10 Must-Try Dishes of Tanzanian Cuisine

By Halal Trip | 03, Feb, 2017
10 Must-Try Dishes of Tanzanian Cuisine
Checking out must-try Halal Tanzanian dishes? Zanzibar and Arusha are beautiful tourist spots in Tanzania. But people often find it hard to locate Halal restaurants in Tanzania - specially those that serve Muslim-friendly Tanzanian dishes. Halal Tanzanian dishes can be found at restaurants such as McMoody’s, Dragon Pearl, Khan’s Barbecue, Aqua, Melia Zanzibar - which are some of the best Tanzanian food. You can also find cheap Halal food in Tanzania from small boutiques, where Muslims live spread. This article lists down must-try Halal food in Tanzania, which are amongst the best Tanzanian food loved by travelers.

1) Ugali

This is considered the national food of Tanzanians and is the best Tanzanian food you can never miss during your stay. This is made of cornmeal, millet flour, and cassava flour and looks thicker and is served with beans or other vegetables or with Halal meat in Halal restaurants in Tanzania.

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2) Pilau

This is a popular seashore dish where the rice is cooked mixing variety of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, peppers and cumin. These give an unparalleled taste and color to your meal - a perfect cheap Halal food in Tanzania.

3) Coconut Bean Soup

Coconuts and kidney beans are widely consumed food ingredients by Tanzanians. Coconut bean soup prepared mixing these two together with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, margarine and little rice is a popular Tanzanian food.

4) Fried Plantains

This is a must-try Halal food in Tanzania that is prepared by frying the sliced plantains in butter and oil. Soaked plantains in lemon juice give great flavour.

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5) Banana soup

This Muslim-friendly Tanzanian dish is a special soup prepared by blending peeled bananas and chicken pieces together until they mix perfectly.

6) Coconut Milk-Rice

Yet another product made from coconut is the milk-rice that is commonly known as ‘wali wa nazi’. This is cooked by boiling the rice in coconut milk until everything gets absorbed, a perfect full meal taken together with a spicy dish.


7) Date Bread

This is a special kind of cake baked using dates and nuts, being one of the top dishes in Tanzania. The recipe is the same as of making a cake in any part of the world, but that special yummy and sweet taste of a date cake comes only from the date bread of Tanzania.



8) Sweet Potato Pudding

Another must-try dish in Tanzania is made of sweet potatoes. Pudding from potatoes would definitely astonish you. But, this is a popular Tanzanian food loved by many. This is made with ingredients saffron, cardamom, cream, milk and sugar.

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9) Nyama Choma

Tanzanian style meat barbecue is grilled exactly how it is done anywhere else. However, what makes it unique is the special mix and the taste. This Halal Tanzanian dish can be found from many shops and even you can try with your friends.


10) Trouper

North Tanzanian special dish is cooked very similar to a fish curry, but with additional ingredients of beans, carrots, cabbages, green peppers and other vegetables together.


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