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Roxburgh Masjid 12 Roxburgh Street Roxburgh Street Edinburgh EH8 9TA UK

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All prayers including formal jum'a

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  • Every Story Has A Beginning. Here are 7 Historical Places You Should Visit in 2019!

    History surrounds us, whether you're walking down the street, sitting in a cafe or relaxing at home. It can be identified and traced for almost every object. There are many iconic places around the world that are identified by their rich history that still stands amongst us in the present day. This article will explore 7 historical cities you should visit in 2019. Check Out More Halal Travel Blogs 1) Luxor, Egypt We begin with the land of the Pyramids, Om al-dunya (Mother of the world) and the Breadbasket of the Empire. Egypt is generally a treasure cove when it comes to history. From the Pyramids in Giza, to the Hellenistic influences in Alexandria and the Ottoman remnants in the daily lives of their locals. Luxor is often overshadowed by the Capital and Resort towns but for history lovers, Luxor holds an untouched candour. The town's scenery is free of skyscrapers. The Nile and Temple's pillars stand in a way that can transport you away from modern city life. The city is divided by the river, leaving the East side as the lively side and the West side as the dead side. Considered as the oldest city in Egypt, it's no suprise that history surrounds the street. The Luxor Temple and extensions to Karnak Temple are always linked back to the days of Ramsis the 3rd, the Pharoah of Musa (pbuh). Historical Places to Visit: Luxor Temple Valley of the Kings- Tutenkhamun's Tomb Valley of the Queens Karnak Temple Medinet Habu Colossi of Memon 2) Rome, Italy An obvious choice as Rome is an open air museum. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Rome as a city and an expression of life, reminds us how roman lives were like in the early centuries. From the way the roads are structured to the city centre and plazas. A casual bus ride through the city will show you an immense amount of relics, including the Colosseum and fountain of Trevi. The era of Renaissance(rebirth) aimed to link itself back to the prosperity and dominance of the Romans, hence the structures that are in Hellenistic design. It creates a neat circle of history repeating itself. Historical Places to Visit: Castel Sant Angelo Colosseum Trevi Fountain Sistine Chapel The Vatican (though it is technically a separate city) Piazza Novana St Peters Basilica Roman Forum 3) Istanbul, Turkey Where East meets West, Istanbul cannot be compared to any other city in the world. Its unique position globally, historically and socially have made it a beautiful city that's rich in history. Formally known as Constantinople, Istanbul was the capital when the Roman empire split, evolving the city into the Byzantine Empire. After centuries of conflict, the Islamic Caliphate took over and gained access to Eastern Europe. Islamic history is the most prevalent in this destination, with huge, majestic mosques and museums dedicated to sharing Turkey's islamic past. Historical Places to Visit: Topkapi palace Hagia Sophia Sultan Ahmed mosque Grand Bazaar Basilica Cistern Sulemaniye Mosque Dolmabahce palace Galata tower 4) Prague, Czech Republic Prague is a picturesque beautiful city with immense amount of uphills and downhills. This city gives us a cleaner version of what the Bohemian middle ages may have looked like. The cobbled pavements take you back into the past with every step. The sight of houses with wooden panels will make you believe that you're living in a fairytale. Prague was rich in the aspects astrology and religion and the Old Town Square is a reminder of this. An interesting fact about Prague as a city is that is often used to film historical movies and tv shows due to its intact landscape. Historical Places to Visit: Astronomical clock Old town Square Prague Castel St Charles Bridge St Vitus Church Jewish Quarter Wencaslas square 5) Jerusalem - Palestine The holy city is a beautiful culmination of the three monotheistic religion. A truly religious city with Monks, Orthodox Jews and Muslims walking past each other in almost identical modesty and submission to God. This city has undergone immense changes but the old areas will transport you back to the Middle ages. The hilly landscape and forted Walls built by Suleiman the Magnificent shelter a historical haven away from cars and modern buildings. The Al Aqsa complex is not only a place of pilgrimage for Muslims but its serenity and the lack of change show us the steadfastness of Islam throughout the years.  