10 Reasons Why Living in Dubai is the Best!

By Halal Trip | 28, Oct, 2016
10 Reasons Why Living in Dubai is the Best!

Dubai has become increasingly popular in terms of tourism, but living in Dubai has recently held a greater appeal than the West. Situated in the aptly named Middle East, it is in a prime location connecting you to the rest of the world with ease – be it Asia, Europe, the United States or Australia. What some remember as the desert from years ago has fast developed into one of the most convenient places in the world, and is the reason why Dubai is a great place to live and work. Beyond the great attractions that this place is known for are many more reasons why the residents love staying on. Here are our top ten reasons why living in Dubai is better than anywhere else:

1. Halal Food

shake shack dubai

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Life in Dubai is all about the food. It is by far the greatest attraction for people who live there, have left, or are just visiting. While the immense multicultural aspect of the country brings about some amazingly different cuisines, the fact that everything is halal without a doubt makes life that much easier whether you are a tourist or a resident.

2. Convenience

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From food to groceries to laundry, everything can be delivered to your doorstep. While this might be assumed to make people lazy, it allows for better use of one’s time instead of being stuck in traffic, and a little more income for the delivery guy. Once you have been spoilt with this option, there is no going back! If you would like to step out and purchase your own goods however, it is a glorious knowing that the stores remain open till at least 10pm so you don’t have to rush after work to get it done, or forego it until the weekend.

3. Sales, Sales Everywhere

dubai shopping festival

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If you have lived anywhere else that doesn’t have a shopping festival, or sales almost all year round, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The fact that Dubai hosts brands from all over the worlds means that you have international access to goods; and clearance sales, Dubai Shopping Festival, GITEX (the annual 10-day technology fair), constant offers in the local supermarkets, and more means that everything becomes that much more affordable.

4. Fast & Efficient Metro 

dubai metro

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Before the metro… you would have to wait about half an hour for the bus because traffic was so bad. And while the traffic stubbornly persists in being so, the metro was the best thing that Dubai could have added to its infrastructure. It means that you can get to work on time, catch a train within minutes of each other, have access to parts of Dubai that were previously inaccessible due to the distance, and walk more to and from the station, thus getting more exercise in! The fact that you randomly meet people you know on the train, or have the opportunity to closely observe the nationalities and characters that make up the fabric of this country is just an added benefit. Working and living in Dubai has been made that much easier!

5. Accessible Prayer Facilities

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The best thing about living and working in Dubai is not worrying about where you are going to pray. Whether it is the ample mosques to be found around, or the prayer rooms available in malls and some buildings, practising Islam is made incredibly easy with this convenience.

6. Pray Almost Anywhere

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Even with all the prayer facilities available, one of the reasons why it’s great to live in Dubai is that you can lay down your prayer rug absolutely anywhere and it’s ok. Whether it’s the park, the side of the road, or in a stairwell, the whole place is your prayer oyster.

7. Ladies Only, Please

beach park

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Because it is a Muslim country, Dubai provides separate facilities for women - ladies’ day at the water park, a ladies’ section in the bus, a ladies’ only carriage on the metro, ladies’ clubs with swimming, grounds and more available, and the list goes on. The country empowers women by giving them access to such means, and it is amazing to note how many women take advantage of these resources – regardless of whether they are Muslim or not.

8. Safety

dubai police car

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Even though there is increasing crime rate everywhere, the reason why living in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular is because people feel very safe. Whether it is a local system that is not corrupt – and therefore incredibly hard to get around, or the fact that lost phones, wallets, and purses are returned to their owners untouched, it gives residents and tourists alike great conviction in their safety. Interesting fact: They have Ferraris for police cars!

9. Hospitality

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Whether it is Arab hospitality, customer service, or the willingness in the response when you just ask for help, Dubai has some of the best people that you will meet. From chatty cab drivers to over eager store clerks to incredibly friendly receptionists – while it may be the structures that put Dubai on the map, it is the people themselves who leave an impression on others.

10. Multi-cultural City

The fact that the city is such a multicultural hotpot is why Dubai is the best place to live. There is a fine mix of Arabs, Asians, Europeans, Americans, Russians, Africans, and more. While it might seem confusing or overwhelming, it is actually a great delight to mix with people from around the world, learn their culture, eat their food, and figure out their habits. It makes you value your culture away from home and share it with others, and it really prepares you to move almost anywhere in the world because of this exposure.

While there are definitely more than these top ten reasons to live in Dubai, we hope that these will be ten reasons you consider moving to Dubai!

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