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  • Travel to Sri Lanka for your Honeymoon!

    For the newlyweds (or any couples), start packing your bags for Sri Lanka! via GIPHY   Galle Face Beach - Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka Morning walks along Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches is a must! Even this beach that is located so close to the city centre is a breathtaking sight in the early morning. Take a romantic stroll with your spouse and just spend some quality time to get to know each other.  Beach on Colombo Plan Road However, if you seek more thrill, something like combining beaches with railway tracks, then walk along Colombo Plan Road. It is a tranquil sight of the sea with occasional loud train sounds as the trains pass by the tracks on its way to Galle station. While you are there, stay on to catch a little bit of sunset. All you need is your life partner by your side and a sweet silence as you both listen to the muse of the sea. Negombo beach - Negombo, Sri Lanka If you need some private time with your spouse, Negombo Beach is the beach for you. There are very much lesser people here so you can walk along the beach and have a romantic conversation undisturbed! Amagi Aria Hotel - 640/82 Suhada Mawatha, Puttalam - Colombo Rd, Negombo 11500, Sri Lanka Even better, why not stay at the Amagi Aria Hotel and whisper words of forever as the sun sets leaving you and your spouse with warm lovely feelings. This is the perfect spot to have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse. Alright, enough about the beaches! Let's go on to talk about just how gorgeous the train ride in Sri Lanka is!  Image Credit: YamuThere are so many beautiful places to visit via train. Places such as Ella, Nuwara Eliya and Kandy are among the top few for the must-visit! The journey to the mentioned places itself is such a breathtaking sight. Views en route from Colombo to Kandy Kandy Train Station  Things to do in Ella: 1.The Nine Arch Bridge Image Credit: Salt in our Hair This gorgeous bridge is located right outside of Ella. It will take about 30 minutes to walk through the woods and reach a beautiful tea field. Be there with your beloved and sip a cup of delicious Sri Lankan tea while watching trains pass by.  2. Swim at Diyaluma Falls Diyaluma waterfall - in Badulla district on the Colombo-Badulla highway, about 6km east of the regional town of Koslanda, and around 30km south of Ella.Image Credit: Pinterest The Diyaluma waterfall is 220-meter high and is the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. On top of the waterfall, it has different levels of natural pools where you can swim. To get to this waterfall is not an easy task! A two-hour tuk-tuk ride from Ella to Poonagala through quintessentially lush Sri Lankan tea plantations followed by a hike downhill through long, dry grass for about 30mins before getting to the upper Diyaluma falls. A short hike further would bring you and your partner to the edge of the world, watching the cascading water drop 220m to the valley below. This is the start of a very challenging honeymoon thus far in Sri Lanka. However, such tasks would allow for a different kind of bonding as you learn more about your partner and even yourself! 3. Climb Little Adam’s Peak  Image Credit: Wandervisions To get to Little Adam’s Peak, you need to follow the trail which is right next to Ella Flower Garden Resort (3rd Mile Post, Passara Road, Ella 90090, Sri Lanka). An alternative entrance is also located at 98 Acres Resort (Greenland Estate, Ella - Passara Rd, Ella, Sri Lanka) and marked by a white Buddha. Just follow the trails and you would only need about an hour before you reach the top and have a lovely sunset view with the-love-of-your-life.    Things to do in Nuwara Eliya:  1. Go to the Tea Plantations Image Credit: Travel Triangle Nuwara Eliya has so many tea plantation fields. One of them is the Pedro Tea Estate. Pedro Estate is about 3.5km east of Nuwara Eliya station and is a 20 minutes drive by rickshaw from the station. You both can have an educational tour of the tea plantations here and learn the process of tea planting!  2. Take a stroll in Victoria Park  Image Credit: Kingsford Residences Well, why not take a stroll in Victoria Park (Badulla Rd, Nuwara Eliya 22200) and have a lovely chat while sipping a nice cuppa tea? This lovely walk with your soulmate will leave you with a tingling feeling and many gorgeous photos together!  