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  • Your pick of the crop: The best Airbnbs in Perth for every type of travel!

    The world of traveling is ever-changing and growing. It was not long ago when staying in someone's apartment abroad was a daunting experience but now with sites like Airbnb who place the utmost importance on customer safety, comfort, and wholesome experiences, travel, and hospitality are closely intertwined. Home to the Aboriginal Australians for over 38,000 years, Perth is the capital and the most metropolitan area of Western Australia. Perth is home to historical castles, British history, protected gardens, coastal reserves, amazing nature, and a buzzing metropolitan scene. This article has gathered the best Airbnb for your experience in Perth and categorized them for ease in your search. Whether you're searching for something cozy and affordable, luxurious, sleek and modern, or a home with character, Airbnb is here to serve and travel has never been so close to our fingertips.   Cozy and Affordable- Historic Hostel The Old Swan Barracks Backpacker Hostel Image Credit: Nachoman-au, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons Cozy and Affordable does not indicate substituting looks, charms, and comfort. Perth has an array of choices for those who wish to spend money on different things. Although for a budget of under 40 Australian Dollars a night most places are hotel rooms and private rooms in a house, this provides you with epic stays like The Old swan barracks. This impressive hostel looks like a castle from the exterior but was the headquarters of the Australian Army. One of the cheapest finds in Perth, this place is great for a sleep and go location. It won an award in 2019 for the Best accommodation from adventure tourism. It provides you with a bed, space, and storage as well as a communal kitchen. There are choices available for smaller and larger groups. It must be warned this place has a bar and large social area. Airbnb Link   Hostel G Perth -Bed in Glam Room (Ladies Only) Image Credit: unpluggededition Muslim female travelers need not worry, if staying in a hostel worries you, Hostel G Perth is perfect as it is ladies only. The whole communal area only allows females and the priority is female comfort. The space is small and private only allowing a max of 4 people, which means it could be booked out for a group of female travelers or a solo traveler. All the comments from previous guests are positive and some even return, this Airbnb scores a 4.66 in total out of 142 reviews. Airbnb Link    Homes with character "Silver Gypsy's Fabulous Flat for Two" or more ...- meditative retreat Image Credit: Airbnb The 1 bedroom flat is encased by a shield of greenery and is the perfect retreat away to make you feel your away from the city. This is done without compensating for access to the surrounding towns and even the beach. Marg, a retired teacher with a particular interest in Family History welcomes visitors to explore her gardens growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables in season. The homely character of this Airbnb encourages you to enjoy its surroundings in warm and cooler seasons, with all the amenities available to make a cozy night in perfect or even a day to the beach paired with a basket full of garden goodies enjoyable. Airbnb Link    Beautiful Loft Home: walk to King's Pk, UWA, shops Images credit: Airbnb This 2 bedroom loft is an artistic home merging traditional Italian interior design, eastern and Mediterranean rugs, and modern furniture. The amalgamation of all these influences create a space unique and inviting. The apartment begs for curious minds to inspect the detailed choices and enjoy the grand space. This is a good choice for the halal-conscious traveler as there are several rooms without art including faces that allow Muslim visitors the ease of praying in the home. The character of this home is versatile, whether young or old the homeowners have done a great job in creating a place that merges Australia’s complicated history through visual cultural notes. This huge space houses 6 guests and has 3 double beds, it has all the modern technological appliances you may need and is