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  • Sadaqah: Small Steps, Big Impact Amidst Financial Strains

    In a world rife with financial strains and societal challenges, the essence of Sadaqah (charitable giving) takes on a profound significance. Beyond monetary contributions, the spirit of Sadaqah extends...

  • Muslim-Friendly Hotels to stay in Indonesia

    When planning a trip to Indonesia, finding accommodations that cater to your specific needs can greatly enhance your travel experience. For Muslim travelers, finding Muslim-friendly hotels is essential...

  • The Journey from Tsitsitkamma to George in South Africa Part 4

    Tsitsikamma to George The next 160 km drive takes you to George passing yet again a number of scenics, must-see towns. The first stop is Plettenberg Bay-synonymous with the spectacular Beacon Island hotel....

  • Witness Autumn Bloom in Busan

    Busan Blueline Park The newest way to enjoy Busan’s coastal treats, The Haeundae Blueline Park is a 4.8KM-long where you’ll be taken for a scenic ride along the coast of East Busan. Taking you from...

  • Mosques in South Africa: Notable Masjids to Check-out

    I personally feel that a masjid like a slab of chocolate is a very personal preference. It's a place of prayer no doubt but in the same way that everyone has a personal inclination towards nuts or coconut...

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