3. Gregory Lake Image Credit: Sri Lanka Finder This enchanting lake (Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya 22200, Sri Lanka) is a must to visit. It is just a 5 minutes ride on a rickshaw from Nuwara Eliya. Enjoy a breezy walk and cooling weather which definitely calls for a lovely picnic or a sweet ride on the swan boats. Over at this lake, it compels you to show how much you love your spouse by doing things together and caring for each other! THE THING to do in Kandy: Well, we did mention that this honeymoon destination is not for the weak-hearted as the hike at Little Adam's Peak over in Ella was just the start of all hikes. In Kandy, climbing up Adam's Peak is a must if you want to learn the ultimate truth about your partner's character and yours too!  Image Credit: Atlas And Boots Adam’s Peak is located at South Central Sri Lanka and the nearest town is Dalhousie which is the start of the trek up the mountain. Taking the taxi/Grab/Uber/Private car rental from Kandy to Dalhousie is the fastest option to get here as compared to coming by bus or train. The ride takes about an hour and a half. The best time to start climbing Adam’s Peak is in the wee hours (start at 12 am or slightly later) as the climb takes between 2 to 4 hours (depending on fitness levels). This climb will be an opportunity to encourage each other as the total number of steps is about 5000 to 6000 crumbling steps and inclined trekking. Reaching to the 1000th step is already a great achievement but will definitely test you as your legs may go numb or feel very sore. However, with constant coaxing from the beloved, the pain would turn into motivation as watching the sunrise at the peak of the mountain is a glorious sight which leaves you feeling a sense of achievement. It takes a lot for couples to reach the top but hey, love conquers all (even the challenging Adam’s Peak!).  Sunrise at the top of Adam’s PeakImage Credit: The Partying Traveler One of the best feelings in the world is to pray with your spouse. Sri Lanka has a gorgeous mosque located at 2nd Cross Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The mosque goes by the name of Red Mosque or Jami Ul-Alfar Masjid.  Image Credit: Atlas Obscura Well, this honeymoon destination has loads of challenging activities to do with your spouse. Despite the pain, it is definitely a worthwhile trip to do together. Marriage may not always be smooth. There may be challenges. Well, challenges are meant to be conquered together, just like how challenging-Sri Lanka was conquered together! ...

  • Sabah, Borneo Will Be Your Next Dream Holiday. Here's Why!

    'Land below the wind', the land of Sabah is a beautiful amalgamation of forests, beaches, nature growing in its entirety. Located in the north of Borneo Island, it borders with Malaysia and Indonesia and also shares maritime borders with Vietnam and the Philippines. Thus, Sabah is a great central point for cultural experiences, tasty food adventures, nature lovers and enthusiasts. Discover Sabah’s Indigenous Culture Believed that the earliest human settlement was up to 30,000 years ago, Sabah has been continuously a territory fought over. It is believed that the Han Dynasty associated with the land as well as following dynasties. Later on the Sultanate of Brunei, then Sultanate of Sulu, and eventually Malaysia, all affiliated and created strong ties with Sabah. Credit: nyenyedzi The indigenous people of Borneo are known as the dayak but this term includes up to 200 ethnic subgroups as well as an estimated 170 languages and dialects spoken on the island. Today, only a few hundreds actively practice these dialects. This highlights on the high risk of extinction of heritage and languages hence the active efforts to preserve the culture. Mari Mari Cultural Village Credit: Owl Ting Local Experiences Located in the depths of the beautiful forests, deep in the Borneo countryside lies the Mari Mari Cultural Village which allows you to explore the traditions of the Borneo culture. The website list 5 reasons to come to the cultural village and they are incredibly enticing; 1. You get to immerse yourself in quiet tranquil nature. 2. You get to have fun and be enriched in newfound Knowledge 3. You get 5 different tribes in 1 village. 4. You get to relax and leisure sightseeing. 