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  • Muslim-Friendly Snacks in Hong Kong You Don't Want To Miss

    We always hear how hard it is to find halal food in Hong Kong let alone halal snacks. All that is now a myth! Here are 6 halal snacks for you to check out while you are in Hong Kong! 1. Happy Cow Credit: Happy Cow on Facebook Happy Cow is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer and distributor of dairy-free frozen dessert established in 2013. All products by Happy Cow are vegan, low glycemic and free of dairy, egg, soy, gluten, and cholesterol. Their frozen desserts are made from a delicious blend of coconut cream and organic coconut sugar, mixed with jams and fruits. The best has yet to come; Happy Cow desserts do not contain artificial flavors, colorings, preservatives and all of their products are vegan and halal-certified! Just eat as much as you can and you would still be in the healthy range. Just how awesome is that? Halal status: Halal-certifiedAddress: Booth#3, Man Kwong Street, Hong Kong Observation WheelFor other store locations, click here.  Instagram l Facebook 2. Islam Food Credit: Pan Fried Beef Bun on Time Out The veal goulash at Islam Food is a must-try! Upon cutting the goulash (stew), the juice will ooze out of the patty! The tender meat will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. While you are there, try the (chewy!) beef dumpling soup and (flavourful!) scallion pancakes too.  Halal Status: Only Halal ingredients used  Address:  G/F, No. 1 Lung Kong Rd, Kowloon City, Kowloon – Next to Chow Sang Sang SecuritiesFacebook 3. Wai Kee Duck Rice Credit: Wai Kee Duck Rice by missyblurkit After shopping at Hong Kong’s major shopping district (Causeway Bay), take a few minutes to walk to a renowned halal roast duck stall in Hong Kong. Just walk through the Bowrington Road Market and look for the ‘Cooked Food Centre’ then voila, there you have it, the Wai Kee Duck Rice shop. Top on the must-try list is the well-marinated tender duck meat. The crispy duck skin will make you forget all your troubles. On top of that, do try their tasty wanton noodles and juicy wanton. Halal Status: Muslim-owned  Address: 23 Bowrington Rd, Bowrington, Hong KongAlso Read: Muslim Guide: Travel Hong Kong With Ease In This 21st Century 3. Islamic Centre Canteen  Credit: Islamic Centre Canteen by Coconuts While you are in Causeway Bay, be sure to check out Islamic Centre Canteen’s dinner menu. Islamic Centre Canteen is located within the Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre in Wan Chai. It is highly recommended for you to try their tofu with salt, garlic, and chili (the flavors would definitely burst in your mouth!) They are also well known for their dim sum (only available at certain timings).  Halal Status: Muslim-owned  Address: 40 Salvation Army Street, Wan Chai 5/F, Masjid Ammar And Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre, Hong Kong   5. Ma's Restaurant  Credit: Red Bean Pancake by The Halal Food Blog When in Hong Kong, it is a must to try traditional Chinese desserts. This may not be an easy feat but a 5-minute walk from Prince Edward MRT station will bring you to Ma’s Restaurant. They offer an adventurous list of menus. We highly recommend their tasty desserts that will make you miss Hong Kong and ensure that it will not be your last visit here.  List of desserts you must taste: Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls) Black Sesame Red Bean Pancake Pumpkin Pancake Halal Status: Halal-certified  Location: 21 Cheung Sha Wan Rd Sham Sui Po, Kowloon, Hong KongFacebook 6. Kung Wo Tofu Factory Credit: Tofu Pudding by That Food Cray Need some comfort food? Kung Wo Tofu Factory is the place for you. The smooth and silky beancurd will slide down your throat and leave you feeling warm and at home. Kung Wo's beancurd is homemade and made from sugar-free ingredients. This dessert is enjoyed with powdered brown sugar which you can add on to your liking, depending on your preferred level of sweetness.  Halal Status: not labeled (no non-halal ingredients - eat at your own discretion)  Location: 67, Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City Closest station Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong China (easy access from exit B2 Tsuen Wan Line)Also Read: 13 Best Halal Food Places Near You In Hong Kong While you are out exploring awesome Hong Kong, you may chance upon a very interesting (and tasty of course) snack or local delicacies that have yet to be discovered. When you do discover them, write to us and send us some pictures of the snacks and their locations. We thank you in advance as we are very excited foodies who love to try new things!...