This city is a perfect destination to explore the history of the three religions that majority of the locals practice. Historical Places to Visit:  Ethiopian Church Dome of the Rock Al-Aqsa mosque Old city Western Wall Mount of olives Church of the holy Sepulchre Damuscus Gate 6)Edinburgh, Scotland The capital of Scotland is not only known for the helpful character of the locals but also the history that graces the city. The Edinburgh castle reflects the development of forts and castles as the centuries progressed. With intact architectures displaying the Renaissance and Jacobean eras, Edinburgh is an important state for Scotland because it represents the history of the country's rebellion and cohesion. The rocky roads, gothic buildings and old-fashioned specialist shops truly give a sense of Victorian culture. The city itself holds a historic charm with its bridges, road structures and neoclassical architecture. Hike up Arthur’s seat for a view of the whole city and its sweeping natural scenery. Historical Places to Visit: Arthurs Seat Edinburgh Castle Old Town Holyrood Castle National Museum of Scotland Princes Street 7) Delhi, India India itself is a country drowning in history, so the capital is a good place to start. The Old Delhi holds the beautiful Mughal Red Fort where you can wonder around and imagine being part of the imperial household. Not far from the Red Fort lies Chandni Chowk, a colorful market selling everything from dried fruit to silver jewellery, allowing a historical market experience. This city’s history is heavily intertwined with Hindu and Mughal identities. Visit the intricately lavish Akshardham which shows the artisanal beauty and skillmanship of Hindu artisans. There is an immense list of temples and complexes that are worth a visit because of their unique and beautiful historical influences. A recent culmination of this would be the Lotus Temple which was opened in 1986 and is open to visitors of all religions. Historical Places to Visit: Red Fort Akshardham Qutb Minar complex Laxminarayan Temple Rashtrapati Bhavan Lotus Temple Humayun’s Tomb Get more inspirations for your 2019 trips  ...

  • Top 4 Things to See and Do in the UK in Spring

    After a long cold winter with heavy winds and several snow storms around the UK these past few months, finally the long overdue spring is around the corner! The temperatures start rising, and birds chirping can be gradually heard in every corner. It is now time for spring cleaning, and to start packing for the long-waited spring holiday to enjoy the warm weather and the refreshing, clean air. It is certainly the best time for all fellow global travellers to visit the UK in its most glorious season. Check out the London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2018 Find a Halal Restaurant near you in the UK Find a Halal Hotel near you in the UK   There are indeed a lot of things that we can do and visit in the UK this spring holiday, whether you're travelling solo, or taking a journey with friends and family, which will ensure that you come back from your holiday with a refreshed mind and newfound energy. The following is a list of several activities that you can do this spring in the UK:   1. Adventure in the Wild Picture Credit - Lili Lengkana, Spring is a brilliant time to explore the natural beauty of the UK countryside. The nature holiday adventure is suitable for every traveller, and the bonus part is that it will rejuvenate your mind and body when you are back to your normal day routine. You have to be prepared for physical activities though, from walking, hiking, trekking, biking, camping, fishing or just merely embarking on a nature walk. You can choose any activity which suits you best. Picture Credit - Lili Lengkana, One way to enjoy spring in Britain by enjoying the blooming wild flowers that can be found in almost every corner of British countryside. Particularly, daffodils and bluebells are everyone’s favourite flowers this season; it is really exciting to see them in full bloom. For Daffodils, the best time to watch their magnificent beauty is in mid-March to April, whilst Bluebells show best their splendour in late April to early May. One interesting fact that might not be known by many: half of the world’s Bluebells grow here in the UK and, not just in the woods! The best spots to watch the beautiful blooming Bluebells are in the Lake District area, Bristol, Dartmoor and Gloucestershire. Click this link to find where to spot them! Apart from wild flowers, watching and spotting wild animals in spring is also a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. This time around you will have a chance to see the Seabirds nesting. Around eight million Seabirds fly to the shores of Britain in Spring. It is indeed one of the greatest wildlife gatherings that you can watch on Britain’s shores; moreover, you get to spot whales and dolphins too if you're lucky, especially up north, in Scotland. Check the Britain’s nature news link if you want to do wild animal spotting. If you prefer, animal spotting can also be done on land, where you can encounter many species of birds in the wild and also the tech-savvy Badgers. Have you ever seen Badgers in the wild? Badgers begin to come out of their hibernating holes in spring, so you could go to Devon in particular for a unique experience in spotting these cute and smart animals.   