10 Must-Try Dishes of Indian Cuisine

By Halal Trip | 07, Nov, 2016
10 Must-Try Dishes of Indian Cuisine

What are the top must-try dishes of Indian cuisine? Food in India is an adventure to embark on. From popular street food, to dine in Halal Indian restaurants - India has it all. Here’s a list of the 10 must-try unique dishes of Indian cuisine.


1. Chaat

chaat, most popular indian food

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The number 1 must-try authentic Indian dish is the all famous “Chaat”- inclusive of bhelpuri, panipuri, sevpuri, paprichaat and loads more. This is the most popular Indian street food anyone will ever come across.


2. Kulfi

This dessert is a must-try Indian dish, for no matter how full your belly is, there’s always room for Kulfi - an ice cream with an Indian twist. Prepared with thickened milk, pistachios and almonds; Kulfi is a very famous Indian food.


3. Biryani

A must-try Halal Indian dish - Biryani. An aromatic dish of Indian cuisine with plenty of spices, always coupled with chunks of protein, marinated and macerated deliciously ready to be devoured. Dine in any Indian restaurant to find this dish on the menu card.


4. Dabeli

dabeli sandwich

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Not given the fame it deserves, this must-try Indian dish is simply a sandwich. Not so simple however - is its filling - potato cooked in delicious Indian masalas garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts and served with tamarind, garlic or date chutneys. This definitely is one of the unique dishes of the Indian food.


5. Samosas

A must-try Indian dish found in every nook and corner. Samosa is a dish of the Indian cuisine that is perfect for any place at any time. For a foodie traveling to India, this dish satisfies all food cravings with just the first bite.


6. Dhokla

A must-try Indian dish served for breakfast. Dhokla is an authentic Gujurati dish within Indian cuisine. Walk in to any Indian vegetarian restaurant in Gujurat to find this on offer.


7. Idli and Sambar

idli and sambar

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Inspired by South Indian food, this must-try Indian dish is growing increasingly popular throught out the rest of the country. The combination of idli and sambar is not only a Halal Indian food but also a vegetarian meal. The heavy batter of ground rice and lentils steamed, served most often for breakfast, gives foodies traveling to India a delightful head-start on their day.


8. Chicken 65

With quite a fascinating name, Chicken 65 is another must-try Indian dish. Part and parcel of the Indian Halal cuisine, this dish is legit the best entrée you’ll find around and rightfully is one of the best unique dishes of Indian food inspired by South Indian cooking.


9. Kati Roll

A popular Indian street food, Kati roll is now globally known. A must-try Indian dish - wrap of spiced up kebabs, vegies and eggs for a meal on wheels. A dinner-friendly dish available at most Indian restaurants.


10. Dosa

dosa, similar to pancake/crepe

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Dosa, a must-try Indian dish is similar to crepe or pancake but with an Indian modification. Taking advantage of the spectrum of spices that Indian cuisine offers, enjoy ghee dosa, masala dosa, paper dosa and many more.

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