  • Muslim Travel Etiquette: Halal Essentials To Pack In Your Luggage

    Throwback to last year when I had the opportunity to travel overseas with friends of different faith. We all had the same amount of baggage space but the moment our luggage were unzipped, some essentials were seemingly questionable in a good way.I have always thought that packing for travel is the same for everyone, but having to include halal essentials just makes the travel extra special. It was a conversation starter for some and an opportunity to share more about our beautiful religion, namely Islam.Therefore, I present to you a list of things that every Muslim should include in their luggage before traveling. Arranged in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to remember each and every one of them, may it benefit insyaAllah.   1) Beneficial Reads Credit: Myriam Zilles from PixabayOne of the things that we often overlook are the things to do during travel. Some travels are as quick as 45 minutes while some others may take up to 16 hours or more! Best is to have beneficial reads to accompany during the journey; it can be self-help books, general knowledge or even Islamic reads. The best times are those which are filled with efforts towards being a better person. It too is part of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW, to be better than yesterday.   2) Cleansing Wet Wipes Credit: The Honest Company from UnsplashWipes are super convenient to cleanse most dirt especially for travels with outdoor adventures. With its light-weight properties as well as how it is manufactured into small packaging, this is definitely a must-have! Wipes too help cleanse the utilities especially when sharing accommodations with others. Point is, to keeping it clean in our own capacity as cleanliness is part of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is also a plus-point for parents traveling with babies, an essential to keeping the little ones clean.   3) Comfortable Coordinated Clothing Credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Deciding what to wear during a trip is the last on the list for most travelers because no time should be wasted amidst any trip. But it is inevitable that we want to still dress modestly even when we are in such on-the-go situations. Everyone feels the need to look good while staying comfortable and adhering to the guidelines of the religion. Now, coordinated clothing might just do the work. Pick a few complimentary shades of clothing for your trip. This way, no matter which clothing piece that you pick out of your luggage, it will still match and leave you with a presentable look in minutes.   4) Halal Snacks  Credit: Hari Panicker on UnsplashTraveling to huge countries may require domestic flights or even taking train rides from one city to another. And when that is the case, most times the options for convenient stores or stops for food are sparse. Thus, packing halal snacks in your travel luggage might just be the trick to fill the tummy until the next food place comes around. At the same time, you need not worry of looking for snack carts and go through the hassle of identifying those which are halal to consume or otherwise.   5) Mini Rice Cooker Credit: AmazonIf you do not know by now, rice cookers do wonders. From the basic of cooking rice to steaming food, boiling water, preparing a meal and most times it withstands the baking heat too. Thus, to have a mini rice cooker with you for your travel will definitely be a life saver. Especially for those who travel to countries with little halal food options, a trip to the grocer's and whipping up a simple meal every day is a solution to many hungry travelers. Knowing the simple omelette and rice recipe or any three-ingredient pasta dish should suffice.   6) Miswak Credit: AmazonTo have a miswak (also known as siwaak) and using it for teeth cleansing is part of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. It is a stick or twig used for such purposes. It is recorded in the book of Hadith of Sahih al-Bukhari, Aisha reported that Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "Siwaak cleanses the mouth and pleases the Lord". Mindfully practicing the acts of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW will be the reason for a blessed travel.   7) Pitcher Credit: Amazon In times of emergency when nature calls, it is indeed a tricky situation. Upon cleansing yourself properly, if the accommodation does not provide any proper water pipe spray, having a pitcher along a trip is essential. Containers or travel jugs which have similar functions to pitchers should be fine too, so long as the water can be transported from one place to another.   