10 Reasons Why It's More Fun in the Philippines

By Halal Trip | 04, Apr, 2016
10 Reasons Why It's More Fun in the Philippines
  While traveling is a fun and an incredible experience in general, sometimes you come across a destination that manages to capture your heart and soul, and before you know it, you’ve visited it 5 times in a row. To us, without hesitation, that destination happens to be the picture-perfect Philippines. A destination unlike any other that we’ve been to, the Philippines gave us more than just an exciting holiday; it helped us create memories that will never be forgotten. And that is why we decided to list out why it really and truly is more fun in the Philippines, just in case you’re in need of some travel inspiration! .

The Food

holder-1230841_1920   While Filipino food is not as well-known around the world, as we think it should be, there is no way a trip to the Philippines is complete without sampling the wide array of street food available. Filipinos absolutely love food, and we guarantee that once you sink your teeth into a couple of their delicious dishes, you are sure to leave the country with a couple of inches added to your waist.   coconut-855730_1920 Starting off with dessert, ‘cause who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Am I right? The oh-so-delicious Halo-halo is a combination of shaved ice and evaporated milk and a variety of add-ons like jelly, fruits and beans. Even if you’re not much of a foodie, this dessert is a must-try. Other foods you cannot leave the Philippines without trying, include; Adobo, Sinigang, Pancit, Kare-kare and Taho. While pork is widely used In Filipino cuisine, Muslims are sure to also find Halal or completely vegetarian street food. .

The Fruits


  The fruits in the Philippines are so spectacular that we just had to give it a separate place on this list. Fresh, sweet, delicious and cheap, fruits can be found throughout the country. From juicy mangoes, sweet papayas and creamy avocados to refreshing watermelons, spiky pineapples and stinky but mouth-watering durians, the Philippines has it all!



The Beaches


  If there is one thing that the Philippines is known for, it’s for the stunning beaches, known to be some of the best and most beautiful, in the world. With thousands of beaches featuring crystal-clear water and pristine white sand, to choose from, you’re really spoilt for choice.   anemone-1179246_1920 turtle-322416_1920 Known to be the finest beach in the world, the White Beach in Boracay is an absolute must-see. Other dream-like beaches can be found in, El Nido, Puerto Galera, Panglao Island, Caramoan, Samal Island, Siargao Island, Bantayan Island, Palaui Island, Coron Island, Pagudpud and Mactan Island. .

The Affordability

philippine-peso-1213585_1920   If you’re planning on traveling with a tight budget, the Philippines is a great destination for that. From transport to food to accommodation and leisure activities, everything is quite affordable, especially if you are coming from a developed country with higher currency exchange values. .

The People

bike-1116929_1920   In our opinion, the attitude of people and their hospitality always make or break a visit to a country. Filipinos are probably the nicest and most considerate people you will meet on your travels to anywhere in the world. Incredibly hospitable and always ready with the smile, the people of the Philippines will make you feel right at home in no time, without invading your space. .

The Shopping


  All you shopaholics out there planning on visiting the Philippines will be pleased to know that shopping is a Filipino’s favorite pastime. Home to some of the biggest malls in the world, such as SM City North EDSA and the SM Mall of Asia, that feature a wide array of stores from across the globe, as well as numerous markets, the shopping scene in the Philippines won’t disappoint. .

The Nature & Wildlife

If you are a nature lover, the Philippines will leave you breathless. Home to natural surroundings that are unbelievably picturesque, wherever you go in the Philippines, you are sure to come across a natural attraction that will take your breath away; such as the picturesque Chocolate Hills of Bohol, or the renowned Rice Terraces of Banaue. nicobar-pigeon-1149381_1920 flowers-274820_1920   The Philippines is also known for its incredibly diverse array of flora and fauna. If you are an animal lover, the small and cute Philippine tarsier is a must-see! .

The Colorful Transport

philippines-878494_1920   When in the Philippines, a ride in a jeepney is an absolute must. The most common means of transportation throughout the Philippines, a ride on a jeepney is not only affordable, but it also offers you an experience like no other. Jeepneys are painted in also sorts of colours and decorated with ornaments, and are just plain fun to ride in! .

No Language Barrier

clasped-hands-541849_1920   Do you always worry about not being understood well, or not being able to find the things or places you’re looking for when traveling because of the language barrier? A large percentage of the population in the Philippines speak English, so you don’t have to concern yourself about things getting lost in communication. Even those who aren’t well educated manage to communicate in English sufficiently. .

The Climate

beach-710546_1920   The weather in the Philippines doesn’t get too hot nor does it get too cold, which means if you’re looking to beat the heat or escape the cold, wherever you are, the Philippines is the perfect place to go. While there is a monsoon season in Philippines, all we can say is, who doesn’t like the rain! If you however don’t want the rain to limit your activity during your holiday, the best time to visit would be between November and May.   Planning a trip to Philippines? We've got you covered with all the information you need on the tropical country here! Philippines Micro site  

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