within walking distance to transport. Airbnb Link    Sleek and modern South Perth Living on the Foreshore Free NBN WIFI- longer business stays and the modern traveler. Image Credit: Airbnb A blend of whites, creams, greys, and blacks this home is the epitome of pristine, sleek, and modern. The shiny clear surfaces, blank walls and clean ground floor apartment is the perfect choice for the modern traveler, who wants to experience the cleanliness of a hotel but the comfort of a home. All the reviews rave that the location is perfect for those who require quick access to the city for business or ease. One reviewer called the flat ‘immaculate’ and a few Airbnb-ers expressed their delight with space after staying for weeks and even months. Airbnb Link   Top location, 81sqm, pool/gym, parking & more! - the modern city individual⭐️ Image Credit: Airbnb In similar fashion to other sleek and modern apartments, this 1 bedroom flat boasts pristine whites, greys, and blacks but this time with incorporation of earthy tones to connect the flat to the nature of the surrounding area. The plants, mahogany, straw, and wood connect this place to the heart of its central location. Lake monger and parks surround the flat, located in North Perth. This apartment also boasts access to a pool, gym, and outdoor BBQ. Although they are shared with the neighbors if you require privacy, agreements can be arranged with the neighbors. Airbnb Link   Aviator Ocean Retreat- Family or group holidays Image Credit: Airbnb Our last home in this category is aimed at the group of younger travelers with a standard for the modern and cleanliness. This space is highly familiar with a living room, dining space, private back garden deck. This is perfect for a family or group of friends trying to enjoy each other's company. It is also within walking access to Catalina Beach Park with its beautiful white plank work and swimming pools. This is an ideal place for a family to enjoy the sun, have fun, and relax. The kitchen is also ideal for people who enjoy cooking! Erin, the host has posted pictures of the sunset which showcase the ocean and the sky in all its glory. Airbnb Link    Luxurious retreats Hidden Gem in Inglewood! Min's to Perth City Image Credit: Airbnb Louise the owner of this beautiful home describes her home as “ the ideal retreat for an exquisite & up-scale stay, located close to the absolute heart of Perth CBD and Airport. “ This luxurious Airbnb who sleeps up to 8 guests is a space that focuses on refined luxury and the comfort of a home. Everything in the home is at the disposal of the guests including the Nespresso machines and everything in the kitchen. This home is more of an understated luxury that aims to ground its guests into the everyday life of someone living in Perth. Halal travelers can be glad to experience a home with no offensive art or faces in the decoration. The house has shielded windows for people who need privacy. The host was described as responsive and there to help with every demand and Airbnb Link    Modern taste of nature, with amazing views (house)- swimming pool home away from home Image Credit: Airbnb Perhaps the most luxurious home on our list, this home with its stunning views and private rectangular swimming, open window plan may take a little while to get used to. The Home’s main unique selling point is that it is so detached from other people and homes that it can have open windows, a private backyard, and a swimming pool without the fear of anyone seeing through. Halal-conscious travelers may take a moment to get used to this place because it would feel as though anyone can see them, but its location and architecture as well as positioning over normal ground level mean that it’s hard for any visitors to intrude. However, this home is shared with the hosts so conversation and boundaries would have to be discussed for hijabis. This should be of no problem as all the reviews rave about the host’s hospitality and how they added to the experience of staying here. Granted this place is located away from the city and closer to nature’s reserves, situated at the foot of the Kalamunda national park but this Airbnb should be considered for its unique experience. Airbnb Link ...