8) Portable Charger Credit: Amazon Living in a modern era of advanced technology, there are so many things which are reachable at the tip of one's fingers. Although electronic devices are highly dependable, to have portable charges in hand is a must. This is such that we can access useful applications such as locating Qibla direction , checking of prayer times online, searching through the net for nearest praying spaces and halal restaurants. Especially when going out and about, instead of relying so much on charging ports, these devices can still be charged at any point and at any time during our travel.   9) Prayer Items Credit: AmazonAs much as we enjoy our time traveling, our prayers should still be at the top of our priority. And as with prayer, bringing along prayer items needs to be included too. Items such as our prayer garments to cover the aurah during prayer, a handy travel prayer mat to pray anytime anywhere and a non-alcoholic perfume to smell fresh and nice. Best if you can bring along a spare set of prayer items, in case your friends that are traveling with you might not have the necessary items in hand.   10) Spray Bottle Credit: AmazonAs much as the pitcher is of concern to help cleanse ourselves when water pipe sprays are absent, a small spray bottle is a need too. In cases where water is scarce or out of reach, the spray bottle will definitely be a life saver to perform ablution. This can come in handy when traveling from one city to another on a long bus ride, train ride or even when you are roaming around the country during your visit.   11) The Holy Quran Credit: Utsman Media on UnsplashAlongside all the other practical halal essentials, having The Holy Quran packed is a spiritual saviour indeed. It is to affirm the remembrance of Allah throughout any journey and to ensure that the voyage be a blessed one. It is most helpful, especially in times of difficulty, that the recitation of the words of Allah will surely bring ease to any worried heart. No trip is a smooth one at all times but peace is assured with The Holy Quran.   12) Wudhu-friendly Cosmetics Credit: AmazonWudhu-friendly cosmetics or some might be known as Halal Cosmetics, ranges from lipsticks to eye shadow palettes and even nail polish. This is most essential for our Muslim ladies in cases where praying-on-the-go is required. Such steps like make up removal might just be a bit too time consuming and uncomfortable. With wudhu-friendly cosmetics, both the application and the removal will be a breeze. The ladies need not worry anymore to find a suitable location to attend to such needs.   Time to take out your packing list and ensure that these halal essentials are packed nicely in your luggage. When that is done, off you go for your travel. Remember, every great travel is accompanied with a well-equipped luggage and a grounded intention for a blessed journey. Bismillah and bon voyage!...

  • Tokyo Olympics 2020 | 9 Out-Of-This-World Things You Need To Know

    Sports fans worldwide are getting all geared up to watch their favorite athletes in action at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, taking place from 24th July to 9th August in Japan. This year’s event is set to be as interesting as ever, with Japan extending their reputed hospitality to visitors and making great efforts to create a welcoming environment. What is special about the 2020 Olympics is that Japan’s technology will be taking things to the next level. And yes! This does include robots and self-driving taxis! via GIPHY Furthermore, organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have decided to make Japan a lot more Muslim-friendly which is certainly a great move when bringing different communities together. As first-time hosts, Japan aims to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a unique and memorable experience for everyone. 1. Look Out For The Mobile Mosque Credit: Japan News-Yomiuri on Portland Press Herald While the Tokyo Grand Mosque is easily the best place to perform your prayers, it might be time-consuming and a hassle to navigate your way back and forth the event venue and mosque. This is when the mobile mosque would come in really handy! The massive 48 square-meter mobile mosque can accommodate up to 50 worshippers. The 25-ton truck comes with a portable ablution area for worshippers to make wudhu. The mobile mosque was created to encourage Muslim travelers to Japan for the Olympics without having to worry about their personal needs. 