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Guadalajara, Mexico



Asociación de Musulmanes Mexico Av.Inglaterra #2623 Guadalajara 44600 Jalisco Mexico

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All prayers including formal jum'a

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  • 7 Destinations with the Best Halal Street Food

    Want to experience a city like the locals do? Ditch your dining-at-a-Michelin-starred-restaurant plan, and instead get to know the destination by sampling its cuisine in true local style - right on the streets! 1. Mumbai, India   A photo posted by BE ON THE ROAD (@sankaracs) on Apr 20, 2016 at 7:06am PDT There is no way you can visit India and not try out its renowned dishes, known for their distinct and complex flavors, and mouthwatering aromas. Mumbai is home to street food lanes galore. On these famed lanes, you’ll be able to taste the best of what the city has to offer. Crispy, golden samosa’s, grilled juicy kebabs, flavorful tandoori chicken, chaat, and spicy chicken biryani, are all must-trys. While Halal food is a plenty, give the vegetarian dishes a shot too. They’re so incredibly delicious, you won’t even notice the lack of meat. Trust us! 2. Bangkok, Thailand   Only 10฿/Rp3500 per chop. How I love Bangkok so much! Cheap cheap! Bangkok’s streets are a foodie’s paradise, so it’s no surprise that the city is on this list! Halal food can be found at street food stalls and carts throughout the city. You’ll be able to find famous Thai dishes like, kwayteowphat, chicken rice, beef curry tice, pad thai, seafood tom yum, and khaosoi, and desserts like toasted bread slathered in chocolate, strawberry or kaya, mango sticky rice, glass jelly drenched in syrup, and even fresh fruits of all kinds!  3. Istanbul, Turkey   A photo posted by Sokak Lezzetleri (@turkiyeninsokaklezzetleri) on May 4, 2016 at 2:22am PDT Whether you’ve been to Turkey two or ten times, or it is your first visit, sampling the city’s mouth-watering street food should be at the top of your must-do list. There is in fact absolutely no way you can walk past a doner kebab stall without ordering a kebab or two! Also be sure to try out balık-ekmek; a fish sandwich unlike any other, lahmacun; a turkish-style pizza, the bagel-like sesame-crusted simit, and of course the famous flaky börek.  4. Singapore City, Singapore   Ada yg ngilerrrrr??? Hahaha =D #bugisstreetsnack#singculinary #singaporestreetfood #jajanenak#streetsnack #sausage #fishcake#friedsnack#ngemil#instapic #instafood #foodphotography #foodporn #foodlover #foodpic #foodie #foodlicious #foodlike #makanenak #makanmulu #perutbuncit A photo posted by Fenny Sugianto (@fenny.sugianto) on Dec 15, 2015 at 9:06pm PST Singapore’s food scene has long been drawing in visitors from all over the world. The hawker lined streets, the sights and sounds, truly contribute to an experience in Singapore like no other. While non-Halal street food is quite popular, Muslims will be able to locate quite a number of Halal food stalls in Singapore, as well. Order a portion of fish dumplings, a plate of Hainanese chicken rice or duck rice, or maybe even some famous Singapore chili crab, find a nice spot to sit, eat and relax,and watch the world go by! 5. Marrakesh, Morocco   #baklava #mejorpostre #bestdesertever #comidamarroqui #moroccofood #lamejordeguadalajara #thebestinguadalajara #guadalajara #mexico @morocco_kebab A photo posted by Cata Tiu (@catatiu) on Nov 8, 2015 at 6:43pm PST No matter where you are in Morocco, whether day or not, you’ll be able to find street food stalls selling a variety of food and drinks. Marrakesh’s famed Jemaa el-Fna is however the place to go for a true Moroccan cultural experience. Vendors not only serve well-known dishes like couscous, harira soup, tagines and pastilla, but also things like a complete sheep’s head, a selection of meats and fried fish. Wash your meal down with a refreshing cup of Moroccan mint to, a glass of khoudenjal - a spicy galangal drink - or a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit! 6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   A photo posted by Jessica Le Good (@jessyca.rabbit) on Oct 12, 2016 at 4:39pm PDT Kuala Lumpur is a melting pot of cultures and religions, so the best way to experience the city’s multi-cultural ways, is through its food. With food being a way of life for Malaysians, you won’t have to walk very far to find good Halal street food stalls and Halal food carts. Whether it’s Halal Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern or Malay food you’re craving, KL’s streets have it all. Apart from the stalls selling varieties of affordable rice, noodle, and meat dishes, fresh fruits are also widely available.  7. Jakarta, Indonesia   A photo posted by Hanna Olga F. P. (@hannaolgaf) on Jan 9, 2015 at 2:48am PST Indonesia’s food scene is so popular that people fly half way across the world to devour iconic Indonesian dishes like; sate, bakso, panada, nasiuduk, sototangkar, gado-gado, and ayam goring - the best of which can be found at street food stalls. Jakarta is a food lover’s haven, and even if you’re not much of a foodie, you’re sure to leave with a bigger waistline. If you can deal with the smell of a durian, try it out. We assure you that it tastes much better than it smells!    You may also use the Food Spotter feature on HalalTrip's Official Mobile App to find some of the above food at Halal restaurants near you! Click on the below links to download the free App: Apple: Android: ...