2. Flower Farm Visit Picture Credit - Lili Lengkana, Another nature activity that you can enjoy in the glorious British spring is to visit the many flowers farm sprawling all over Britain. One such farms, and also the most well-known type of flower farms, is the Lavender farm. There are several Lavender farms not far from London that you can visit from around June, up to August. The closest to London, yet highly recommended is the Mayfield Lavender Farm. Their 25 acre lavender farm with café and shop is located in Banstead (Woodmansterne), Surrey – approximately 15 miles from Central London. I suggest that you read their visit information carefully on how, when and where to go there. Click here to know their information for visitors. If you can't wait until June, there is another famous Lavender farm worth visiting this Spring time, the Somerset Lavender Farm. Click here to find out where and how to go there. They will open the field this May to September, In shaa Allaah. Apart from Lavender, the Rapeseed and Yellow Mustard flower will also be blooming all over the UK. Their farmers grow these flowers in such a way that they can even be seen to the left and right of motorways. So if you do intercity travel by car, bus or train you can see beautiful, lush yellow carpet-like flowers on either side of the roads or railway tracks, and the scenery is magnificent. However, you must be quick if you want to see these pretty views, as the best time to spot them are from early April to the end of May.   3. Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle in May 2018 The love-hate relationship between the public and the UK Royal Family has always been a topic for the tabloids. Nevertheless, even though the Royal Family’s popularity may not be the same nowadays compared to the past, their news and activities still capture the attention of so many people around the world. Especially now in 2018: the next big event that will happen to the Royal Family is the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle. In celebrating this event, the Royal Family invites the public to attend this special day, and the Windsor local council and Windsor residents have been preparing their city for the visitors who will come there. Now, if you fancy a fairytale-like wedding, this may be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a world-class Royal Wedding festivity. You will surely enjoy your visit to Windsor as well, since this city is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. You can experience the grand history of England by visiting the Windsor Castle, which is one of three Royal Residences of Queen Elizabeth II (the other two being the Buckingham Palace in London and the Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh,) which are still being used, up till now. Note that admissions are charged in this castle. You can watch the famous Changing of the Guard daily routine at 11:00 here, up close. Apart from Windsor Castle, you can do punting and cruising the river around the city centre, and the whole family will love Legoland Windsor, too. Now, if you want to experience this special royal event, you should book your travel and prepare everything promptly, since all hotels will be booked by visitors all over the world. Avoid booking one on the day itself. Click here to know more about it.   4. Outdoor Adrenaline Picture Credit - Lili Lengkana, Love the outdoors? Spring time is the best time for camping, climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, surfing and more in the United Kingdom. There are many places here to do these outdoor activities, but one place stands out from the others as you can do all these activities we mentioned in that one place. Can you guess where it is? ...   It's Wales. Wales, the ultimate place for all you outdoor junkies out there! It has beautiful green scenery, towering mountains, as well as both sandy and rocky coastlines, so you can do all your outdoor activities there. In this site, you'll find the right place to do all the outdoor activities. Click here for their site - you'll see, they have it all! One of the world-famous outdoor activities there is “coasteering”. Ever heard of coasteering? If you're an outdoor junkie, you'll love this one. Coasteering is a sport, the activity of exploring rocky coastlines by climbing the rocky cliff, jumping off into the sea, and swimming along the coastline. This outdoor activity has attracted many visitors to Wales. Indeed, Wales is in fact, the birth place of this new outdoor activity. Picture Credit - Lili Lengkana, The rocky coastlines in Wales make this one of the perfect activities there. One of the operators in Pembrokeshire, Wales is the pioneering entrepreneur behind this outdoor activity, and they have been instrumental in spreading this activity to other parts of the world such as Australia, Hong Kong and many other places that have the ideal coastal environment for coasteering. You can find out more about coasteering in Wales from the Wales Tourism Board website, click here.   