  • 7 Best Things to Do in New Delhi for your Trip

    The mesmerizing voice of Adhan flowing through the lively streets, filled with the aroma of Mughlai food and grand historical monuments, makes New Delhi. Delhi is one of the most unique destinations and affordable honeymoon destinations for Muslims all over the world.  It is the capital of India and has been a famous tourist destination since time immemorial. With its rich culture and heritage, this city can fill your travel needs with enthusiasm and excitement. While you may think it just has Hinduism-related attractions, Delhi has a whole other Islamic twist waiting for you.  So, we have compiled a list of beautiful Muslim-friendly things to do in Delhi.   Let Jama Masjid Bless Your Journey Image Credit: Dewang Gupta on Unsplash Address: Chandani Chowk, Delhi Do you wish to begin your trip with the blessings of Allah (SWT)? Well, give Jama Masjid a visit.  Jama Masjid is one of the oldest and largest Mosques in India. Built in 1656 by Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor from 1628 to 1658, this Mosque boasts a grand architecture that will leave you in awe and splendor.  Here, you can also offer your Salah and begin your trip in a halal way.  Tip: Consider offering Jummah prayer here around 12 and 12:30 pm. Jummah at Jama has a whole another feel.    Marvel at the Magnificent Qutub Minar Image Credit: Subhayan Das on Unsplash Address: Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New Delhi Time: 6 am to 6 pm (All days) Tickets: Rs. 550/each foreign visitor  If you’re a history lover then Delhi is your haven. One of the most historical and famous sites to visit in this city is the Qutub Minar.  Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret of India, was built in the 14th century and is an amalgamation of both Islamic and Hinduism architecture.  This five-storeyed minaret rises above 70-meters in height. It is covered in Quranic verses and transcriptions that give it an intricate and beautiful look.  Hire a local guide to get an insight into the history of Qutub Minar.    Explore the Old Delhi Through Chandni Chowk Image Credit: Aquib Akhter on Unsplash Address: Chandni Chowk, North Delhi Are you looking for an adventure? Well, hop onto the next taxi and visit Chandni Chowk.  Chandni Chowk street can offer you everything. From street shopping to scrumptious Halal food to beautiful Mosques, it is the best way to skip the routine attractions and explore the real Delhi.  It has the biggest spice market for your savory buds.  If you’re a street-food lover, you can also taste the different food varieties of Delhi in Chandni Chowk.    Bring Out Your Inner Animal Lover At National Zoological Park Image Credit: Shwetangi Gupta on Unsplash Address: Mathura Road, New Delhi Time: 9/9:30 to 4/4:30 (Open except for Fridays) Tickets: Rs. 200/each foreign visitor (above 12 years), Rs.100 (5-12 years) If you’re tired of exploring just history, visit the National Zoological Park. Here, you and your loved one can enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna from all around the world.  This park is home to more than 1,500 species of birds and animals. Some of the animals you can find here include zebras, hyenas, monkeys, and reptiles like snakes.  You can get a ticket for an electronic vehicle to properly tour around this park.    Experience the Spiritualism of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah Image Credit: IncredibleIndia Address: Boali Gate Road, Nizamuddin Delhi is a paradise for anyone trying to find themselves amidst the chaos of life.  Dating back to the 14th century, Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah is renowned for its Islamic style of architecture. In addition, it is also one of the best Sufi Dargahs to experience brotherhood, unity, and a sense of peace firsthand.  The best time to visit the dargah is on a Thursday evening, that's when you can have the chance to catch the Qawwali performances. These performances will definitely freshen up your mind, heart, and soul.   Treat Yourself With Halal Food Image Credit: Hamid Roshaan on Unsplash Being the food capital, Delhi has a lot of cuisines to offer. So, take a day off from visiting attractions and treat your inner foodie.  You can taste authentic and juicy Mughlai kebabs at various Halal restaurants like:  The Great Kabab Factory Kebabs & Kurries Karim’s Al-bake  Or, if you’re a coffee-lover, visit the various cafes in New Delhi offering delicious food. You can also try out Paranthas, Kulchas, and other such delicious regional food.    Fulfill Your Shopping Dreams Image Credit: Tarun Anand Giri on Unsplash Delhi is every shopper’s city.  Rajouri and Janpath have inexpensive clothes, perfumes, and jewelry so you can binge-shop without any guilt!  You can also visit shops selling homemade ice-cream and treat yourself in the summer heat of Delhi.  If you’re a book lover then you can find bookstores at Connaught place or Karol Baug. After all, what’s better than having huge bags of books?    Additional Tips Before Booking Your Flight Image Credit: Emily Rusch on Unsplash Here are a few tips to help you plan your New Delhi trip.  Due to COVID-19, the international flight availability to New Delhi might be reduced. However, the flights are resuming with strict measures. Some of the best international airlines for flying to Delhi are Emirates, Air India, and British Airways. Domestic airlines include Indigo, Spicejet, Vistara, etc.  The best time to visit Delhi is in the winter season (October to February) to avoid the summer heat.  Do not drink tap water. Instead, carry bottled water with you.  Consider packing loose-fitting clothes during summers and warm sweaters during winters.  Some of the luxury hotels are the Oberoi, the Leela Palace, and Taj Palace.  Transport facilities include Delhi metro, taxi services like Uber and Ola, and auto rickshaws.  People are friendly with English so there won’t be any language barrier.  Do not travel alone at night.  So, plan your tickets to New Delhi to experience this beautiful Indian city! You can also check out our other Muslim-friendly travel blogs to explore more options.  If you wish to know about Halal restaurants and other Mosques near you then install the Halaltrip Islamic Travel App!...

