10 Geylang Bazaar Stalls to Check Out this 2018

By Halal Trip | 16, May, 2018
10 Geylang Bazaar Stalls to Check Out this 2018

With Ramadan right around the corner, a visit to Geylang Bazaar is a yearly tradition. We know you’re on the lookout for the next trendy food item to hit our shores so we went on the hunt for what’s up and coming at the biggest annual bazaar - the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. We’ve narrowed it down to 10 stalls bearing some familiar names while others are a new addition.


1. Chick-aaaa-Boom

One of the new kids on the block, Chickaaaboom sells chicken bites in 4 signature sauces. Choose from Chili Crab ($7), Garlic Butter ($7), Cheese and Mash Potato ($7.50) or Sambal ($7) if you need that extra kick. What we love about Chiackaboom is their easy to eat bites that are perfect for when you’re on-the-go and scouring other parts of the bazaar!

Also, come between 7-8pm to enjoy their sets at only $5!

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: GS232
Nearby landmark: Haig Road, Darul Arqam
Price range: $5 to $7.50

2. Broti

A familiar sight for Geylang bazaar patrons, Broti is back for the third year running with their signature Thai iced tea drinks. Expect new additions to their menu, from Black Lemon Soda to The Masala Tea!

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: 206 & 86
Nearby landmark: Haig Road, Darul Arqam & Engku Aman Road
Price range: Starts at $4

Beef Bro

Mentaiko Beef

Helmed by local actor and celebrity Danial Ashriq, Beef Bro is Singapore's first & only Muslim owned stall specialising in blow torched beef cubes and boy, are we excited! What caught our attention on the menu is their Mentaiko Beef Cubes with Japanese rice ($18). For a cheesier experience, top up $1 to add mozzarella cheese to your beef cubes. Hurry down early to avoid disappointment!

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: 70
Nearby landmark: Sireh Pinang public carpark entrance
Price range: $12 to $18

4. Katoshka

With two stalls around Geylang bazaar, be sure to catch their signature fries at their flagship stall near Haig road. Get ready to be spoilt for choice from flavors like Chili Beef ($6.90) and Tom Yum ($6.90) to their newest addition - Sweet Potato Fries ($5.90)! Do bear in mind that their other stall near Tanjong Katong Complex sells only beverages!

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: GS247
Nearby landmark: Haig road, Darul Arqam & Tanjong Katong Complex
Price range: $5.90 to $9 for combo sets

5. Shaked & Baked

Known for their “#Monsterburger”, Shaked & Baked is for all the meat lovers out there. From beef and chicken burgers to meatballs, drumlets and cheese fries - they have it all! Drop by if you’re in need of a solid burger feast.

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: GS250
Nearby landmark: Haig road, Darul Arqam
Price range: Starts at $4 for light bites

6. Loco Loco

Recently Halal certified, Loco Loco serves bite-sized churros with assorted flavors from Ondeh-Ondeh ($5.50) to Salted Egg Yolk ($5.90) and Chili Crab sauce with Crab Claw ($5.90)! You’ll go loco at having to choose just one!

Halal-certified establishment
Stall: 183
Nearby landmark: Haig road
Price range: $4.90 to $16 for platter

7. Markozar

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’re in for a treat. Markozar specializes in three things: Banana Cheese ($6), Martabak Manis ($6.50) and Keria Viral ($5.50 for 4 pcs) and they are great at it! Go for their Banana Cheese coated in a selection of fondue flavors or go old school with their Keria Viral. Their Keria VIral is a modern take on the traditional malay sweets that’s making a serious comeback.

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: GS202 & 10
Nearby landmark: Haig road, Darul Arqam & Tanjong Katong Complex
Price range: $5.50 to $8

8. Hyde & Co

From the minds behind the cafe on North Bridge road comes their latest pop-up store. Riding on the recent crispy rendang mayhem comes their newest addition - Crispy Chicken Rendang ($9) with ketupat (rice cakes) and empeng belinjo (belinjo crackers). Also on the menu are fan favorites such as their trademark Chili Crab Pasta ($9), Laksa Hae Bee Hiam Pasta ($9), Truffle Fries ($7) and wash it all down with their Bandung or Root Beer Float ($5)!

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: 54
Nearby landmark: Tanjong Katong Complex facing Tanjong Katong road
Price range: $5 to $9

9. Island Hydeaway

Tucked in the corner beside Hyde and Co., Island Hydeaway carries lighter eats like the Gd Ol’ Coney Dog ($6) and Handcrafted Swedish Meatballs ($9) which are great if you want to save some room for dessert! We’re especially eyeing their Melaka’s Famous Coconut Shake ($5)

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: 54
Nearby landmark: Tanjong Katong Complex facing Tanjong Katong road
Price range: $5 to $9

10. Kreyv

Kreyv, an iteration of “Crave”, will make you come back for more. If you fancy something refreshing to wash down everything else you have sampled at the bazaar, Kreyv’s crunchy jeruk asam boi will cleanse your palette. Known for their jeruk, which is a combination of of asam boi, mango, lime and bird’s eye chili, you can also get other traditional goodies like Chicha Petis ($6), Rojak Power Gila ($6-$10) and Tahu Goreng, Tahu Bakar or Tahu Sumbat ($4) at their stall as well.  

Kreyv has also recently opened their first ever Kuih stall beside their flagship outlet.

Muslim-owned establishment
Stall: 29 (Kuih) & 41 (Jeruk)
Nearby Landmark: In front of the new Wisma Geylang Serai
Price range: Starts at $5

So what are you waiting for? Head down to the one and only Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar and indulge in the local Ramadan vibe right here in Singapore!