5. You will be supporting the preserving culture and tradition to ensure it's not forgotten. The Mari Mari Cultural Village is easily the best attraction in Sabah if you're looking for something educational and fun. Located in the forest, you're greeted with an exotic experience, exploring the village in its most authentic form. You might even be able to walk through the village on the suspension bridge, across the river. Each tribe house is unique in its own way so be sure to look out for the tour guide that'll explain the practices of each tribe. Be sure to plan your trip wisely and go when it is not raining. Address: Inanam, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MalaysiaOpening Hours: 10AM to 6PMContact: +60 13-881 4921Email: Website Go Island and Beach Hopping The wildlife in Sabah is surrounded by a huge amount of beautiful islands and scuba diving sites, making it difficult to choose the best island to visit. Whether you want to relax on clear beaches and soak in the turquoise water or go scuba diving, these islands offer endless choices. Sipadan Island Credit: Island Travel Sipadan Island is one of the top scuba diving destinations with the view of the barracuda tornado. Bohey Dulang Credit: Tan Yilmaz on Flickr If you are looking for photographic sites, then Bohey Dulang, nicknamed as the Pearl Island, is an option for a picturesque holiday. Lankayan Credit: Diveplanit This Island is known for its wandering wildlife, such as fishes, turtles and even baby sharks. Less of a swimming destination but a thrilling contact with nature in its natural habitat. Mataking Credit: Mataking Mataking is famous for its Maldives like beaches with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, it is the less popular alternative with the same effect. There are also options to have underwater weddings! Pulau Tiga- The filming site of the tv show “Survivor” it is special for its mud volcano and Snake Island. This island is there for the risk takers and adrenaline junkies. Hike Mount Kinabalu A world heritage site, Mount Kinabalu is also known to have similar biological species to plants of the Himalaya. Its extreme height towers to 4095 meters meaning the view from the dramatic peak are majestic. The highest point of the mountain also known as Low’s peak (irony) is considered one of the safest and rewarding treks upwards. The trail upwards is accommodated to anyone with reasonable fitness, some parts of the mountain also have stairs with rails. In addition to that, there are also rest houses where you can check into assigned rooms and recharge and huts along the way where you can chat with locals and enjoy food and hot beverages. You should give yourself at least a day to 2 to conquer the mountain. For those with Hiking and rock climbing expertise, there are other trails which require rock climbing equipment. Website Adrenaline Junkie life in Sabah For those looking to do something different or experience an adrenaline activity in Sabah, you can try Mountain Bike Expeditions in and around Sabah as a tour. Cycling is a great way to explore. Paragliding over Lohan Village is available for all levels of expertise and the experience is safe and scenic. Credit: Borneo Ultra If you find running exciting and want to satisfy that high there is also challenging terrains available at Sabah Adventure Challenge. It’s an international opportunity that unites people with a passion for running. Website | Facebook White water rafting at Liwagu River is a fun water sport that allows friends, family groups to experience water in a new exciting way. Credit: SabahEats Eat fresh and cheap seafood Sabah is renowned for its springy egg concentrated noodles, nicknamed the Gold Noodle of Sabah, it should not be missed! Make sure to taste Tuaran Noodles even if you do not visit the district. There are endless flavor combinations. Credit: Authentic World Food Due to the coastal nature of the state, seafood lovers will drown in the unlimited array of fresh seafood and most of them are fairly affordable! Some of the local options include Latok which is a type of seaweed and is eaten fresh with condiments as a salad. Your generic crab and lobsters are also available, grilled over the fire. If you are the type to try something different, sago worms known as Butod can be eaten in a variety of ways, offering nutritious protein. Sample local produce of Sabah Credit: Open Rice As for local produce, you can take