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  • 10 of Scotland's Most Breathtaking Attractions

    Why visit Scotland? You will find that majority of the top attractions in Scotland are often surrounded by some of the most gorgeous, wild scenery that you can experience. There are some great places to visit in Scotland by car too, where you can absorb the beauty of the Scottish highlands or hike on nature trails and observe the flora and fauna of the countryside. 1. Loch Ness The site of the famous Loch Ness monster legends, Loch Ness is a 23 mile and 52ft deep loch in the Scottish highlands. While the loch and natural landscape is breathtaking by itself, some of the top attractions in Scotland include the ruins of Urquhart Castle, Fort Augustus and the village of Drumnadrochit in Urquhart bay. The view of the loch when viewed from the castle ruins are some of the must-do experiences in Scotland. 2. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye The Fairly Pools  are one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Scotland, with crystal clear pools of water surrounded by unique rock formations and enchanting waterfalls located near the River Brittle. Visitors can take an enjoyable walk and explore or even swim in these pools. 3. The Angus Coast The long drive along the Angus Coast from Dundee to Aberdeen is a great way to take in the natural attractions in Scotland with ideal places to visit in Scotland by car. With a breathtaking view of the Grampian Mountains, Angus Glen and seaside resorts decorating the coast, this is a scenic route that must be taken. 4. Cairngorms National Park  Some must-do experiences in Scotland include visiting the natural attractions in Scotland - this includes paying a visit to the Cairngorms National Park. Six of the five highest mountains in Scotland can be viewed here and the wild natural landscape is perfect for the best sightseeing in Scotland. Hiking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting are some top activities in Scotland that can enjoyed at the Cairngorms. The areas are a natural habitat for rare wildlife and plants, some of which are endangered or protected. 5. Finnich Glen  Finnich Glen is 100ft deep gorge that is said to have been used by the ancient druids as a meeting place. As one of the must-see sights in Scotland, it does not disappoint with mossy walls of red sandstone and natural water flowing through the gorge. A circular rock known as the Devil’s Pulpit and a staircase known as the Devil’s staircase were carved around 1860. 6. Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Visiting this amazing natural park is one of the must-do experiences in Scotland for nature and wildlife lovers. There are 2 forest parks located within the natural park – Argyll Park and Queen Elizabeth Park, including several small towns and villages as well. There 21 munros some of which are over 3000ft. 7. Killiecrankie This small picturesque village is located close to a unique gorge that was created by the River Gary. Some of the top activities in Scotland can be enjoyed here – such as bungee jumping into the gorge and kayaking. During different seasons, various types of flora and fauna can be observed in their natural habitat. The Soldier’s Leap also provides a great spot to take in the Scottish scenery. 8. Scott’s View, The Scottish Borders Scott’s View is one of the top attractions in Scotland and is said to be Sir Walter Scott’s favorite viewpoint. The River Tweed, three peaks of the Elidon Hills including the Black Hill creates a serene and rural landscape that looks different depending on a sunny or rainy day. 9. Skara Brae, Orkney Island Skara Brae is an ancient Neolithic site that used to be a village. There 8 stone buildings huddled together with stone furniture and cooking hearths built on the inside. There have been many historical artifacts and utensils that have been found in the area, and Skara Brae is a UNESCO World Heritage site being Europe’s most complete Neolithic village. 10. Lukentyre Sands, Outer Hebrides Lukentyre Sands is one of most scenic and largest beaches on the west coast of Harris. The blue-green crystal clear waters and a white sandy coastline paired with the surrounding rocky terrain makes this beach something unique. Lukentyre Sands  is one of  the must-see sights in Scotland that cannot be missed Muslim-friendly facilities in Scotland Muslim travelers can find Muslim-owned Halal restaurants in Scotland, however, some of them might not have certification. You can always ask the staff if the food is Halal or stick to vegetarian and seafood items to be safe, or even ask the locals to direct you to Halal restaurants. Mosques in Scotland can be found in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee where there are three main central mosques in these regions including a number of other mosques too. ...

  • Royal Scotsman

    A great cruise train for those looking for a detailed tour of the Scottish countryside in luxury settings. The Royal Scotsman offers one of the best travel experiences. Believed to among the most luxurious trains in the world, the train has a maximum seating capacity for 36 guests and offers private cabins and also large observation decks for guests to see the untouched countryside. Itineraries: The Royal Scotsman offers seven types of itineraries varying from two to seven nights.The Highland Journey lasts for 2 nights and traverses 540 miles starting from the Edinburgh Waverley Stationmoving towards Perth and then back to Edinburgh on Day 3. On Day 2 the train reached Rothiemurchus Estate where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Another trip is the Western Journey which lasts for 3 nights and travels 660 miles. The Royal Scotsman leaves Edinburgh in the afternoon and touches Glasgow, Wemyss Bay, Loch Lomond and Fort William and reaches back to Edinburgh on Day 4. The Classic Journey takes you 720 miles across some of the finest sceneries and travels for 4 nights. This journey starts from Edinburgh traveling through Dundee, Montrose, Aberdeen, Keith, Inverness, Plockton, Dalwhinnie and Perth and finally terminates at Edinburgh on Day 5. Get an insight into the finest properties of Scotland by taking the 4 Nights Country Homes & Gardens Journey. The entire journey covers 720 miles and starts from Edinburgh taking you through Edzell Castle, Keith, Plockton, Kyle of Lochalsh, Logie House, Rothiemurchus Estate and Pitmuies Garden and finally terminates at Edinburgh on Day 5. Combine the traditional Highland and scenic Western journeys in the Grand West Highland Journey that lasts for 5 nights. A perfect combination of the Classic and Western journeys is the Grand North Western Journey, which lasts for 7 nights.If you are looking for something special then take the Grand Tour of Great Britain, which is a 7 nights itinerary that travels through Scotland, England and Wales. The journey starts from Edinburgh and terminates in Edinburgh on Day 8. Cabins: The coaches in Royal Scotsman offer four single, two double and fourteen twin State Cabins. Each of these cabins has been luxuriously designed with individual temperature control, ceiling fans, dressing tables, hairdryer and cabin service call buttons. The beds have comfortable mattresses and feather and foam pillows. Dining: The food on the Royal Scotsman is not halal. The dining cars have been pleasantly designed in mahogany paneling and lavish fabrics. Alternatively, there are formals and informal dinners hosted for guests on board. The best part of being on board the Royal Scotsman is the observation deck, which is perfect to enjoy the journey and the amazing views of the countryside. The observation deck has convenient sofas and armchairs for guests to sit back and enjoy the views. The charges of the Royal Scotsman differ according to the type of journey that you opt for.  ...

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