Solath - A Reminder to Muslim Travellers Picture Credit - A holiday is a fun and enjoyable time for the whole family, but as Muslims, we also strive to fulfill our duty to Allah and remember Him, and that includes praying (salah) to Him, every day. If you're travelling to big cities in the UK such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, or other cities, you can surely find Masjid(s) there. Most airports, hospitals and universities in the UK also have prayer places, so finding a prayer space shouldn't be a problem. However, if you're travelling in small towns or countryside, then this noble hadith above surely gives us useful guidance to fulfil our obligations: It was reported by the Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him), 'The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The entire Earth has been made a place of prayer except for the graveyards and the toilet.”' (Sunah At-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 317 – Sahih). What this noble hadith informs us, is that Allah has made it easy for us to fulfil this duty by making the whole earth as a Masjid for us. We can offer our salah anywhere on the earth, even if there is no Masjid or specified prayer place/prayer room.  You can pray in your hotel, the parking lot, airport, train station, mountain, beach, park or any other places, as long as it's clean, and not places such as toilets (that is, when and where people answer the call of nature,) and graveyards. So, my tip to be able to offer prayers are: (1) make sure that you have a bottle of water for ablution (wudhu’), a small prayer mat and a prayer compass app in your mobile app with you at all times; (2) find a clean, quiet and secluded place in any place (forest/woods, parking lot, corner of the building, hidden spot in the park, etc) to offer your prayer. Moreover, there are concessions for us as a traveller that will make it easier for us to offer our salah during our journey, as long as we can fulfil the condition of a traveller in fiqh. For more on the fiqh of travel, we recommend that you consult a reliable scholar in your locality who will be able to teach you the fine details of travel fiqh according to the madhhab of your region.    Read our UK city guides Find Attractions near you in the UK Go on a Halal Trip with us!...

  • Top Travel Destinations in 2018 on the Bucket List of Muslim Travel Influencers

    If you’re a travel addict like we are, you’re sure to have your own travel bucket list for 2018. But with the world offering so much magnificence to see and do, deciding on the best places to travel in 2018 for us was quite a task! So we decided to ask some of our favorite Muslim travel influencers to tell us which destinations were on top of their travel bucket lists for 2018 and why. We loved hearing their opinions on the best places to travel in 2018 and we were absolutely delighted that they were so varied. Here’s what they had to say! Iran and Oman - @muslimtravelers Zaid and Huda are a Muslim power couple residing in the United States. Having visited over 50 countries, they have set their sights on Iran and Oman for 2018. On asked why these two countries are at the top of their travel bucket list for 2018 - as they are not as commonly mentioned in most individuals’ bucket lists - this is what they answered: ‘Both countries are underrated in our opinion, as each of them have so much to offer: rich history that goes back thousands of years, authentic culture, gorgeous palaces, gardens and natural landscapes, spectacular mosques, and of course, wonderful and hospitable people.’ And boy are they right! Iran is home to some fascinating museums and galleries, architectural marvels and even a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the beautiful Golestan Palace, Susa, Persepolis and the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan. From the historic Persian Garden of Eram to the vibrantly coloured Nasir ol Molk Mosque, to bustling bazaars, and the ski slopes of Shemshak, the attractions that Iran offers will leave you in awe and definitely out of time! Oman’s varied and diverse landscapes have made it an up-and-coming tourist spot. Offering some of the best scuba diving sites in the world, stunning historical forts, pristine beaches, rich greenery and wildlife, and not-to-be-missed desert camps, Oman sure gets our vote for one of the top places to visit in the world this year! Let’s also not forget that with both destinations being predominantly Muslim, finding Halal food and places to offer your prayers will not be a problem at all! Cape Town and Marrakesh - @faizdickievp From exploring his home country, to experiencing the best of what the Big Apple had to offer, and even joining us on a trip to the Philippines, Malaysian influencer Mohd Nasrul Faiz Abu Azal has travelled the world. Cape Town and Marrakesh are the two destinations on his travel bucket list for 2018. Here’s why: ‘Apart from the fact that I love animals and I have been watching Animal Planet with my father for years when I was growing up, I have never been to the African Continent so I would like to tick it (Cape Town) off my bucket list.’ Regarding Marrakesh, ‘I once watched a documentary about Marrakesh and what attracted me most is its street food! Since I’m a foodie I would love to go there and experience it myself - plus, I don’t have to worry about its Halal status!’ Both, Cape Town and Marrakesh are immensely gorgeous destinations. Rich in culture, home to breathtaking sites, and more importantly, Muslim-friendly!   France and Venice - @yunitameliani_ Yunita Tri Ratna Meliani’s recent adventures have been in destinations like South Korea and Turkey, and this year she hopes to pay France and Venice a visit with her husband, mostly because of its beautiful architecture and romantic scenery. France has long been one of the best honeymoon destinations on earth as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations amongst families. Home to iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, exquisite cuisine, and charming landscapes, the country has much to offer. France does house a sizeable population of Muslims, so finding Halal food and mosques in most major cities will be possible. People from all over the world are drawn to picturesque Venice, said to be one of Italy’s most popular attractions. With canals instead of streets, and historic buildings sure to keep you distracted for hours, this floating city sure gets our vote too! It is also worthy to note that although finding Muslim-friendly facilities such as Mosques and Halal restaurants in Venice will be difficult, it won’t be impossible.   Nusa Penida - @daneswra Danes, having already been to Bali, really got into it and told us exactly why Nusa Penida - an island found to the southeast of Bali - is on her bucket list, and what she’d like to experience there. ‘The island in the southeastern region of Bali’s Klungkung Regency has many coral reefs, cliffs and hills that make the atmosphere on this island unique and exotic . Some of the tourist attractions are: Broken Beach, Angel's billabong, Crystal Bay, Atuh Beach, Goa Giri Putri and Hutan Tembeling. Nusa Penida is located between two beautiful islands named Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, so if I go to Nusa Penida, I can visit the other two islands, and experience the three islands’ spectacular scenery. Nusa Penida offers many things for me to explore. Nusa Penida not only offers beauty that is still natural, but also the beauty of cultural customs and the local wisdom of the people, which are three things that cannot be separated from Bali.’ Indonesia is one of the best countries to visit in Asia (according to who/why?), and although Bali is a famous must-visit destination, we love that Danes has the lesser-known Nusa Penida on her bucket list for 2018! Exploring the unexplored definitely appeals to us! Cairns and Xi’an - @thetudungtraveller Residing in Singapore, Atikah Amalina is an English & Literature teacher, a social activist for women’s empowerment and an avid traveler. She has been to places like Seoul, Tasmania and Edinburgh, and for 2018 here are her destination goals: ‘Two places I would like to visit in 2018 are Cairns and Xi’an. I love diving and diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns has been a dream for the longest time! I’ve also always wanted to experience the majesty of the terracotta warriors! InshaAllah, my path will lead me to these 2 places this year!’ Said to be the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies and those into all things outdoors, we think Atikah couldn’t have picked a better destination than Cairns! Australia also happens to be a great destination for Muslims. Find out the best places to visit, shop, dine and pray in our guide to Australia. China’s Xi’an is a history buff’s dream spot. With ancient stories sure to keep any visitor riveted, Xi’an is home to countless attractions - historical, cultural and scenic - and a Muslim Quarter with over ten mosques! You won’t have to worry about finding Halal food there either, so eat to your heart’s content! :) Bali & Japan - @Nurfatiin Singaporean fashion and lifestyle blogger, Nur Fatiin picked Bali and Japan as the destinations she would like to visit in 2018: ‘I have been to Bali several times but it’s also a place I will never get tired of. This year, I can’t wait to be back in Bali because I will be going there with my husband for our honeymoon. I want to go to new and undiscovered places with him. We’ll create new memories at places I have been before. I have always wanted to go to the Land of the Rising Sun. To witness the sakura blossoms and to experience the weird and interesting paraphernalia that Japan has to offer. Oh, Bali! Every time we even hear the word Bali, all we can think of is relaxing on a jaw-dropping beach, sipping a virgin mojito, surrounded by pure tropical bliss. Popular as a backpacking spot, as well as amongst honeymooners and even families, Bali manages to suit everyone’s requirements and budgets, while offering unlimited fun. A mix of ancient and modern, Japan is sure to charm your socks off! Offering so much to see and do, no matter how many times you’ve been, you’re sure to never get tired of it. There are also numerous Halal-friendly tours being offered, such as the Halal Gourmet Food Tour Package to Tokyo, Japan, so it may be time to book your next vacation!...

