10 Must-Try Dishes of Moroccan Cuisine

By Halal Trip | 15, Sep, 2016
10 Must-Try Dishes of Moroccan Cuisine

Halal Moroccan dishes aren’t hard to find but with so many delicacies in line, it may be difficult to make the decision of which dish to choose. This dilemma can be eased out with our guide to great Halal Moroccan food.

1. Mrouzia

All Halal Moroccan dishes are delicious, tender and mouthwatering. However, the best Halal Moroccan dish to order is definitely Mrouzia; a sweet dish from North African culture integrated into Moroccan cuisine. This main course is a combination of fresh lamb with raisins, almonds, honey and a blend of spices to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Briouat

A signature entre from all Halal Moroccan dishes, the Briouat is considered one of the best Halal Moroccan food. This sweet puff pastry is filled with either chicken or lamb mixed with cheese, lemon and pepper. Wrapped in warqa, a paper-thin Moroccan dough, you can have this either fried or baked and garnished with fresh herbs and spices in plentiful to make your day.

3. Moroccan Couscous

A typical Halal Moroccan dish – steamed couscous piled high with stewed meat, served with seven vegetables may sound uninteresting but is deemed one of the best Halal Moroccan foods you have got to try.

4. Pastilla

Out of all Halal Moroccan dishes, pastilla originated as Moroccan cuisine and therefore is added in this guide to Halal Moroccan food for its authenticity. Pastilla is a pie with sweet and salty flavours; crisp layers of the crêpe-like warqa dough with savory from meat slow-cooked in broth and spices.  A crunchy layer of toasted and ground almonds, cinnamon and sugar add to the yumminess and excitement of the dish.>

5. Rfissa

This Halal Moroccan dish is a combination of savory chicken, onion and lentil that's served on a bed of shredded trid pastry. The sprinkle of saffron and other spices makes it truly unique and delicious.

6. Merguez

Sausages! A sausage with combination of flavors of Halal Moroccan cuisine is without doubt a must-try. Fresh sausage stuffed with lamb or beef into lamb intestine casing will definitely satisfy you. Merguez is heavily spiced and usually eaten grilled with a powerful blend of spiciness and earthiness making it one of the best Halal Moroccan dishes around.

7. Harsha

Harsha is a pan-fried bread with butter oozing out, made from semolina flour. Even though this Halal Moroccan dish may resemble a pancake it tastes remarkably unique and delicious. A great Halal Moroccan food that weight watchers need to watch out for.

8. Mashwi

This Halal Moroccan dish is best cooked traditionally, roasting the entire lamb in a large pit. The lamb is seasoned to perfection and served as a whole for eaters to enjoy the rustic adventure of devouring the tender meat.  

9. Keneffa

Keneffa is a Halal Moroccan dish made for people with a sweet tooth. This dessert is made from warqa pastry layered with sugar, cinnamon and almonds.

10. Brochettes

Extra tender cuts of meat are used for this Halal Moroccan dish. Grilled leg of lamb or fillet of steak are traditionally seasoned with herbs and zesty amounts of paprika, cumin, salt and pepper to make it a blockbuster dish.

All the reviews of Halal Moroccan food are nothing but positive and tempting. Be sure to get enthralled by a Halal food adventure on your visit to Morocco!


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