  • Muslimah-Friendly Fitness Studios & Gyms in Singapore

    An active body is a healthy body. Keeping fit has never been as important as it is now. With the ongoing pandemic, one of the best defenses we can put up is by building up our immune system through exercise. Don’t know about you but all that staying indoors during the Circuit Breaker (and staycations)  is making us feel a little sluggish. And if you’re worried and conscious about onlookers watching you while you exercise, don’t worry! These are some Muslimah-Friendly fitness places you can go to keep fit and stay healthy with peace of mind. Some of these classes are even conducted online!   Her Tribe Image Credit: ClassPass Her Tribe is one entry that is known for being hijab friendly. With classes ranging from Ariel Yoga to Barre sessions, they offer a range of holistic fitness classes that can help you find your balance after a long day at work. If you are just starting to dip your feet into the fitness scene, these classes will be great for you as they cater to beginners as well! You can pick and choose which of their sessions strike your fancy over at ClassPass. Join their Bbarreless session if you’re looking to lose that extra pounds. Location: 329A Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427586 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass Image Credit: ClassPass If you’re more inclined to the traditional gym setting then might be the one you’re looking for. A female-only fitness studio, they hold Circuit and Strength Training will surely be a HIIT! Join their STRONG sessions if you’re planning to beat your PB (Personal Best) or if you’re working towards that toned figure, join their REFORMER classes. Their sessions are a great way to start getting familiar with the gym equipment as all their classes are beginner-friendly! A great thing about is that they also offer in-house personal classes for bookings. These range from Personal Training sessions, Buddy Training, or Mobility Sessions (Sports massage is a must-try, not even joking). You can browse through their classes and schedule them at their website or ClassPass. Location: 2 Gambas Crescent, Singapore 757044 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   The Eaqlia Studio Image Credit: classpass Under the same management as Aida Fitness, Eaqlia caters to the folks up north. Eaqlia or Mind in Arabic is a fitness studio which focuses not only on the physical but also the mental part of wellness. Other than the physical fitness classes offered like Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, and even Shadow Boxing, The Eaqlia studio encourages the other aspects of wellness like eating habits and mental health. Classes vary in difficulty, this is great news as increasing the intensity of your workout really helps in developing your fitness level. If you’re more comfortable with the idea of staying indoors, Eaqlia studio also offers online virtual classes with VIRTUAL EAQLIA where you will get to join their live workouts running in their studios from the comfort and privacy of your home. Location: 102 Yishun Avenue 5, #04-119, Singapore 760102 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   Aida Fitness Image Credit: classpass Previously known as E-tribe, Aida Fitness is a branch of The Eaqlia Studio that offers similar classes but for the east-siders. So you can expect similar classes with The Eaqlia Studio. Just don’t be tempted by the food available nearly (Geylang Serai is soo close-by) Location: Centropod, 80 Changi Road, #01-02, Singapore 419715 Website | Instagram | Facebook | ClassPass   Contours Express Image Credit: Contours Express A fitness boutique, Contours Express not only brings you the privacy from being a female-only place but it also purposefully convenient with all their boutiques located in the housing areas of Singapore. There might even be one near your house! The offerings from them are similar to large gym franchises but without the budget pinch. Making the gym accessible to women of all backgrounds. Follow their bespoke weight-loss program, where they go through the details and advice you on your nutrition and exercise, or join their many group or training classes. There is something for everyone! If you’re looking for a traditional gym setting then Contours Express is really in with a good shout. Location: Bedok, Bishan, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Pasir Ris, Serangoon, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun (Check out their website for more details) Website | Instagram | Facebook   Nawal Haddad Fitness Image Credit: Nawal Haddad Fitness Currently hosting their classes exclusively online, Nawal Haddad Fitness offers virtual fitness classes where you can just sweat it out at home. Get ready to move a lot though, as some of the classes they offer will require you to dance and box around the house! Who said exercising can’t be fun? If that’s not your tempo, build up your core muscles and flexibility with their Hatha Yoga classes. An interesting program that they’re offering is Fatburn Extreme, a group fitness training dedicated to weight loss exercising. Using bodyweight exercises, this method is a tried and tested way for losing that extra CB/staycation weight. In addition to just losing weight, it will help you build on your endurance as well! If you’re interested in learning more about this form of exercise, look up “calisthenics” on google or youtube to get an idea of what to expect when you join this program. Location: Online Website | Instagram | Facebook   There are a lot of benefits to exercising (we can’t list them here because there’ll be a lot!) and it has become more and more important these days with us staying indoors and working from home a lot more than before. Keeping fit is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Breaking out of the sedentary lifestyle and start your journey in fitness can be daunting but it will definitely be a very fruitful experience. Insha Allah!...