  • A Guide to Finding Mosques in Mexico

    As a Muslim traveler, if you are planning a visit to Mexico, you will need to know where you can find Muslim-friendly facilities while traveling. This article explores some of the mosques in Mexico and highlights where you can pray during your travels.  Known for its pristine beaches, spectacular scenery, rich cultural heritage, vibrant, mouthwatering dishes and its numerous attractions, it is no surprise that individuals from across the globe are falling in love with what Mexico has to offer. Its endless sunshine and warm weather, along with its deserts, jungles, mountains, volcanoes, and extensive wildlife, are drawing in more and more tourists by the day; making it an incredibly popular tourist destination. Because of its sizeable Muslim community – consisting of immigrants as well as reverts - the North American country is also becoming quite well known amongst Muslim travelers. Muslims visiting Mexico will find that while Muslim-friendly facilities are not widely available, there are a few prayer facilities spread across the country, as well as a couple of Halal restaurants. These Muslim-friendly facilities are used by the local Muslim community, and increasingly by Muslim tourists. While the Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Musulmana in Mexico City is the Muslim community’s main center, there are also other mosques in Mexico City, Playas de Tijuana, Rosarito and so on. Read on to find details on some of the more well-known prayer rooms and mosques in Mexico. .   Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Musulmana Address: 25 Euclides, Anzures, Distrito Federal 11590, MexicoTelephone: +52 555 545 2558Main Languages: Arabic, with translationFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms, Arabic classes, Quran classes .   Centro Islamico Al Kareem Address: Calle 16 De Septiembre #315, Centro Historico, Puebla 72000, Puebla, MexicoTelephone: 01222-242 56 23Main Languages: ArabicFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Al Markaz as-Salafi al-Mexik Address: Sur 77 No. 32 esq., Depto. 7, Col. Lorenzo Boturini, Venustiano Carranza, Distrito Federal 15820, MexicoTelephone: +52 555 650 4612Main Languages: SpanishFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Rosarito Islamic Center & Masjid Address: Lerdo de Tejada 913, Rosarito Beach, Baja California 22640, MexicoTelephone: +52 1 661 116 3865Main Languages: EnglishFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Centro Islamico Tijuana Address: 750 Constitución de 1917, Tijuana, Baja California 22186, MexicoTelephone: +52 664 398 8856Main Languages: SpanishFacilities & Services: Restrooms .   Masjid El Noor Address: 951 Calle Baja California, Colonia Constitución, Mexicali, Baja California 21110, MexicoTelephone: +52 661 101 6807Main Languages: SpanishFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Mosque Medinah Address: Calle Pinavete 8, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas 29229, MexicoTelephone: +52 967 106 2851Main Languages: SpanishFacilities & Services: Restrooms, Quran classes, Hadith Classes .   Centro Cultural Islámico de Monterrey Address: Calle Padre Mier Ote 201, Centro De Monterrey, Nueva Leon, MexicoTelephone: 044-811-285-73-95Main Languages: ArabicFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Masjid Dar As Salam Address: Tequesquitengo, Morelos, MexicoTelephone: 734-3470995Website: Languages: SpanishFacilities & Services: Restrooms, Arabic Classes, Quran Classes, Hadith Classes .   Boletin Islamic Address: Boletin Islamic c/d Algunos Musulmanes #123 Col. Arquitos, Chihuahua, MexicoTelephone: -Main Languages: ArabicFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .   Asociación de Musulmanes Mexico Address: Calle Urraca 1464. Sector Morelos, Guadalajara, Jalisco 44910, MexicoTelephone: 044-33-1183-3235Website: Languages: ArabicFacilities & Services: Female prayer section, Restrooms .     ...

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