back as gifts and souvenirs, Sabah does not disappoint. The Sabah chocolate comes in endless choices of exotic flavors including durian, pineapple, jackfruit, green tea, coconut oil and much more suited to your taste buds. Those not afraid of diabetes can dare to try Kuih Lidah also known as Tiriam, a beautiful cake covered in icing sugar and fried. On the salty side, if you want something unique to the island, Amplang is available which is a seafood crisp/cracker, it is a perfect representation of the state’s love for fish. But, it should come as no surprise that there are also dried-salted seafood snacks, for those who love oyster, prawns, fish, and crab. Visit Kundasang: Sabah’s New Zealand Credit: DESA Dairy Farm, Sabah If you want to experience New Zealand without breaking the bank then Kundasang is the place to be. Surrounded by immense green rolling fields and nature in the pasture, Kundasang is a cheaper version of New Zealand with not-so-obvious differences. Look out for the free-roaming cows and visit the Desa Dairy Farm and try all sorts of milk products, such as ice cream, yogurt, bottled milk, and even cheese! Address: Dr. Marcel Gisain, P.O.Box 71, 89308 Kundasang, Ranau, SabahAdmission Fee: RM5 (Adult) | RM4 (Children)Opening Hours: 8AM to 5PMContact: +60 88 889 562 Facebook Fish Foot or Body Massage Credit: Aroma Asian Enjoy Fish Massages and learn to withstand the tickle. Moroli River near Sabah Tea Garden is a river filled with the fishes that will make your skin silky smooth. You can enjoy a full body treatment or just your feet. If sitting around isn’t your thing then you can trek through the water and enjoy the nature surrounding you. Address: Kampung Luanti Baru, Ranau, Malaysia Stargazing, Sunsets, and Sunrises Credit: For a unique experience of stargazing, Lasau Podi is one of the best locations for stargazing, since most locations are covered with pollution preventing a clear view of the sky. If you can’t make it to Lasau Podi, try to find open spaces by beaches or fields. Sunset spots are always spectacular whether you are in a city or the countryside but pair it with beautiful surroundings the experience becomes more special. Some of the most popular destinations for viewers include KK Waterfront (right in the middle of the city) as the sun touches the edge of the water. For those who want to be away from the hustle and bustle, Mantanani Island in Kota Belud offers some of the prettiest views along the sandy white beaches. Credit: If you're hoping to be one of the first to do something, Pom Pom Island in Semporna is fairly new and is more of a private experience. As for those early risers that like to catch the worm, sunrise from Sabah Tea Garden is a treat alongside a piping cup of tea or coffee, overlooking the tea plantations. Soak in natural hot springs Credit: Wikipedia Poring Hot Springs is a great place to visit if you are looking for some hydrotherapy. The hot sulfur springs are formed by the volcanic rocks around the area. The springs are just a small fraction of Poring so make sure to explore the beautiful nature surrounding. There are outdoor bathtubs, as well as feet tubs and even private tubs. In addition to the hot springs, there are also cold water rock pools that are available for children and adults to swim and cool down. Finally, for more of a fun waterpark experience, there is a slide pool. Admission: RM15 (Foreigners) | RM3 (Locals)Contact: +60 88 878 801 Kinabatangan River Cruise Credit: River Junkie If Sabah hasn’t given you enough to do yet, there is always a cruise available. The Kinabatangan River is the longest river in Sabah, reaching 560km. The cruise allows you to enjoy the rainforest and jungle experience whilst cruising peacefully. You’ll come face to face with elephants, orangutans, all sorts of tropical birds. Some biologists consider this the most easily accessible wildlife in Southeast Asia. There are many tour outlets available depending on the duration of the ride and what you want to include in it. Either way, any package you choose will be a wholesome extraordinary experience.  Sabah is a beautiful state, offering almost everything a holiday goer could dream off, so what are you waiting for! Plan your next family trip, add it to your destination list or just book a spontaneous trip to Sabah....

  • Get Your Dream Floating Breakfast And Feel Like Royalty For A Day At These 5 Resorts in Bali!