  • Things to Do In Yogyakarta After Pandemic

    COVID-19 is still a big problem for several countries in the Southeast Asia region. Some of the countries are able to flatten the curve, yet some of them are still facing difficulty to slow down the transmission. For example, Indonesia is still combating COVID-19 transmission. Currently, there are 59 countries have banned Indonesian travelers to visit their country. This scenario has forced Indonesians to stay inside their country and could not fly overseas. Surely foreign tourist is still not allowed to visit Indonesia. However, look at the bright side, Indonesians can travel domestically when the pandemic blows over. Of course, foreign travelers are also welcome to visit this biggest country in the region. So when this pandemic has vanished from Indonesia, there are nice places to look for in Yogyakarta, the southern part of Java Island, a province with magnificent cultures and social life. Yogyakarta is a province where lots of tourist spots that worth to be visited.  Here I would like to recommend you spectacular attractions in Yogyakarta you must see after the pandemic.   Desa Wisata Tinalah - Keeping Traces of the History and Natural Exoticism of Kulon Progo Image Credit: twitter Kulon Progo regency as part of Yogyakarta province has a natural attraction that will pamper our eyes, body, and mind. This spot invites you to get closer to mother nature. Desa Wisata Tinalah is located in Samigaluh District. We will enjoy the fresh air and some breeze from Menoreh Mountains surrounding this village. With many attractions that can be seen here, Desa Wisata Tinalah is a perfect place to spend your vacation time. In this village, the visitor can learn many things like walking down Tinalah River, educational outbound activities, and even visiting Joglo house - a Javanese traditional house. There is another fantastic spot near Desa Wisata Tinalah. Tourists could take a walk to Sriti Cave with 70 meters depth. This cave is famous before Desa Wisata Tinalah gained more traction recently. This village is a silent witness of Diponegoro Prince's battle against the Netherland where he stayed in a Talun Miri hill to set a war strategy. He also practicing horse riding on this hill. Currently, Talun Miri hill is used a camping ground. Desa Wisata Tinalah locates 25 kilometers from Yogyakarta. We can drive by any vehicle like a car, motorcycle, or taking a bus to visit this wonderful spot. Address: Jalan Persandian Kilometer 5, Sendang Sari, Purwoharo, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta. Opening hours: Monday to Wednesday: 8 am to 4 pm. Thursday: 8.30 am to 4 pm. Friday: 8.30 am to 11 am, 1 pm to 3.30 pm. Saturday: 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Sunday: 8.30 am to 4 pm. Phone: +62 852 005 2054   Glagah Beach - The Best Wave Breaker Beach in Yogyakarta Image Credit: 10travlr Discussing about Glagah Beach, the local people mostly will very proud of its beautiful lagoon. Commonly, beach lagoons have a barrier like sand or rock as it is usually located in relatively shallow and quiet locations. Yet, a lagoon in Glagah Beach is different as it is shaped from a slightly concave-shaped part of the land that contains high tide. Time goes by, this basin forms a broad lake with calm waters, lush edges, and overgrown with wild grass. Glagah Beach Lagoon is also used as a water tourism spot, such as paddle boats, canoes, and small boats that you can use to get around in the lagoon. Due to its quiet location and far from the crashing waves, this lagoon is quite crowded with children. For adults, there are fishing spots in this lagoon. Glagah Beach is known as one of the beaches in Jogja which has quite large waves. Therefore, in the coastal area, a tetrapod was built. It is made of a four-legged concrete structure that functions as a wave breaker so that it doesn't enter the shoreline further. In the middle of the tetrapods, a long concrete path was built that led out to sea. This path also functions like access to the pier. Many tourists could sue this tetrapod area for fishing while enjoying the sea breeze and the waves. The presence of a path surrounded by tetrapods is the hallmark of Glagah Beach. Most of the visitors take pictures of the landscape of the waves that break after hitting the tetrapod. Glagah Beach is located in Glagah Village, Temon