara Resort Krabi Image Credit: Pooltara Resort Krabi on Facebook Nestled in a rural fertile land of Krabi, Pooltara Resort was initially built as a family vacation home in 1993. Today, the area has evolved into a 10-rai vacation getaway for travelers from all over the world. Operated by women, the resort is surrounded by the trees that were carefully planted and nurtured by the family. At Pooltara Resort, the Halal menu will be specially catered and cooked by the local Muslim community of Krabi for Muslim guests.  Website | Facebook | Instagram via GIPHY There you have it, ladies, there is something for everyone. Now that you’ve been let into this rising holiday secret, go ahead and book what could be the best holiday of your life!...

  • 4 Muslim-Friendly Hotels & Resorts in Antalya

    This classically beautiful coastal city is located on the southwest coast of Anatolia, boarded by the Taurus Mountains. Back in the day it was only seen as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, but now it is a destination in its own right - being the largest city in Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline, the city mixes old world charm and stylish modernism! With white, sandy beaches and old buildings established during the time ancient Greeks were settled there in 200BC, the city has much to offer to the everyday tourist – whether it’s relaxation, a romantic holiday or adventure, this city offers everything. The city was also under the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule, adding to its rich history and culture. Antalya is the tourist hub of Turkey – the biggest international sea resort in the Turkish Riviera. A record of 2.5 million tourists have passed through Antalya in the year 2014. The city has many great resorts and hotels for you to spend your time at while on holiday in Antalya. Almost all hotels and resorts line the coast looking miles away towards the blue Mediterranean Sea. The best part about holidaying in Antalya, Turkey, is that a Muslim friendly holiday is guaranteed as Halal food is served at almost every restaurant and hotel in this city. Your stay at one of these accomadations will definitely keep the likes coming in on your social media accounts! Here are the 4 best Muslim-friendly hotels and resorts in Antalya! Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Antalya Find things to do in Turkey   1. Adenya Hotel and Resort Picture Credit: Adenya is a popular beach resort amongst touristers – this 5 star deluxe resort is worth a visit! Keeping to the Halal lifestyle – they promise to offer a beach vacation that is sure to stay in your heart for a long time to come. Being an all inclusive Halal hotel, no alcohol is served and all meals are Halal. The resort has separate beaches and pools for men and women as well as family pools. They also provide separate prayer rooms so that you can have a hassle free stay without worrying about the right accommodation for prayer. Adenya has a capacity of 289 rooms with 11 different types of rooms; such as suites and De Lux rooms. They also provide rooms equipped to accommodate the differently abled – making sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy a stay at Adenya! They also offer a variety of cafes and restaurants, serving cuisines ranging from the Mediterranean cuisine to the Ottoman cuisine. Take your time in Antalya as you relax at the Lobby Terrace Cafe, accompanied by the local Turkish coffee and head on over to Cafe Keyf for a game of scrabble or chess. Alternatively, spend a romantic evening by the fireplace overlooking the sea and enjoy an intimate dinner at the Taş Ev A'la Carte Restaurant. Address: Fuğla Mevkii. Gölcük Cad. No: 19 07400 Türkler, Alanya, Antalya, TurkeyContact number: (+90 242) 510 22 22Fax: (+90 242) 517 39 40Email: Instagram   2. Adin Beach Hotel Picture Credit: Adin Beach Hotel is 5 star certified hotel – comfort and luxury being their standard, Adin is sure to offer you the beach vacation of your dreams! The hotel has a capacity of 377 rooms, with premium rooms which offer a view of the sea as well as Flora Coral rooms which offer a view of the surrounding flora as well as the sea. If you are looking for a more private and peaceful vacation they offer triplex villas, which have a private pool, private kitchen as well as 24 hour butler service to give you a stress free, relaxed experience. The hotel has a 300 meter long beach which is divided into 3 areas – a private beach for ladies, private beach for men and a common area for families. The hotel beach is a certified Blue Flag site, assuring a clean and safe beach for people to enjoy. The hotel has freshwater pools as well as separate indoor pools for men and women; they also provide a common pool for families. The hotel offers a premium all inclusive concept – alcohol is not served in any of the restaurants and it is prohibited for guests to bring alcohol into the hotel premises. All food and beverages served at the hotel are Halal certified. The Adin restaurant is the hotel’s main restaurant, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with a variety of dishes. There Seljuk restaurant also offers a buffet, while the restaurants Cleopatra, Keykubut, and Damlataş offer snacks. You can get a more personalised experience at any of their three à la carte restaurants, Ottoman à la carte restaurant, Mediterranean à la carte restaurant and the Tex Mex À la carte Restaurant. Address: 07407, İncekum Mevkii, Alanya, AntalyaContact number: +90 242 517 1180Fax: +90 242 517 1204Email: info@adinhotel.comWebsite: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   3. Selge Beach Resort and Spa Picture Credit: This 4 star hotel has a capacity of 719 rooms ranging from economy rooms to deluxe rooms to suites depending on your budget. All rooms offer premium bedding and pillows as well as other amenities such as WiFi. Selge is the ultimate resort to spend your holiday at when you are in Antalya, serving the needs of visitors of all genders. Selge offers private beaches for both men and women, both beaches are 106m long and 80m wide, they also offer a common beach ideal for families. On top of that, this beach resort also offers a beach sunbathing area that is 100% private for ladies. The resort offers outdoor and indoor swimming pools for women, and one outdoor swimming pool for men, as well as a common swimming pool. Along with the Spa and other facilities, they also offer separate Masjids for men and women. The resort has one main restaurant which offers the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. Selge has one à la carte restaurant that specialises in Lebanese cuisine, so if you want to try something different head over to the Lebanese à la carte restaurant. If you are looking to enjoy a small snack, Selge Beach Resort and Spa is complete with six cafes for you to choose from. Address: Kızılağaç Tourism Center Pk.62 - 07600 Manavgat / AntalyaContact number: +90 242 748 72 80Fax: +90 242 748 72 94Email: info@selgebeachhotel.comWebsite: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter   4 . Ramada Plaza Picture Credit: This beautiful boutique style hotel overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from a cliff, where you can indulge in luxury, while enjoying stunning views of the sea and mountains. Ramada Plaza offers a variety of rooms to choose from to suit your every need, ranging from deluxe rooms to suites. Each room has a view of the sea or the mountains. They offer impeccable service, devoted to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing stay at Ramada Plaza. The hotel have both an outdoor infinity pool and a closed pool in the spa. Ramada Plaza also provides sports facilities such as table tennis and air hockey. The breakfast buffet is served at Mood’s restaurant, whilst you can get fusion Italian fare at their à la carte Italian restaurant, Verona. Head over to their à la carte restaurant, Fish Inn, for some of the best Mediterranean seafood at Ramada Plaza Tip: Alcohol can be removed from rooms on request when making the reservation. Address: Gençlik Mahallesi Fevzi Çakmak Caddesi No:22 07100 - Antalya – TurkeyContact number: +90 242 249 11 11Email: info@ramadaplazaantalya.comWebsite: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Are you excited to plan your stay at Antalya?! These hotels should be on top of your list when making a Halal booking. These hotels have made sure to mix in tradition and religion with other state of the art facilities and luxury to offer you a Muslim friendly holiday in Antalya! So pack those shades and sun hats and make sure your phone battery is at 100% - You don’t want anyone missing out on your beach holiday in Antalya, so keep those uploads on Instagram coming! These resorts and hotels are sure to provide you with a fun stay while enjoying your dream beach vacation in Antalya! Book a Halal Hotel Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • 5 Muslim-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations You Never Thought Of