    In October of this year, American socialite and TV personality Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, had a vacation in one of the world’s most beautiful islands in Indonesia. During their stay in Bali, they shared their experience at the luxurious Soori Hotel on Instagram. This hotel is one of the top 50 best beach hotels in the world! One of their posts showed them starting off their day with a floating breakfast accompanied by the sound of crashing waves. Unsurprisingly, the post blew up and now people across the globe are eager to try it for themselves. Soori Hotel might just be the most expensive hotel in Bali so here are 5 other places where you can also enjoy a fancy floating breakfast. Read more about Bali 1. AYANA Resort and Spa Picture: Kiwi Collection Only 10 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport, AYANA Resort and Spa is a world-class resort in Badung Regency. Located on 90 hectares of cliff-top land above Jimbaran Bay, it offers an ocean-front view and a white-sand beach. You can start your day in style with an unforgettable breakfast served on a floating tray in your private plunge pool. A butler will set sail to this three-course gourmet brunch accompanied by coffee and tea when you request for no champagne. Adress: Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten BadungContact: (+62) 361 702 222Website: Ayana 2. Kamandalu Ubud Picture: The Bali Bible This five-star hotel resort has existed since 1992. It is located on the hills of Ubud, an area famous for its rice terraces, ancient temples and traditional arts. This resort is beautifully built on curving ridges above the flowing Petanu River. It takes an hour to reach this resort from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Kamandalu resort has a facility called Awana Pool and Lounge where you can begin your day with a floating breakfast. You can have a relaxing swim while feasting on healthy and delicious dishes with exotic drinks on a large floating tray. As you are enjoying this unique experience in the pool, you can appreciate the view of Ubud’s magnificent tropical forest and terraced landscape. Do remember to inform their staff if you have dietary requirements so that they can make necessary adjustments. Address: Jalan Andong, Banjar Nagi, UbudContact: +62 361 975825Website: KamandaluResort 3. Aksari Villa Picture: Aksari Villa Combining the enchanting culture, fascinating traditions and beautiful natural scenery of Bali, Aksari Villa is a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon on the Island of Gods. It is a luxury private villa where you can get a private pool and Jacuzzi. When you wake up seeing floating breakfast waiting for your arrival on your personal pool, you will definitely feel like royalty for a day. It is strategically located close to Legian and Seminyak which is just a 10 minutes drive from Seminyak Square and Padma Beach Legian. Address: Jl. Sunset Road Gang Baik Baik 2 No. 8, Seminyak, KutaContact: +6281238504678Website: AksariVilla 4. W Bali Picture: EatAndTreats The winner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2017 is located around 15 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport.  It is a perfect choice if you would like to enjoy Bali's fascinating culture and nearby eclectic boutiques, famous art galleries and concept restaurants in Seminyak. Offering spacious rooms with sea views, W Bali is just a one-minute walk from Seminyak Beach. It has classy restaurants where you can taste the world’s exquisite flavors from finest meats, seafood, and spices. To start your day in the morning, you can order a floating breakfast with the freshest selection of dishes on a colorful tray. Do note that they also serve champagne but you can definitely request for your serving to be alcohol-free. Address: Jl. Petitenget, Kerobokan, Seminyak BaliContact: +62 361 3000106Website: Marriott 5. Royal Purnama Picture: TheRoyalPurnama Around 15km from Sanur and 16km from Ubud, The Royal Purnama Art Suites and Villas is located alongside the beautiful Purnama Beach on the southeast coast of Bali, in Sukawati, Gianyar. Locals believe that Purnama(full moon) is a sacred day when Gods descend to the earth and give their blessing. The Purnama Beach itself has glittering volcanic black crystal sand that people like to use for therapy due to its mineral content. When you arrive, you will see lush plantations and rice fields on one side and the glittering black crystal sands of the beach on the other. Picture: TheRoyalPurnama One of the restaurants that they have is the luxurious Standing Stones Restaurant, an open-air beach lounge with a meandering freeform swimming pool. While swimming and relaxing, you can experience a floating pool breakfast and enjoy their food all day long. Their impressive menu merges western classics with Asian favorites. Address: Jl. Pantai Purnama, Sukawati, Gianyar, BaliContact: +62361 8493706Website: TheRoyalPurnama Get travel inspirations for 2019...

