10 Museums Around The World That You Must Visit

By Halal Trip | 07, Mar, 2019
10 Museums Around The World That You Must Visit

There are many museums in the world that are worth visiting. These include many great Museums of Islamic Art. Find here our pick of the top 10 museums that you must visit if you happen to be in any of those cities.

1. The Louvre Museum, France

Located in Paris, Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world. The museum houses thousands of valuable items of the human civilization from different parts of the world. The main highlight of the museum is the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

2. State Hermitage Museum, Russia

Situated in St. Petersburg in Russia, it is a huge museum housing the largest painting collection in the world. The collection covers history ranging from the Stone Age to modern times. The museum also boasts of housing two original works of Leonardo da Vinci. The golden gems in the Golden Rooms of the museum are of special interest.

3. The British Museum, UK

This museum is located in London and houses a variety of artwork. There are galleries dedicated to civilizations of Egypt, Greece, ancient Rome, Asia, Africa, and medieval Europe. The Grand Reading Room that has recently been restored and the Elgin Marbles that once decorated the Parthenon in Athens are the main attractions of the museum.

4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

It is located in New York and offers a plethora of galleries focusing on artwork of all types. The museum also features musical instruments and a good collection of armors and weapons. The artifacts range from pre-historic times to the modern day.

5. The Egyptian Museum, Egypt

Located in Cairo, the museum houses more than 120,000 artifacts from the pre-historic era to the Greco-Roman period including the Sphinx sculptures. The main attraction of the museum includes the tombs of the kings and royal families, the most famous being King Tutankhamun's tomb.

6. Uffizi Museum, Italy

It is in a 16th-century palace in Florence and houses several masterpieces including the spectacular Renaissance sculptures.

7. The Smithsonian Museum, USA

It is the largest museum complex in the world located in Washington D.C. The complex has 16 museums and galleries and also includes the National Zoo. The exhibition on 9/11 in the National Museum of American History is highly commendable.

8. The Prado Museum, Spain

In Madrid, the Prado is also among the most visited museums in the world. The collection of Spanish art is the main draw of the museum. It also houses collections of drawings, coins, Medals, and decorative art.

9. Rijksmuseum Museum, Netherlands

The largest museum of Amsterdam, these museums features a wide range of artwork and paintings. The main attraction is the Night Watch by Rembrandt.

10. The Vatican Museums, Italy

Located in Rome, the Vatican Museums feature 22 different collections varying from art to historic maps and modern religious art. The beauty of the Michelangelo's dome and Bernini's spiral columns are definitely worth seeing.

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