  • 5 Reasons To Visit Birmingham This November

    When you think of the United Kingdom, London is the first city that comes to the mind. Of course as a tourist the first destination you would want visit would be London. Did you know that the second biggest city in the United Kingdom is Birmingham?   Well, Manchester and Liverpool are the second favourite cities to visit after London. Yes, football and The Beatles are the main attractions but Birmingham has a lot to offer too. It is easy to find mosques and Halal food in Birmingham as a Muslim traveler since the city is very diverse.   What more can Birmingham offer you as a reason to drop by; these are 5 reasons to visit Birmingham this November:   1. Birmingham has more canals than Venice. Picture Credit -   There are 35 miles (56 km) of canals within the city, of which most are navigable. Birmingham is often described as having more miles of canal than Venice. A picturesque site for you to visit is the canal in the city centre of Birmingham - Brindley Place. Its surrounding area is lovely with unique boats along the canal and many cafes for you to enjoy your coffee. After the sun goes down you will be amazed at how beautiful The Brindley Place Canals are with the night lights and it is also a romantic site to take a stroll around.   2. The Modern Birmingham Grand Central Station Picture Credit - As a new train station building, the Grand Central has a very important role as the centre for railway transport in Birmingham, from all over the UK. Whether you came from Edinburgh or London, Birmingham Grand Central is a place you can stop at for a short visit because it's a one-stop destination to get anything from food to fashion. You can even find a prayer room to perform Salath on the ground floor near the main entrance. You'll be spoiled by the many cafes with lots of Halal pastries (by asking the staff about the ingredients). Yakinori is a Japanese restaurant that serves Halal dishes. The staff have stated that all their beef and chicken are Halal and they also have Halal Soyu that you enjoy (request the staff for Halal Soyu). The architectural design outside and inside of this building is very unique. Just this alone makes it a place that you should not miss out on your trip to Birmingham.   3. Recommended Halal food in Birmingham from a resident. The variety of Halal food in Birmingham will leave you spoilt for choice. Listed below are a few must-try spots:   Damascena Picture Credit -   This Syrian restaurant garnered good reviews from the local media for their authentic Turkish cardamom coffee, their special signature drink - Fresh Mint Black Tea and their best falafel dish. Not only are their main dishes fantastic but their restaurant design interior is very aesthetically pleasing. Last, but certainly not least, is that their dishes are all affordable.   Shiraz - Taste of Persia Picture Credit - If there is a price to be paid and food to be tasted, that is Shiraz. The restaurant is widely recognised for serving Persian food in Birmingham, such as Chelo Kabab Koobideh with Rice. Chelow kabab, a national dish of Iran, is prepared with steamed, saffron basmati or Persian rice and kabab, of which there are several distinct Persian varieties. This dish is served throughout Iran today but was traditionally associated with the northern part of the country.   Edwardian Tearooms What's a trip to the UK without having tasted tea? There are many tea rooms across Birmingham and the one that stands out is the Edwardian Tearooms. Located inside the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in City Centre of Birmingham, this Victorian-style tearoom is hard to resist. Their vegetarian soup is available for Muslims to consume. They also serve vegetarian breakfasts, salads and fish dishes. But most important is their variety of tea/coffee and sweets pastries which is safe to consume (accept their Tiramisu and pudding). After having tea you can visit the museum for free. What a treat!   4. Black Country Living Museum The finest and the largest open-air museum in the United Kingdom and one of Birmingham's pride, this museum is a must. You can experience the lifestyle of an industrial worker of the 1830s. You can interact with the staff wearing the 1830 outfits, and you can enter the real mining tunnel that will make your heart race by listening to their stories in the original and dark mining tunnel environment.   5. Two additional places to visit in Birmingham Winterbourne House and Garden. A unique Edwardian house heritage attraction together with Birmingham Botanical Garden with over 6000 different plant species.   Library of Birmingham. When you visit this city and want to find a peaceful place to read and know more about the history of Birmingham City, do visit this library. It has incredibly unique architectural design inside and out. Here's a tip: visit their Secret Garden on the top of the library and you will see the whole of Birmingham city from above. Do not forget to take lots of pictures there!   There you go, these are the reasons why you should visit Birmingham City, the next time you visit the United Kingdom.   P.S. With 162 Mosques around Birmingham, surely your holiday trip will have a deep meaning without missing your Salath.    ...