  • Make Your Planning Simpler With Our Exciting 2-Day Itinerary To Mount Bromo!

    If you are planning a short escape to Indonesia but still confused about which attraction to visit, you should really consider Mount Bromo. Standing at 2,329 meters high, Mount Bromo is one of Indonesia's most popular hiking spot among both tourists and locals thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and scenic views. Are you curious about how to get to Mount Bromo? Thinking about how to find halal food around the area? Planning your hikes? No worries, we got you covered. Here are the costs, routes, and a ton of other helpful information you need to know for an epic 2-day trip to Mount Bromo! Breath-Taking Scenery From Geurutee Valley In Aceh, Indonesia How To Get There You may choose to fly through Surabaya or Malang. Here are the options! Option 1: Fly to Surabaya Take Jetstar, Scoot, Lion Air, AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Silk Air or Singapore Airlines from Singapore Changi Airport to Surabaya (Juanda International Airport). The journey would take approximately 2 hours 20 minutes. Option 2: Fly to Malang via Jakarta The cheapest way to get from Jakarta to Mount Bromo costs only around SGD 35 by train. If you want to take flight, take Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia for a connecting flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Malang (Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport) via Jakarta. The flight time would be around 6 hours. Must-pack Items There are a few items you have to keep in mind before before heading to Mount Bromo? Here are the must-pack items for your adventurous trip: 1. Warm clothes 2. Backpack! Don’t forget to include water bottles and snacks in it. 3. Mask is one of the most important things you must bring because it will be very dusty and difficult to breathe due to the sulfur fumes on Mount Bromo. 4. Comfortable sport shoes 5. Lip balm and moisturizer 6. Sunblock 7. Umbrella or raincoat 8. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper for your own personal use Day 1 1. Arrival at Surabaya or Malang Wohooo! You have finally landed, welcome to the land of cool fresh air and misty skies! Just a few minutes ride from here will take you to the mountains but there are still a couple of things we would recommend you do first. Today will be a relaxing day where you can restore your energy after an exhausting flight by indulging in some healthy food in a homey restaurant and appreciate the fresh air and stunning views. 2. Check-in at your stay If you need recommendations for a great resort near Bromo that has a nice view, Plataran Bromo and Jiwa Jawa Bromo are the perfect options. You can enjoy the city's scenery from far away through the windows of your room. When you need a moment to just chill, you can sip a glass of mango smoothie by the poolside, while enjoying sublime views of the rural beauty around agricultural plantations woven in the surrounding hills. Jiwa Jawa Bromo Picture: JiwaJawa Address: Jl. Raya Bromo, Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java 67254Contact: (0335) 541193Website: JiwaJawa Plataran Bromo Picture: Plataran Address: Tosari, Wonopolo, Ngadiwono, Tosari, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 67177Contact: 0812-1666-9292Website: Plataran 3. Dine at Simpang Luwe What can be better to get you refreshed than starting your holiday with Malang's delicious traditional HALAL food. Our recommendation would be to dine at Simpang Luwe. The special item on the menu that you should try is Rawon Bonceng, a traditional black soup from East Java. The cost of going out to eat for lunch here may vary. Here at Simpang Luwe, you can get a Rawon Bonceng with Ice Lemon Tea for just SGD7. Address: Jl. Letjen Sutoyo No.2, Rampal Celaket, Klojen, Malang City, East Java 65111Contact: (0341) 494333Operating hours: 11AM-2AM (Daily) 4. Explore Coban Rais After a fulfilling lunch, let's start to explore one of