District, Kulon Progo Regency where it is 15 kilometers from Yogyakarta. If you want to feel like a backpacker, you can follow this route - take a bus from Giwangan Bus Terminal with Jogja - Wates route. From Wates Terminal you can continue the journey by taking a bus Glagah Beach - Congot - Trisik route. You can ask the driver to stop in Glagah Beach entrance gate. To enter Glagah Beach, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 4,000 per person. This ticket is a form of retribution to the local community that has preserved Glagah Beach. For vehicle parking, motorbikes will be charged a rate of IDR 3,000 per unit, and IDR 10,000 cars will be charged per unit. You also have to bring more money if you intend to enjoy various tourist rides on Glagah Beach. If you want to get around the lagoon by boat, you will be charged a fee of IDR 5,000 per person. Meanwhile, if you want to ride a canoe, you will pay a rate of IDR 20,000 per person. Lastly, don't forget to bring your camera.   Kalibiru Image Credit: hargatiket This excellent tourist spot is developed by the local government and supported by the locals. Kalibiru used to be a fertile state forest area, yet the illegal logging has devastated this area so the local government made a call to rejuvenate this forest area. Kalibiru is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level which has now become a lush tourist forest. With hills overgrown by various trees, such as cypress, teak, and eucalyptus. This tourist spot is located in the countryside, no wonder you can find many old Javanese architecture houses. These houses functioned as management offices and entrance ticket counters. Thus, visitors must do trekking in the forest to get to the main spot. Here, a path has been provided so that visitors just follow the direction of the road. Kalibiru Nature Tourism provides a viewing tower that visitors can use to enjoy the surrounding scenery. While taking pictures with the background of the hills covered in green trees. This viewing tower is a pine tree that has been fitted with wooden planks and a hanging ladder. From here, visitors can not only see the hills with trees. But also the Menoreh Mountains and the winding Sermo Reservoir. Sermo Reservoir is the largest dam in Jogja. Address: Jalan Waduk Sermo, Kokap, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Opening hours: 6.30 am to 5.00 pm every day. Ticket price: IDR 10,000 for domestic tourists, IDR 20,000 for foreign tourists.   Pulepayung Image Credit: WisataMantap Pule Payung is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. So it is possible to see the beautiful natural panorama below which is full of green trees. Uniquely, this Pule Payung object also combines natural scenery with contemporary photo spots. The combination of green hills, lakes, and blue skies create an exotic natural panorama. Perfect place for looking for a place to unwind after a week's work. For those who want to upload the latest photo collections on Instagram, Pule Payung is the right place to capture vacation moments. There are various models of viewing booths available at this location, ranging from hexagonal, circular, and wooden bridge models. So visitors can take pictures with various models of viewing posts. Access to photo spots is quite easy because tourists don't have to walk uphill. As well as a large spot location so that tourists can enjoy natural scenery freely. Address: Hargotirto Village, Kokak District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Opening hours: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm every day. Ticket price: IDR 5,000 / person.   Nglinggo Tea Plantation Image Credit: Puti Niela Kharisma Trekking through terraced slopes covered in green rugs to enjoy the panoramic view of eight high mountain peaks is a charming treat when visiting Nglinggo Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in Menoreh Hills, Kulon Progo. You can see Camellia sinensis plants filling the hilly terraces of this area when the fog is not coming down. At first glance, it looks like a step covered with a green carpet. The cold air slowly warms up, changing to the cool mountain air. Trekking among the expanse of tea plants, off-road around the tea garden area, or just enjoying the scenery are alternative options for traveling in this tea garden. Not only the unnamed hilltop on the west side which