10 Eid Gift Giving Ideas

By Halal Trip | 16, Jun, 2017
10 Eid Gift Giving Ideas
Ramadhan is here! Which means that before the blink of an eye, the month will come to an end and we’ll be celebrating Eid! Eid is everybody’s favorite part of the year. We wear new clothes, gather in congregation to offer special Eid prayers, have lots of amazing food, and visit our friends and family to convey greetings.
Oh, and let’s not forget Eid gifts! Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha are the only two celebrations that are prescribed to a Muslim. That means that Eid to us is birthdays, anniversaries, and all the other common gift-giving holidays bundled up in one. Gift giving traditions for Eid-al-Fitr around the world are pretty universal, after all the words “Eid Mubarak” mean blessed holiday.
Here’s a list of some of the traditional Eid gifts that you may give/receive. Maybe you can even get a few ideas if you’re wondering what to get your family or friends.

1) Money

Money! Known to many as ‘Eidi’, this is the most common world gift giving custom for Eid, and some of the fondest memories most of us have from the Eid celebrations of our childhoods. I mean, I still remember looking forward to visiting all of our relatives, neighbors and friends, so I could collect that Eidi, you know? We even used to have special purses just to collect Eid money. At the end of the day, we would count our bounties; who received how much, which uncle was the most generous, and who made the largest collection were the hottest topics on the days that followed.


2) Clothes

Giving clothes as Eid gifts is another pretty common concept, even though the styles and designs of the clothing may differ from place to place. In India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other south-Asian countries, the women wear exotic salwars and anarkalis that are adorned with beads and lots of jewelry. In Saudi Arabia, men wear the traditional thobe or thawb. Women in Malaysia wear the traditional baju kurung, while their men wear baju melayu. Nevertheless, a scarf or shawl is universally a safe bet when it comes to gifting clothes for Muslim women, and the same can be said for a nice t-shirt for men.

3) Accessories

Young Muslims who are considered too old to be given Eidi or toys, often receive accessories like jewelry, watches, perfume, and handbags.

4) Food

Food plays a major role in Eid-al-Fitr traditions around the world, no matter where you’re from. The Eid feast is one of the most looked forward to parts of Eid. Apart from that, food is also a really great Eid gift that many people give. People often prepare homemade sweets and snacks to serve guests, or they buy chocolates, dried fruit, and other food that they give out to friends, family, and neighbors. Inviting close friends and family for lunch or dinner at people’s houses is also another Eid-al-Fitr tradition around the world.

5) Quran & Hadeeth Books

A brand-new Qur’an or a volume of hadeeth books given as Eid gifts are more valuable than any other presents that anyone could give or receive; one that will reap benefits for both parties long after the celebrations have died down. Although these are more commonly given as gifts to elder members of the family, children will also benefit from them greatly. For instance, children are usually presented brand new Qur’ans as a prize for fasting, or for being good Muslims throughout Ramadhan.

6) Islamic Books

Islamic books like stories of prophets and stories with Islamic morals are really great for gift-giving during Eid. Children are naturally curious and are fond of stories. Cultivating their minds with beneficial stories like these that will help them grow up as better Muslims, who are more knowledgeable of their religion.

7) Donating to Charity

This is an unconventional Eid gift, but it could be something that touches lives that really deserve it. Some people prefer to teach their young ones a lesson about how rewarding charity is instead of buying them expensive gifts. They take their children to orphanages or even to homes of less fortunate neighbors, and having these children hand these gifts out themselves will show them how an act of kindness can impact another person’s life.

8) Spending Time

Time is the ultimate gift! No matter how many expensive or fancy gadgets and gifts you get your family, the thing that they will cherish and remember the most is the time you spend together. Spending time with friends and family is the most precious Eid gift and this can be seen through the Eid traditions and customs from all around the world. All of them would get together, visit each other, and share this holy day with the most important people around us. So, this Eid, make sure to set some time aside to spend with your children, family, and friends.

9) Toys

Toys are another major player in the gift giving for Eid, as children are mostly the ones that receive gifts during Eid. Sure, giving them money enables them to buy what they want. But more often than not, although small children love the thrill of getting Eidi, they don’t know what to do with it afterwards. So, getting them a toy is a pretty safe bet, and the adults can make sure to pick something that’ll be educational and fun for them.


10) Electronics

With the rise of technology, I’d say that giving electronics as Eid gifts is a fairly more recent world gift-giving custom. But nevertheless, it is quite popular, and phones, tablets, laptops, and other fancy gadgets are taking over the more traditional clothes and toys as the most popular Eid gifts.