the best places to visit in East Java. This place would be perfect for those planning to take a lot of photos. Coban Rais offers attractions, a waterfall and sight-seeing spots. Coban Rais is always crowded especially during weekends. You will need a motorcycle or a taxi to get there. With the entrance fee priced at only Rp10.000 (approximately SGD 1), it is actually quite affordable to visit the Waterfall. However, entering the Batu Flower Garden would cost you Rp25.000 (SGD 2.26). Do note that there are some exotic spots that would require you to pay for an extra ticket. Address: Dusun Dresel, Desa Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu, Malang City, East JavaOperating hours: 7.30AM - 4PM 5. Capturing Bromo Milky Way Spot at King Kong Hill Night time is the best time to shoot at Mount Bromo as the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye. Do you wish to take a beautiful shot of the marvelous Milky Way? Then you might want to get here early because it gets really crowded. To get here, it takes 2 hours to walk from town and around 30 minutes if you travel on a jeep. In the evening, the clouds would rise and cause the area to be very misty. The temperature can drop below 0 degrees Celsius so do come prepared with a thick outfit. Address: Area Pegunungan, Wonokitri, Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java 67177 Day 2 1. Catching sunrise at Mount Pananjakan After capturing the Milky Way, you can take a 30-minute ride on a travel jeep to Mount Penanjakan. You would then need for about 10-15 minutes from the parking lot to the top of Mount Penanjakan. Since the sun will usually arise at approximately 5.30AM, you must arrive at the viewing point around 3AM. From the top of Mount Penanjakan, you will see a panoramic bird-eye view of the sunrise along Mount Bromo. Address: Area Pegunungan, Wonokitri, Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java 2. Explore Mount Bromo After sunrise, you can take the jeep again and to the desert of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which will only take around 10 minutes. When you are going up to the crater, you can choose to ride a horse or walk from where the jeep is parked. Most travelers would prefer riding at the back of a mighty horse because it feels like riding in the middle of a desert in Middle East. The price starts from Rp 50,000 (SGD 4,54) depending on the distance. However, you have to climb up 243 stairs to the crater. You can take some pictures when you arrive but be very careful with your steps. Address: Area Gn.Bromo, Podokoyo, Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java 3. Take amazing shots at the Whispering Sand Whispering Sand is located east of the crater of Mount Bromo. People call it "whispering sand" because the grains of sand will sound like a whisper when the wind is blowing hard. Don’t forget to set up your tripod and take a few pictures around here. It's a perfect spot to take some amazing photos for your next instagram post. Address: Pasir Berbisik, Kawasan Gunung Bromo Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java 4. Visit the Savannah and Teletubbies Hill You don’t want to miss exploring the Savannah and Teletubbies Hill. It is a grassy savanna region of the tropics located 1.5km north of the crater. The best view is during the rainy season, where the grass starts greening and flowering. During this peak season, the color combination of green, purple and yellow will make this place look like a shooting location for a romantic movie. The savanna grass will slowly dry up as the dry season comes. Address: Sariwani, Sukapura, Krajan, Ngadirejo, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java 67254 At the end of your Bromo vacation, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Book your trip now to have an experience of a lifetime of Mount Bromo! Read more about Indonesia...

  • Spend Your Final Hours In Mauritius Buying 7 Souvenirs And Gifts That Are Rare Anywhere Else!

