Halal Snack Pack - 10 Reasons to Try the Halal Snack Pack When You Visit Australia

By Halal Trip | 22, Aug, 2016
Halal Snack Pack - 10 Reasons to Try the Halal Snack Pack When You Visit Australia

Halal snack packs in Australia have become a part of the big Halal snack pack wave that is making a cultural impact in most major Australian cities. A visit to Australia will not be complete without trying a Halal snack pack!

1. Enjoy Halal snack pack a fusion of culture

The Halal snack pack is considered as an Australian dish that combines both Middle Eastern and European cuisine, but there has been evidence that variations of the Halal snack pack have been around for a while. But the Halal snack packs in Sydney are rising in popularity now.

2. Halal snack pack in Sydney - A Little Bit of Everything 

Halal snack packs in Sydney - where it all started, boasts of the classic version. That is with layers of seasoned doner kebab and cheese over crispy fried potato chips with garlic sauce, chili sauce and barbeque sauce drizzled over the whole dish. It is basically a whole meal in one.

3. Halal snack pack - A filling meal

Halal snack packs are large dish enough for a filling lunch and dinner, you can also enjoy sharing it with friends or family. Halal snack packs are usually served in Styrofoam, containers but some places have taken it a step further and serve the dish in pizza boxes. 

4. Halal Snack Packs Have Been Helping Small Businesses

There will always be a small restaurant or vendor that has their own authentic, unique flavor. Dishes like Halal snack packs have already helped boost business at kebab shops and other small restaurants of similar nature. 

5. Halal food is gaining a following

Now more people are choosing to learn more about what Halal food really is and why it is important to Muslims to all over the world. However, the term is still misunderstood by some, yet the Halal snack pack has somehow paved the way through.

6. Halal Snack Packs variations of different places

Each city or restaurant will have their differences - a Halal snack pack in Melbourne will slightly differ from a halal snack pack in Perth. But the doner kebab and sauces are the most important ingredients that make the dish what it is.

7. The Halal Snack Pack is only in Australia – for now

While there have been similar Halal snacks or late night food in other countries, the dish still has yet to make a wave outside Australia.

8. Halal Snacks and Politics

The popularity of the Halal snack pack increased after Australian Senator Sam Dastyari mentioned the dish during a Halal certification debate in the Australian Parliament.  Sam Dastyari even participated in an event to create the longest Halal snack ever made, while he also made his own version of the dish at King Kebab. 

9. Join the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society

The Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society (HSPAS) is a Facebook group that enjoys discussing and rating Halal snack packs from different places. It was originally started for fun by five friends and has become a phenomenon, even Senator Sam Dastyari has become a member of the group.

10. Halal snack pack - It brings people together 

The Halal snack pack just goes to show how the love of food can bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds to simply enjoy a meal.