10 Must-Try Dishes in Brunei for Every Muslim Traveler

By Halal Trip | 18, May, 2017
10 Must-Try Dishes in Brunei for Every Muslim Traveler
Your Muslim-friendly holiday in Brunei will not be complete without sampling these must-try Halal dishes! Brunei is a Muslim country where there is no shortage of finding excellent Halal food. You will be able to find some of the best Halal restaurants in Brunei serving great Halal food.
Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines strongly influence Bruneian cuisine - so you might find some dishes that are quite similar in other Asian cuisines. Here's our list!

1) Ambuyat  

This dish is one truly authentic Bruneian dish that you simply must try! Ambuyat comes from the trunk of the sago palm tree and is eaten by rolling it with a bamboo fork called chandas. The fork is then dipped into different kinds of sauces ranging from sweet, sour and spicy. An exciting dish!

2) Kuihbunch of kuihs

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Some of you might be already familiar with the variations of kuih in Chinese, Malay or Singaporean cuisine. Similarly, Brunei also has delicious versions! These include Kuih Bahulu - which consists of a sponge cake that is made in a cast iron mold. It is a traditional kuih served during the Chinese New Year and Hari Raya. Other variations that you could try include Kuih Kosui/Kaswi which is a glutinous rice cake, flavored with pandan or palm sugar and served with freshly grated coconut. Yum!

3) Ketupat  

Different versions of Ketupat can be found in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is also a great dish to try in Brunei and consists of a rice dumpling that is cooked in a pouch made of woven palm leaves. It is then cut open and served with peanut sauce or Rendang and satay - where you can finally enjoy its simple yet delicious flavors.

4) Belutak Dagingbelutak daging

Image Credit: Maurlna Rara on flickr

This interesting Malay dish is made of beef fat and minced meat, with plenty of spices to go! The taste of this local delicacy is both sour and spicy. There are Halal-certified Belutak Daging available so keep an eye out for them!

5) Hati Buyah  

You can sample this unique dish at Halal restaurants or street food carts in Brunei. This exotic dish is for the adventurous and consists of marinated stir-fried beef lungs that offer a spicy and distinct flavor.

6) Nasi Katoknasi katok

Image Credit: Maurlna Rara on flickr

Nasi Katok is another Muslim-friendly dish in Brunei that is both affordable and can be found at almost any restaurant that serves Asian cuisine. The dish consists of batter-fried chicken, usually served with chili sambal and steamed rice. A simple walk around the streets will let you find plenty of places to try this yummy dish.

7) Pulut Panggang  

Pulut Panggang is an unusually delicious kind of dish, made of glutinous rice with prawn or beef floss and wrapped in banana leaf. The wraps are then grilled over charcoal and the flavors are simply infused to form this delicious Malay dish.

8) Nasi Lemak  

Nasi Lemak is so popular in Indonesia and Singapore. During your travel to Brunei, you will find that this dish is extremely popular in this country too and can be easily found at numerous Halal restaurants in Brunei. If you haven't tried it yet, Nasi Lemak is a dish made of coconut rice, chicken and spicy chili sambal.

9) Ayam Penyetayam penyet

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Ayam Penyet is another local dish - an affordable favorite that you must not miss! Though this dish is traditionally Indonesian, it is very popular in Brunei too. Ayam Penyet is a delicious chicken dish that is well-marinated in herbs and spices. It is then smashed and deep fried; usually served with chili sambal and steamed rice for a complete and filling meal.


10) Roti

Many of you must already be familiar with the kinds of roti in Indian cuisine. But in Brunei, you will also find dishes such as Roti Canai or Roti Murtabak which offer fresh, buttery, and crispy layers, usually served with curry. Some even have sweet or savory fillings. Have your pick!
Trying out popular Muslim-friendly dishes in Brunei is a great way to get to know the country. Try not to miss out on this great selection of dishes!
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