2. Stay Tuned For The 2020 Paralympics The excitement of the Olympics will continue on to the 2020 Paralympics which will be held from August 25th to September 6th. Not only will this event be an inspiring one, but two new sports will be added to the agenda - badminton and taekwondo. The 2020 Paralympics will also include the traditional torch relay, and events are set to take place at all prefectures that will be hosting the event in Japan. 3. New Sports Will Be Part Of The Agenda If you are wondering what is special about the 2020 Olympics, look out for the sports that will be part of the agenda for the first time Baseball/Softball, Karate, Sport Climbing, Surfing, and Skateboarding. It’s well-known that one of Japan’s favorite sports include baseball, which will be marking its return at the 2020 Olympics along with softball as well. 4. Halal Meals Will Be Available As one of the moves to make the Olympics more Muslim-friendly - athletes and visitors will find it easier to get Halal meals. So, you don’t have to worry about locating Halal restaurants, instead, you can focus on the thrilling sporting events. The Halal meals will be provided by the Muslim World League (MWL) which is also set to be the provider of Halal items in Japan under a new agreement with the country. The MWL has promised that quality products and services will be certified accordingly as well. 5. Let The Robots Take You Into The Future Credit: Techspot It’s no secret that Japan is among the most technologically forward countries in the world - so be prepared to let robots carry your luggage! This is all part of the 2020 technology to create a futuristic environment and with a swarm of robots performing tasks to make visitors feel welcome and enjoy a convenient stay during the major sporting event. Majority of the robots will be at the athlete’s Olympic village in the Odaiba area and at the airport, where visitors will get assistance with translation, directions, transport and even sight-seeing. 6. More Cutting Edge Technology Credit: Voicetra Part of the amazing 2020 Technology that Japan will be presenting includes an app that features real-time translation known as VoiceTra that is designed to translate 10 languages and will be available in public areas such as shopping spots and landmarks. Panasonic will also be introducing a palm-sized translator that can translate Japanese into 10 languages. Finally taking things further for viewers at home, the NHK plans to broadcast the event in glorious 8k high definition where you can enjoy the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in a high-quality display. 7. Olympic Medals Will Contain Parts Of Old Electronics With all this progress in technology, creating a unique experience for visitors to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Japan is also taking a sustainable approach to the medals for the event. The Japanese are encouraged to donate their old and unused electronic items which will be used to manufacture up to 5000 medals for the Olympics. 8. A Unique Take On Technology And Transport Credit: Nikkei Asian Review Japan plans to the next level once again by introducing the self-driving taxis to the streets. The taxis are installed with sensors, with more vehicles to be launched out in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, there are big plans to power the entire Olympic athletes’ village with hydrogen by using fuel cells and hydrogen-powered buses as well. 9. Artificial Shooting Stars? via GIPHY Another fascinating feature of this year’s Olympics include plans to release an artificial meteor shower from a cubic microsatellite that will be operated from earth for the opening ceremony, which will be the very first of its kind.  ...

  • Escape Into Nature! Visit These 8 Best Places To Practice Shinrin Yoku!

    Shinrin Yoku is better known to many as forest bathing. It helps you awaken your senses and allows you to appreciate the peacefulness of nature. We are too attached to technology these days so this treatment is definitely what we all need right now. It's time to shut down your devices and escape into nature. You will be surprised when you realise the multiple benefits that you can get from this experience. If you wish to know more about Shinrin Yoku, do check out my previous article where I talked more in-depth on what it is about and what it can do for you. It's now time for you to discover the 8 best places to practice this incredible therapy. Get ready to find your inner peace and unleash the Kung-Fu Panda in you. 1.Grace Mayflower Inn & Spa, Connecticut Picture: AubergeResorts Feeling tired from work and in need a peaceful time away? The Grace Mayflower Inn & Spa will offer you a blissful getaway into its forest full of lush greenery. Located in Connecticut, Grace Mayflower Forest is a quiet spot away from the noisy disturbances of the city. