10 Great Destinations to Enjoy a Memorable December 31st Night!

By Halal Trip | 26, Dec, 2016
10 Great Destinations to Enjoy a Memorable December 31st Night!

Deciding where to spend new year’s eve is a fun way to find out about Muslim-friendly travel destinations during the holidays - and to experience interesting new year celebrations around the world! While traveling during the new year is quite hectic, 31st-night celebrations will be unique in different parts of the world.

New Year Celebrations Around the World - Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations Listed by HalalTrip

1. New York City - United States

new york city fireworks

Image Credit: pparnxoxo on Unsplash

It has been a long-standing tradition for crowds of people to gather around Times Square to celebrate with new year fireworks and the famous New Year crystal ball drop. The 31st night celebrations will often be spent with friends and family, and there are restaurants surrounding Times Square where you can still see New Year fireworks that will light up the city.


2. Sydney - Australia

Spending your 31st night celebrations with the New Year fireworks lighting up the Sydney Habour is an excellent way to welcome the New Year, with crowds surrounding the waterfront. It is also one of the first cities to celebrate the New Year.


3. Bangkok - Thailand

The best part of the 31st night celebrations in Bangkok is at CentralWorld Square with a live concert and a great view of the New Year fireworks - that can even be enjoyed at a rooftop restaurant.


4. London - United Kingdom

london fireworks
Image Credit: Kevin Hackert on Unsplash

In London, a beautiful New Year fireworks display can be seen by crowds at the banks of the River Thames after the famed Big Ben chimes at midnight. There will also be floats and parades on New Year’ day including a procession of the monarch's horses.


5. Cape Town - South Africa

A party or picnic at Table Mountain is the best place to see spectacular New Year fireworks, and another major highlight involves the Victoria Falls New Year’s Carnival. On New Year’s Day, 10,000 performers from the Cape Town Minstrel Parade will sing and dance in the streets - it is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century.


6. Paris - France

The city of Paris will be beautifully lit up each year for the 31st night celebrations, and it is where you should be traveling during New Year. Right by the Eiffel Tower, a gorgeous display of New Year fireworks is something to experience.


7. Dubai - United Arab Emirates

dubai fireworks

Image Credit: Mo on Unsplash

Dubai is definitely one of the best destinations to celebrate New Year, with an impressive New Year fireworks display that even made its way into the 2014 Guinness World Records. There will be exciting New Year celebrations going on everywhere.


8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is of the best destinations to celebrate New Year, where you just cannot miss the fantastic display of New Year fireworks that will illuminate the Hong Kong skyline. Just like in New York, there will be a replica of the ball drop in Hong Kong’s Time Square, and the best view of the 31st-night celebrations is at Victoria Harbour.


9. Vienna - Austria

Celebrate the New Year in this beautiful city where the popular New Year’s Eve Grand Ball is held at the Hofburg Palace. With a New Year’s fair and crowds gathering at the Silvesterpfad, Vienna is a beautiful place to spend the New Year.


10. Edinburgh - Scotland

edinburgh fireworks
Image Credit: Caroline McFarland on Unsplash
In Edinburgh, the celebrations will last for four days and there will be traditional dancing in the streets, a torchlight parade and concerts by famous musicians as well. At midnight, the New Year fireworks are spectacular and should not be missed.

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