10 of the World's Craziest Ice Cream Flavors - And Where to Find Them!

By Halal Trip | 03, Jun, 2016
10 of the World's Craziest Ice Cream Flavors - And Where to Find Them!

Crazy hot summers call for a scoop of ice cream, or two..or maybe three! But when regular flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are no longer of interest to you, our list of the world’s weirdest ice cream flavors around the world is a must-read, especially for adventurous eaters. Though somewhat weird and different, from lobster to banana curry flavored ice cream - this list has it all! Here are the top 10 different types of strange ice cream flavors - with crazy flavors of ice cream and unique gelato flavors. 

1) Durian - Philippines 


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Durian ice cream is quite famous in the Philippines. While the fruit is popular throughout Southeast Asia, its smell is overwhelming to most and it is therefore either loved or hated. Numerous restaurants and hotels throughout the country make their own durian flavored ice cream and it can be found at stores country-wide as well as in many other South East Asian countries.

2) Horseradish - USA


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New York is known for some of its incredibly unique ice cream flavors, with horseradish being one of them. The boldly spiced horseradish ice cream however maybe quite tame to some, when compared to some of the other flavors on offer; namely pizza, garlic, and corn on the cob.

3) Lobster - USA

Yup, you read that right! Who would want to include seafood in their ice cream?? This particular ice cream features fresh, buttered lobster added into a butter-infused ice cream. Intriguing or disgusting? You decide.  

4) Salt and Pepper - USA


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Salt and pepper make almost everything taste better, so salt and pepper flavored ice cream must be quite good, right? This one is definitely another quirky, yet must-try flavor - perhaps slighly better when served with a couple of savories. Wouldn't you want to give it a try? 

5) Haggis - England


Haggis! Haggis! Haggis! = haggis, kale, Sriracha, and honey. This may be our weirdest one yet, folks.

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Haggis - a Scottish favorite made of sheep innards - has become an increasingly popular ice cream flavor. Though most commonly found at department stores in London, more destinations around the world are beginning to sell it. If the sound of it itself doesn’t make your stomach turn, maybe give it a shot? 

6) Banana Curry - USA


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We like bananas and curry, and while we haven’t tried both together, we think this one isn’t so bad when compared to most of the others on the list! This ice cream serves up a sweet and savory banana curry ice cream that is sure to transport you to the South Asian country of India.

7) Cheeseburger - Venezuela 

Do you see yourself eating an ice cream that tastes pretty much like a Happy Meal? This cheeseburger ice cream is a weird blend of burger meat, French fries, cheese and “secret ingredients”. 

8) Fish ‘n’ Chips - England

This ice cream is a sweet treat that can be utterly confusing to the customer. Consisting of chips made from potato ice cream, fish made from creamy cod ice cream and then batter coated and deep fried, this ice cream sundae is made to look like the iconic savory fish ‘n’ chips dish we all know and love. 

9) Coconut Curry - USA



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Who knew that curry flavored ice creams were so popular!? This exotic coconut curry flavor ice cream - consisting of creamy coconut milk and curry powder, and bits of dark chocolate - is a must-try.


10) Grass - Japan


This ice cream is made from actual edible grass and tastes exactly like what you'd expect it to. The popularity of this flavor has now spread to other countries and often comes in variations

**These ice cream flavors are popular at the destinations listed above but they are becoming increasingly available at various other destinations across the world too. Please verify the Halal standards before purchasing. Enjoy!

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