Great Places for Halal Food in Galle

By Halal Trip | 27, Oct, 2016
Great Places for Halal Food in Galle

Experience incredible Halal food in Galle with a wide range of international and local cuisines from some great Halal places in Sri Lanka – with cozy restaurants with a home-made flair or cafés ideal for casual dining. Most of the Halal restaurants in Galle are Muslim-owned so it’s easy to find Halal Food in this region.

1. Crepe-ology

fish curry crepe

Credit: TripAdvisor

Crepe-ology is one of the Halal restaurants in Galle Fort where you can taste some of the most delicious crepes, wraps and salads in a relaxing environment. Wide selections of sweet and savory crepes are their specialty, which can be enjoyed with some great smoothies or Italian sodas.

Address: 53 Leyn Baan Street, Galle Fort

More information on Crepe-ology here!

2. Indian Hut Family Restaurant


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Some of the ideal restaurants in Galle for some good budget friendly Indian food is definitely the Indian Hut. This restaurant is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Galle where you can enjoy Garlic Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala and some great biryani.

Address: No 55 Rampart Street, Galle Fort

3. Chambers Restaurant

chambers restaurant

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Chambers is one of the best Middle-Eastern Halal restaurants in Galle Fort to enjoy some delicious Arabian and Italian food in a great location. Do try out their amazing mezze platters and kebabs or even their delicious pasta if you drop by.

Address: 40 Church Street, Galle Fort

More information on Chambers Restaurant here!

4. Pagoma Restaurant

pagoma restaurant

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If you are looking Halal places in Sri Lanka for a good meal, drop by the Pagoma Restaurant to try out a wide range great dishes - from Sri Lankan, Indian or Chinese cuisine. Pork or beef is not used in any of their dishes with meat and other ingredients supplied from reputed brands such as Prima, CIC and Crysbro.

Address: No 06, Matara Rd

More information on Pagoma Restaurant here!

5. The Heritage Café

Credit: The Heritage Cafe

Pay a visit to The Heritage Café to try out good fusion cuisine and it’s also one of the best restaurants in Galle where some of the best seafood is served. There are different types great of dishes that are part of the local cuisine too.

Address: 53 Light House Street, Galle Fort

More information on The Heritage Cafe here!

6. The Original Rocket Burger

Credit: The Original Rocket Burger

Another one of the Halal restaurants in Galle Fort that you should not miss. The Rocket Burger has become a popular spot due to their excellent burgers that are simply bursting with great flavour.

Address: 24 Pedlar Street, Galle Fort

7. Pedlar’s Inn

Credit: Pedlar's Inn

This charming café is popular for their wide range of international cuisine, sandwiches and more. They serve some good coffee that you can enjoy in a beautiful rustic interior – the Pedlar’s Inn is one of best Halal restaurants in Galle fort to have a have great meal.

Address: 92 Pedlar Street, Galle Fort

More information on Pedlar's Inn here!

8. The Boutique Café

Credit: The Boutique Cafe

The Boutique Café has a menu with something for everyone – with Middle Eastern, Chinese, European and Sri Lanka dishes. This is another good café where they serve good coffee and great food.

Address: 63 Church Street

More information on The Boutique Cafe here!

9. The Stairway


The Stairway is small cozy restaurant that has a small menu with some good Sri Lankan and international dishes. This restaurant had some great rice and curry, snacks, coffee and more with a calm relaxing atmosphere.

Address: 53 Church Street, Galle Fort

More information on The Stairway here!

When in doubt about the Halal status of the food, you may always enquire with the friendly restaurant staff! You can also use the Halal Food Spotter feature on the official HalalTrip Mobile App to discover more places to find Halal restaurants in Galle. Click on the links to download the app on Apple and Android!

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