    There are many unique honeymoon destinations for Muslims that may not first cross your mind when deciding where to go for a honeymoon trip. Instead going for the more common destinations, you can enjoy a romantic and unique experience that differs from everyone else’s. The destinations listed below are slowly become more prominent as great spots for a Muslim-friendly honeymoon. Travel Guides For Muslim Travelers - Honeymoon Dreams 1. Turkey Turkey is quickly becoming a top honeymoon destination for Muslim travelers with the country’s rich Islamic history, beautiful architecture and rural scenery. Turkey makes for a great honeymoon trip especially for couples who would enjoy immersing themselves in rich history and culture. Muslim couples can enjoy their honeymoon trip by staying in luxurious accommodation in Istanbul and enjoy the city’s main attractions – that include the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. The coastal city of Bodrum could be your dream honeymoon spot, where several beautiful resorts and villas are surrounded by coastal scenery. With some of the most scenic and beautiful beaches, Antalya is also worth a visit with historical ruins and bazaars too. Better yet, have a romantic and unique experience at Cappadocia by going a hot air balloon ride and taking in the gorgeous mountain scenery, staying in a cave hotel or exploring the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. 2. Philippines  Visiting the Philippines would make a honeymoon trip a romantic and unique experience with interesting and uncommon attractions. Places like Borcay, Palawan, Bohol and Cebu have some of the most gorgeous beaches surrounded crystal clear waters with beautiful coral gardens. In Palawan, El Nido and Coron are some exotic spots that are excellent for snorkeling and diving. Island hopping is another fun experience to try too. There is also some amazing seafood that can be enjoyed at these coastal areas. Baguio City known as the Summer Capital is another great place for a honeymoon trip with its cold climate and natural landscapes. 3. Fiji This exotic island in the Pacific Ocean is popular for serene beaches and tropical beauty. There is no shortage of simple and stylish or luxurious accommodation including several gorgeous ecofriendly resorts to choose from. The capital city, Suva offers an easy going relaxing experience with museums and bazaars to visit. Kula Eco Park is the ideal place for an outdoor romantic and unique experience where couples can enjoy wildlife tours to observe all kinds of flora and fauna. The Sabeto Hot Springs and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant should be visited at least once when passing through Nadi city too. 4. Croatia With many idyllic holiday destinations in Europe, Croatia may not have crossed your mind. From luxurious accommodation with beautiful suites, museums, shopping areas and a choice of restaurants – Zagreb could be your dream honeymoon spot where you can walk around to experience the city. The Zagreb Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Europe that you must visit too. The oldest city in Croatia, Split has a rich cultural history and it is where UNESCO heritage site - the Plitvice Lakes National Park is located too and the formation of the sixteen lakes are considered to be a natural wonder. At Hvar you can take speedboat rides to the Pakleni Islands and enjoy snorkeling and swimming at the beaches. Dubrovnik and Zadar boast of a rich history and natural beauty too with many unique sights to see. 5. Peru Spend your honeymoon in the South American country of Peru if you are looking for a romantic and unique experience. A honeymoon trip in Peru should include a visit to the Andes where you get you see the famed Machu Pichu. The coastal city of Paracas in the south of Lima has a beautiful beach where couples can enjoy the gorgeous sunsets or the romantic star-filled night sky, there are also several types of beautiful resorts and luxurious accommodation to choose from. Boat cruises to the Islas Ballesta is a great way to spend the time observing wildlife and nature. Historical sites such as the Valley of the Incas and the magnificent Colca Canyon are a must visit to complete a romantic and unique experience. ...