    Dreaming of beaches this winter season? Want to escape to the warm climes? Well, Mauritius may likely be your answer. Mauritius is an island renowned for its beaches, reefs and lagoons as well as its abundance of mountains, rain forests, waterfalls and wildlife. Situated in the Indian ocean this island’s temperature ranges from 19 to 28 Degree Celsius throughout the year, and the best time to visit is from May to December when the weather is cool and sunny. Aside from its natural endowments, Mauritius will give every Muslim traveler a souvenir and gift shopping experience like no other! With its unique a local spice, sugar, tea and handicraft products, Mauritius is a souvenir shopping paradise offering a range of traditional and local gift items for you to take home as the ultimate souvenir. Here is a list of the best Halal souvenir and gift items with a guide to where to shop for them. Don’t forget to bargain when you shop and look around before you make your final purchase. Top souvenirs from other countries 1. Dodo Souvenirs Picture: Royal Palm Mauritius The Dodo was a native bird to Mauritius. Although now extinct, the country still celebrates the uniqueness of the Dodo bird by offering tourists a range of Dodo souvenirs such as stuffed toys, key chains, magnets, ornaments and whatnot. Also available are Dodo print t-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, and the famous flip-flops. The Dodo souvenirs range in price depending on what you buy and the shops and stores in Mauritius you buy it from. If you become a little Dodo crazy while in Mauritian take in the Dodo Museum and learn all about these flight-less birds that existed before the 17th century. 2. Model Ships Picture: Easyvoyage A very fascinating souvenir are the model ships made from wood and the famed shipwreck bottles that are a dedication to a bygone era of shipwrecks in Mauritius. Mainly handmade, these wood-based models are a lovey and unique souvenir to take home for your living room or as a gift to your parents. 3. Sarongs or “Pareo” and Scarves Picture: Air Mauritius Blog Over the years, the textile industry in Mauritius has become quite famous for its quality products, making clothing products one of the best gifts from Mauritius. So, while there get yourself a Pareo made from quality textile with local prints and all colors. This sarong will make you stand out once you go home or make a perfect yet cheap gift for your friends who dream of visiting the beach. Another popular clothing item for gifting is scarves. Mauritius scarves come in many different colors and prints, making it a very nice and affordable gift for friends and family. Note, the best place for textile shopping is the Quarter Bornes Textile Market. So, if you are in the vicinity of the town of Quatre Bornes, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit this market! 4. Traditional Music Picture: MusicInAfrica If you are a music lover and enjoy all varieties of music, then buy yourself a CD of the best traditional music known as ‘Sega’ from any music shop. This also makes a very inexpensive gift for friends and allows you to take home a little bit of your holiday. 5. Bois Cheri Tea Picture: Bois Cheri Tea While you can get many flavored teas in Mauritius, the Bois Cheri Tea is a favorite, especially its vanilla flavor. Therefore, this brand of tea is available everywhere. If interested, you can even visit the Bois Cheri Tea Estate and take a tour of their tea plantations and factory. 6. Napolitaines Picture: Air Mauritius  If you have a sweet tooth, this sweet treat is the perfect take home souvenir from Mauritius. Napolitaines are shortbread cookies filled with jam and are available at all bakery shops throughout the country. Tip: Some bakers add rum to these biscuits, so check before you eat or buy this sweet goodie. 7. Mauritian Jams Mauritian jams made from homegrown tropical fruits is another gift and souvenir option to consider. These jams are locally manufactured from fruits such as bananas, passion fruit, pineapples and even guava. So, taking home such a gift is akin to taking home a taste of Mauritius. Locally made jams should be available at any grocery store or supermarket. Just double check to ensure it's Halal. Where to Shop for Souvenirs There is an abundance of shopping options where finding your perfect souvenir and gift item will become a pleasure. Whichever part of the island you visit, you can be sure to find a range of shopping malls and centres as well as the traditional local markets. Here are a few choice shops and markets to visit. Badaboom Souvenir Shop Address: Royal Road, Stall 22, Bazar De Grand Baie, Grand Baie, MauritiusContact: +230 5250 2068Operating Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Daily) Blue Magic Rodrigues Craft World Company Ltd Address: Baie Malgache, Port Mathurin, Mauritius R4304Contact: +230 440 2580 Cottons Address: Dias Pier, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, MauritiusWebsite: Le Craft Market Address: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, MauritiusContact: +230 211 9500Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Monday to Saturday) Le Port Ship Model Address: Vacoas-Phoenix, MauritiusContact: +230 696 9042Opening Hours: 8.15AM to 5PM (Monday to Friday)                            8.15AM to 4.30PM (Saturday) Marche de Goodlands Address: Next to Central Bus Station, Goodlands, Mauritius Pieter Both Shop Address: Racket Road, Grand Baie, Mauritius|Tel: +230 263 1821Times: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Pride of the Island Address: Floreal Road, Floreal, Curepipe, MauritiusTel: +230 684 2999Times: 9AM to 5PM (Mon-Sat)            9AM to 12PM (Sun)Facebook   BONUS: Find your ultimate shopping guide to Mauritius here...

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