10 Tips for Last-Minute Eid Shopping

By Halal Trip | 30, Jun, 2016
10 Tips for Last-Minute Eid Shopping

Getting ready for Eid shopping is quite exhausting and enjoyable at the same time. With fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan, work and family, you might find yourself pressed for time when going to do your Eid shopping. But by being a bit more organised you can find what you are looking for.

1. Make a List

Making as list of what you need whether it is for gifts or groceries will help keep you on track. This is the way you can avoid forgetting things and go through your Eid shopping faster. When buying gifts, write down the item with the person’s name so that you won’t get mixed up or miss anything. Get online when you have time and look up different Eid fashions especially when buying clothes for teenagers and young people.

2. Timing

While fasting, your energy levels will be low, so try to do your Eid shopping when you feel a bit more energized. Trying to avoid crowds will be difficult during late night shopping or right after iftar, so it is better to avoid the rush hour depending on where you live.

3. Have a Shopping Plan

While rushing around you might end up wasting your time driving from one place to the other and getting through crowds. This will eventually make you grumpy and exhausted. Try to choose shopping complexes or Eid bazaars that are located close to each other.

4. Shop with Friends or Family

When you shop with someone else, you can divide chores between each other and get things done quickly especially if each of you have lists. You can ask a friend to come along to help. and  you can help them get their own shopping done as well.

5. Your Budget

When doing last minute Eid shopping, keep a rough budget to avoid unnecessary over spending. Make the most of the good discounts and special Eid offers that are available during this season. You will find more of these offers towards the end of the month.

6. Visit an Eid Fair or Festival

These are some of the best places where you can find something, including different Eid fashion at a good discount since vendors are eager to clear out their items as the month ends. The problem here is that you will have to brave other last minute shoppers as well be prepared for big crowds. 

7. Bargaining

Don’t be afraid to bargain especially at an Eid fair or even a retail store, since most places will have offers all month long. However, you need not visit many stores if you don’t get a good bargain.

8. Avoid Impulse Buying

It is easy to get tired and purchase the easiest accessible items where you will end up overspending. This is why you should go shopping when you feel more energised with a rough plan at hand.

9. Buy Something Online

When looking up Eid fashion online or other things you need, remember to check how long the delivery will take. Make sure the items with reach you in time. This way you can avoid the stress of large crowds and shop at your own pace, even if you are pressed for time.

10. Prepare for Suhoor and Iftar

Ramadan is a busy month and planning meals for Suhoor and Iftar can be time consuming especially when you need to do your Eid shopping. Freeze some meals and snacks or prepare half of the meal earlier in the day so that you will have more time.

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