  • A Guide to Finding Halal Food in Hungary

    Hungary is home to the spectacular Danube River, historic spa towns, incredible scenery and attractions like no other. Also known for being a treasure trove of architecture, the European country attracts millions of tourists each year. These tourists come from all over the world, including countries that are pre-dominantly Muslim. The main question most of these tourists will wonder is whether they will be able to find prayer facilities and Halal food in Hungary. Read on for the answer! . Islam in Hungary While Hungary is a pre-dominantly Christian country, Islam in Hungary goes back all the way to at least the 10th century. The Muslim population in Hungary grew further in the 16th century, during the Ottoman rule. Although Muslims tourists will not easily be able to locate Muslim-friendly facilities in Hungary, it will not be impossible to find mosques and Halal restaurants in Hungary. Most of the restaurants that serve Halal food in Hungary are however located in Budapest – the country’s capital city. .. Halal Food in Hungary Muslim visitors will be able to locate several Halal restaurants in Budapest, which serve a selection of cuisines, ranging from Egyptian to Turkish to Syrian. Muslim tourists must however be aware that while several restaurants claim to be Halal, they may not be. Hungarian cuisine is renowned for featuring ingredients like paprika and cabbage. Paprika is in fact one of the most commonly used spices in Hungarian food. Visitors to Hungary must try out iconic dishes such the popular Goulash. Most restaurants throughout the country are sure to serve variations of this dish, but Muslim visitors may not be able to try it as it may not be Halal. Muslim visitors could try to find a place that serves a completely vegetarian or seafood version of this dish. If unable to, it is best for them to dine at the Halal certified or Muslim owned restaurants in Hungary. Some well-known restaurants that serve Halal food in Budapest include, Szeraj, Al-Amir, Cairo Café, and Antalya Kebab. Muslim tourists will also be able to prepare their own meals, if cooking facilities are available at their accommodation, as there are a few Halal meat shops in Budapest. More information regarding the best Halal restaurants in Budapest can be found at one of the mosques or Islamic Centers in the city, such as the Budapest Mosque which is located at H-1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 41. Apart from Budapest, small Muslim communities can be found in Debrecen and Pécs as well. ....

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