10 Must-Try Pakistani Dishes You Must Not Miss Out On

By Halal Trip | 11, Nov, 2016
10 Must-Try Pakistani Dishes You Must Not Miss Out On

There are a number of must-try Pakistani dishes that travelers simply must not miss out on. Tourism in Pakistan is well appreciated for guests are treated with immense importance. Food is a great conveyer to portray the locals’ hospitality. Pakistani Halal cuisine is inviting and serves truckloads of “must-try” Pakistani dishes. 


1. Rasmalai

rasmalai, a sweet milky dessert

Image Credit: Shaharbano, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The No. 1 must-try Pakistani dish. Ras Malai is a delicacy of the Pakistani cuisine primarily made of milk cream flavored with cardamom, and cinnamon and garnished with freshly roasted pistachios. This unique Halal Pakistani dish is a dessert that satisfies all your senses.


2. Shawarma

Meat and other delicious ingredients wrapped in pita, this must-try Pakistani dish shows the influence of the Turkish cuisine in Pakistan. The serving has toppings tailor-made to your taste buds with a choice of tahini, hummus, pickled turnips, and amba of the Pakistani Halal cuisine.


3. Rabri 

Served both as sweet and savory this is definitely a must-try Pakistani dish for the ones who rightfully enjoy a delicacy for starters. Rabri, a unique dish of Pakistani food is a slow-cooked combination of yogurt, flour and spices left overnight for the yummy flavors to settle in. Find this dish at all Halal Pakistani restaurants.


4. Taftan

taftan, a traditional bread from pakistan

Image Credit: Social Chef Priyanka

A must try dish from the Pakistani cuisine; Taftan- a leavened naan made with milk, eggs and yoghurt baked in a traditional clay oven.This popular Pakistani street food is served alongside rustic curries with plentiful spices. For a foodie traveling to Pakistan, Taftan is the perfect Saturday dinner.


5. Pulao

A rice-based must-try Pakistani dish, cooked in a beautifully seasoned broth. Spices, veggies, and proteins added to the Pulao vary with the locality of the Pakistani Halal cuisine. The mouth-watering pulao is decorated with dried fruits and a homely service at all Halal Pakistani restaurants.


6. Seekh Kebab

Part of the traditional Pakistani diet, a must-try Pakistani dish is a seekh kebab. Enjoyed with naan bread this popular Pakistani street food is prepared with spiced minced meat and grilled on skewers. Seekh kebab is a famous Pakistani food coupled with flavored chutneys and mint sauce.


7. Chicken tikka-

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Image Credit: Steffi's Recipe

Chicken chunks macerated in secret spices and yogurt, a must-try Pakistani dish of the popular Pakistani street food baked in the traditional Pakistani tandoor oven; famous Pakistani food – The chicken tikka, served in a spice mix with tomato and coriander sauce. Try it.


8. Sheer Khurma

Whether Eid festival or not, when in Pakistan sheer khurma is one of the must-try Pakistani dishes. Made with vermicelli, whole milk, sugar, and dates with a beautiful garnish of dried fruits flavored with rose water this Halal Pakistani food is a luxurious dessert to experience.


9. Kashmiri chai

As simple as it sounds; this must-try Pakistani dish is actually a chai (tea). You would think, “What’s so special?” To find out, you’ve got to try this famous Pakistani food- the Kashmiri chai. For a curious foodie traveling to Pakistan, this beverage can be enjoyed at all Halal Pakistani restaurants.


10. Haleem

Haleem made of wheat, barley and other proteins

Image Credit: food.ndtv

Haleem, this must try Pakistani dish is made of wheat, barley, and a protein with lentils and spices to celebrate your buds. A unique dish of the Pakistani Halal cuisine available at any “Pakistani restaurant near me” so do not stress on a hungry day.

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