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated while taking a stroll into their wonderful, vibrant forest. Address: 118 Woodbury Rd, Route 47, Washington, CT 06793, United StatesWebsite: AubergeResorts 2. Primland, Virginia Switch your devices off and breath in the fresh air of the mountains and the peacefulness of the forest. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the Primland forest is a place where peace prevails. It invites its visitors into a zen world where its all about forgetting the one's daily hustle and bustle. Enjoy beautiful views while inhaling the sweet and soothing scent of lavender. Let your soul get carried away by the force of nature. Address: 2000 Busted Rock Rd, Meadows of Dan, VA 24120, USAWebsite: Primland 3. Arashiyama, Kyoto Picture: Inside Kyoto Get ready to experience a Kung-Fu panda lifestyle in this incredible bamboo forest. Explore your zen attitude while breathing in peace and exhaling anxiety. Let the magnificence of the bamboo trees ensnare you into another dimension. Take a walk through the bamboo forest and bring your senses to life while being far away from the outside world. Address: Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, JapanWebsite: Kyoto 4. Bijin Bayashi, Tokamachi, Niigata Picture: GaijinPot Named the 'Forest of Beauties', Bijin Bayashi is the epitome of true beauty with its ever-changing colors at the rhythm of seasons. Enter into the fairy-tale world and lose yourself in its beautiful greenery and calm environment. These tall silhouetted trees are gracefully colored throughout the year so do visit the forest at least once for each season to have a new forest bathing experience every time. Address: Matsunoyamamatsuguchi, Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture 942-1411, Japan 5. Longshaw, Derbyshire Picture: NationalTrust Longshaw is a true walk into the past with a magical touch. Enchanting and mesmerizing, the Longshaw forest is complete with ponds, bridges, trees on rocky slopes and entwined branches. Hearing the sound of rushing waters as you take a stroll on the bridge will soothe and make you forget about your biggest worries. Enjoy breath-taking sceneries and end your walk with a cup of tea and a few home-made pastries. Address: Longshaw, Sheffield S11 7TZ, UKWebsite: NationalTrust 6. Sheringham Park, Norfolk Picture: Norfolk Landscape Photography Connect with the nature through history and plants. Sheringham Park is anything but ordinary. With a history that goes way back in time, the park is an entrancing walk that will make you explore the beauty of life at its best. Designed by Humphry Repton from 1752-1818, this estate was bought by the Upcher family in 1811. Since then, successive generations of the family further developed it by adding a hall, a park and even went on to build a school.  Sit under the shade of the ancient beech tree and let the swishing of the leaves take you far away from this world. You can never have a negative feeling with all the vibrant flowers surrounding you from every angle. Address: Visitor Centre, Wood Farm, Upper Sheringham NR26 8TL, UKWebsite: NationalTrust 7. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil Picture: Rainforest Brace yourself to embark into an explosion of sensations. Located in Brazil, the Amazon forest is an energy boost for our minds, unleashing our senses to discover a world full of vibrant nature. Delve into this untamed nature and explore its wonders. Experience colors and sounds like never before. Listen to the rushing streams and the crackling of twigs underneath your feet. Once you're here, you're in for an expedition of a lifetime. 8. Ancient Kauri Forests, New Zealand Picture: NewZealandPhoto The best of cultures and nature is hidden inside this ancient forest, home to thousands of trees and a number of species. The Ancient Kauri Forests are beautified by magnificent tall trees and dense nature. With so much to feel and see all around, the forests will definitely take you on a roller coaster of emotions as you discover what nature has to offer. Forests are captivating and of course, full of magic. Shinrin Yoku can take place in any forest but you now have with you a list of the most wonderful forests that will help you rejuvenate and make you feel alive all over again. Don't be afraid to let go of the world for a moment and explore the the wonders of the forest. It's time to escape! Read more of our Muslim-friendly travel blogs!...

  • Spend Your Final Hours In Mauritius Buying 7 Souvenirs And Gifts That Are Rare Anywhere Else!