  • 10 Great Destinations to Enjoy a Memorable December 31st Night!

    Deciding where to spend new year’s eve is a fun way to find out about new Muslim-friendly travel destinations during the holidays - and to experience interesting new year celebrations around the world! While traveling during new year is quite hectic, 31st night celebrations will be unique in different parts of the world.   New Year Celebrations Around the World - Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations Listed by HalalTrip   1) New York City - United States     It has been a long-standing tradition for crowds of people to gather around Times Square to celebrate with new year fireworks and the famous New Year crystal ball drop. The 31st night celebrations will often be spent with friends and family, and there are restaurants surrounding Times Square where you can still see New Year fireworks that will light up the city.   2) Sydney - Australia     Spending your 31st night celebrations with the New Year fireworks lighting up the Sydney Habour is an excellent way to welcome the New Year, with crowds surrounding the waterfront. It is also one of the first cities to celebrate the New Year.   3) Bangkok - Thailand     The best part of the 31st night celebrations in Bangkok is at CentralWorld Square with a live concert and a great view of the New Year fireworks - that can even be enjoyed at a rooftop restaurant.   4) Cape Town - South Africa     A party or picnic at Table Mountain is the best place to see spectacular New Year fireworks, and another major highlight involves the Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival. On New Year’s Day, 10,000 performers from the Cape Town Minstrel Parade will sing and dance in the streets - it is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century.   5) London - United Kingdom     In London, a beautiful New Year fireworks display can be seen by crowds at the banks of the River Thames after the famed Big Ben chimes at midnight. There will also be floats and parades on New Year’ day including a procession of the Queen’s horses.   6) Paris - France     The city of Paris will be beautifully lit up each year for the 31st night celebrations, and it is where you should be traveling during New Year. Right by the Eiffel Tower, a gorgeous display of New Year fireworks is something to experience.   7) Dubai - United Arab Emirates     Dubai is definitely one of the best destinations to celebrate New Year, with an impressive New Year fireworks display that even made its way into the 2014 Guinness World Records. There will be exciting New Year celebrations going on everywhere.   8) Hong Kong      Hong Kong is of the best destinations to celebrate New Year, where you just cannot miss the fantastic display of New Year fireworks that will illuminate the Hong Kong skyline. Just like in New York, there will be a replica of the ball drop in Hong Kong’s Time Square, and the best view of the 31st night celebrations is at asVictoria Harbour.   9) Vienna - Austria     Celebrate the New Year in this beautiful city where the popular New Year’s Eve Grand Ball is held at the Hofburg Palace. With a New Year’s fair and crowds gathering at the Silvesterpfad, Vienna is a beautiful place to spend the New Year.   10) Edinburgh - Scotland     In Edinburgh, the celebrations will last for four days and there will be traditional dancing in the streets, a torchlight parade and concerts from famous musicians as well. At midnight, the New Year fireworks are spectacular and should not be missed.     Click here for more destination ideas for your next Muslim-friendly trip     ...

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