offers a charming panorama. There are still two other peaks on the north side that offer beautiful views from a height. Both are the peaks of Mount Kukusan which is administratively included in the Magelang region, only a few hundred meters from the Nglinggo Tea Plantation. The first, lower peak is known as Dempok Peak, while the higher peak is known as Kendeng Peak. Just like Nglinggo Village, Kendeng Peak also has a history related to Prince Diponegoro. A sacred place in the form of a stone found at the top is believed by residents to be the tomb of a relative of Prince Diponegoro named Pangeran Kendeng. So that the top name is similar to the name of the prince. In contrast to the panoramic views that are presented by the peaks on the west side, the view from Puncak Kendeng and Puncak Dempok does not offer views of the tea garden, but the panoramic view of the eight mountains in Jogja and Central Java, such as Merapi, Merbabu, Andong, Telomoyo, Ungaran, Sumbing, Sindoro, and Prau. In addition, Dempok Peak and Kendeng Peak are also known as favorite spots for sunrise chasers. Address: Nglinggo, Pagerharjo, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta Opening hours:  7.00 am to 5.00 pm every day. Ticket price: IDR 5,000 / person. Despite we are unsure whether the pandemic going to end, we need to keep on optimist that we could pass this situation. Reading articles provided by HalalTrip gonna help you to arrange your next itinerary for traveling in the future. Stay safe and healthy!...

  • Best Aesthetic & Boutique Hotels for Your Staycation in Singapore

    It is the holidays again, with the travel restrictions remaining as they are, staycations are the next best thing! Fill your Instagram feed with these aesthetically pleasing hotels which are definitely Instagram-worthy. Here are some hotels that are so aesthetic and artsy that they will surely have you snapping away like an influencer.    The Barracks Hotel Image Source: Sentosa If you are planning to replicate the feeling of going overseas, this hotel might be the one you’re looking for. Tucked in a corner in Sentosa, the Barracks Hotel is technically overseas (Dad joke alert). Transport yourself back in time with the Barracks Hotel with its Colonial design and architecture thanks to the fact that it was once a British Artillery outpost. A classic design with modern comforts, this hotel truly screams luxury and class by bringing the best of both the old and the new.  Location: 2 Gunner Lane, Palawan Ridge, Sentosa Island, 099567 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. The closest mosque is on mainland Singapore but there are suraus in Sentosa itself. Halal Food Options Nearby: Halal food options are quite limited near the hotel but there are some Halal food options in Resorts World Sentosa and a Mcdonald’s on the island. However, Food deliveries such as Grabfood do deliver to Sentosa.   The Warehouse Hotel Image Credit: The Warehouse Hotel This entry to the list comes to no surprise to anyone. Situated along the Singapore river in a warehouse built in the 19th century, the Warehouse Hotel offers a unique setting that beautifully reflects the rich history and heritage of the area. Historically a spice warehouse, The Warehouse has been restored into a hotel that blends contemporary and industrial design that will surely be a unique experience for your Singapoliday. Location: 320 Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, 169628 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Omar Kampong Melaka Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Sultan Image Source: Tucked away in the fancy neighborhood of Kampong Glam, The Sultan is a boutique hotel that is definitely not limited in terms of the availability of Halal food nearby. There are a number of great eateries nearby serving a wide range of food. Check out the list of cafes and eateries in and around Haji Lane here! Location: 101 Jalan Sultan, #01-01, 199002 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Sultan Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Great Madras Image Credit: The Great Madras Located in the quaint alleys of Little India, The Great Madras is really a Hotel that stands out especially if you are into the retro-looking vibes of the hotel. From the facade to the rooms to the pool, the whole hotel just oozes the retro 70s vibe. Another big plus that this hotel has is the rich flavourful choices of halal eateries nearby. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to leave the hotel, Halal food is also served by the hotel themselves. Location: 28 Madras Street, 208422 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Abdul Gafoor Mosque Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   The Outpost Hotel Image Source: TripAdvisor Perched on the highest point in Sentosa, The Outpost Hotel brings the experience of an island-getaway to another level. With stunning sea-views paired with the peace and quiet of the area that it’s in, The Outpost Hotel is one of the best ways to escape the buzz of our city lives without leaving the comforts of modern-day amenities. If enjoying the view from the room is not enough, visit their main attraction, the rooftop pool. Take in the beautiful views of Sentosa and the other islands nearby, a great place to destress and unwind. The interior is adorned with a clean and contemporary design, a contrast to the look and feel of Sentosa island. Location: 10 Artillery Avenue #03-01 Palawan Ridge, Singapore 099951 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. Similar to the Barracks Hotel, the closest mosque is on mainland Singapore but there are suraus in Sentosa itself. Halal Food Options Nearby: Halal food options are quite limited near the hotel but there are some Halal food options in Resorts World Sentosa and a Mcdonald’s on the island. However, Food deliveries such as Grabfood do deliver to Sentosa.   The Scarlet Singapore Image Source: The Scarlet Singapore Located in Chinatown, The Scarlet Singapore is classy on the outside and lavish in the inside, the Scarlet Singapore has to be one of the oldest hotels in this list. Housed in one of the oldest conservation buildings in Singapore, The Scarlet Singapore pampers its guests with modern-day comforts fit for royalty. Especially if you go for one of the seven themed suites that they offer, there’s even one with an outdoor jacuzzi. With a good blend of heritage and style, it comes to no surprise that The Scarlet Singapore has numerous awards and accolades to their name. Location: 33 Erskine Road, Singapore 069333 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Hotel Mono Image Source: Hotel Mono Staying with the theme of Shophouses in Chinatown, Hotel Mono is a minimalist’s dream. Lending its name from the term “Monochromic”, the hotel has a strong amount of neutral colors paired with clean lines prominent in all their rooms, makes it really pleasing on the eyes. Location: 18 Mosque St, Singapore 059498 Website Nearby Mosques: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Lloyd’s Inn Image Credit: Lloyd's Inn Clean lines and monochromatic design flows over to this listing. Lloyd's Inn brings out the best in urban living with its concept, enabling you to escape right in the heart of the busy city. With a great offering of amenities such as a Roof Terrace, Garden Deck, and Dipping pool, Lloyd's Inn looks to be interesting to stay for your next staycation. Location: 2 Lloyd Road, 239091 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Al-Falah, Masjid Bencoolen Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   Hotel Soloha Image Credit: Hotel Soloha Quoted as following the concept of an Urban Chic Jungle, Hotel Soloha is a clear contrast to the previous listing, This is the hotel to go to if you are a fan of colorful displays and art. Decked with beautiful artwork and wide pop art murals by local artists, the hotel will definitely have you snapping away when you are there. Another major plus with the rooms in Hotel Soloha is that the rooms are equipped with digital conveniences such as Spotify and Netflix access and smart room controls. Location: 12 Teck Lim Road, 088387 Website Mosque(s) Nearby: Masjid Jamae Chulia, Masjid Abrar Halal Food Options Nearby: Check out the different Halal Eateries Nearby here!   If you’re looking for other hotels and attractions to visit on your Singapoliday Staycation, check out our blog on the ongoing SingapoRediscovers campaign by the Singapore Tourism Board here! So there you have it boutique and aesthetic hotels that are definitely photogenic and pleasing to the eyes. Tell us what are your favorite aesthetic or boutique hotels in the comments below!...

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