    Dreaming of beaches this winter season? Want to escape to the warm climes? Well, Mauritius may likely be your answer. Mauritius is an island renowned for its beaches, reefs and lagoons as well as its abundance of mountains, rain forests, waterfalls and wildlife. Situated in the Indian ocean this island’s temperature ranges from 19 to 28 Degree Celsius throughout the year, and the best time to visit is from May to December when the weather is cool and sunny. Aside from its natural endowments, Mauritius will give every Muslim traveler a souvenir and gift shopping experience like no other! With its unique a local spice, sugar, tea and handicraft products, Mauritius is a souvenir shopping paradise offering a range of traditional and local gift items for you to take home as the ultimate souvenir. Here is a list of the best Halal souvenir and gift items with a guide to where to shop for them. Don’t forget to bargain when you shop and look around before you make your final purchase. Top souvenirs from other countries 1. Dodo Souvenirs Picture: Royal Palm Mauritius The Dodo was a native bird to Mauritius. Although now extinct, the country still celebrates the uniqueness of the Dodo bird by offering tourists a range of Dodo souvenirs such as stuffed toys, key chains, magnets, ornaments and whatnot. Also available are Dodo print t-shirts, caps, bags, mugs, and the famous flip-flops. The Dodo souvenirs range in price depending on what you buy and the shops and stores in Mauritius you buy it from. If you become a little Dodo crazy while in Mauritian take in the Dodo Museum and learn all about these flight-less birds that existed before the 17th century. 2. Model Ships Picture: Easyvoyage A very fascinating souvenir are the model ships made from wood and the famed shipwreck bottles that are a dedication to a bygone era of shipwrecks in Mauritius. Mainly handmade, these wood-based models are a lovey and unique souvenir to take home for your living room or as a gift to your parents. 3. Sarongs or “Pareo” and Scarves Picture: Air Mauritius Blog Over the years, the textile industry in Mauritius has become quite famous for its quality products, making clothing products one of the best gifts from Mauritius. So, while there get yourself a Pareo made from quality textile with local prints and all colors. This sarong will make you stand out once you go home or make a perfect yet cheap gift for your friends who dream of visiting the beach. Another popular clothing item for gifting is scarves. Mauritius scarves come in many different colors and prints, making it a very nice and affordable gift for friends and family. Note, the best place for textile shopping is the Quarter Bornes Textile Market. So, if you are in the vicinity of the town of Quatre Bornes, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit this market! 4. Traditional Music Picture: MusicInAfrica If you are a music lover and enjoy all varieties of music, then buy yourself a CD of the best traditional music known as ‘Sega’ from any music shop. This also makes a very inexpensive gift for friends and allows you to take home a little bit of your holiday. 5. Bois Cheri Tea Picture: Bois Cheri Tea While you can get many flavored teas in Mauritius, the Bois Cheri Tea is a favorite, especially its vanilla flavor. Therefore, this brand of tea is available everywhere. If interested, you can even visit the Bois Cheri Tea Estate and take a tour of their tea plantations and factory. 6. Napolitaines Picture: Air Mauritius  If you have a sweet tooth, this sweet treat is the perfect take home souvenir from Mauritius. Napolitaines are shortbread cookies filled with jam and are available at all bakery shops throughout the country. Tip: Some bakers add rum to these biscuits, so check before you eat or buy this sweet goodie. 7. Mauritian Jams Mauritian jams made from homegrown tropical fruits is another gift and souvenir option to consider. These jams are locally manufactured from fruits such as bananas, passion fruit, pineapples and even guava. So, taking home such a gift is akin to taking home a taste of Mauritius. Locally made jams should be available at any grocery store or supermarket. Just double check to ensure it's Halal. Where to Shop for Souvenirs There is an abundance of shopping options where finding your perfect souvenir and gift item will become a pleasure. Whichever part of the island you visit, you can be sure to find a range of shopping malls and centres as well as the traditional local markets. Here are a few choice shops and markets to visit. Badaboom Souvenir Shop Address: Royal Road, Stall 22, Bazar De Grand Baie, Grand Baie, MauritiusContact: +230 5250 2068Operating Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Daily) Blue Magic Rodrigues Craft World Company Ltd Address: Baie Malgache, Port Mathurin, Mauritius R4304Contact: +230 440 2580 Cottons Address: Dias Pier, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis, MauritiusWebsite: Le Craft Market Address: Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, MauritiusContact: +230 211 9500Opening Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Monday to Saturday) Le Port Ship Model Address: Vacoas-Phoenix, MauritiusContact: +230 696 9042Opening Hours: 8.15AM to 5PM (Monday to Friday)                            8.15AM to 4.30PM (Saturday) Marche de Goodlands Address: Next to Central Bus Station, Goodlands, Mauritius Pieter Both Shop Address: Racket Road, Grand Baie, Mauritius|Tel: +230 263 1821Times: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm Pride of the Island Address: Floreal Road, Floreal, Curepipe, MauritiusTel: +230 684 2999Times: 9AM to 5PM (Mon-Sat)            9AM to 12PM (Sun)Facebook   BONUS: Find your ultimate shopping guide to Mauritius here...

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