10 Unusual Modes of Transport Around the World

By Halal Trip | 09, Sep, 2016
10 Unusual Modes of Transport Around the World

There are many unusual modes of transport that are still being used around the world and that has become a unique part of a country. Travelling by interesting modes of transportation in a country you are visiting can give you a different experience where you can great idea of how the local people really live and experience their culture. 

Different Forms of Transportation around the World

1. The Jeepney, Philippines

The Jeepney was created after World War II when the army surplus jeeps left by the American troops had been stripped down, with shades added and then painted with bright colours. Decorations and ornaments were added as well, and the Jeepney has become a prominent part of Filipino art and culture. It is still a popular way to travel in the Philippines and one of the most unusual types of public transport around the world.

2. Longtail Boats, Thailand

Longtail boats or Ruea Hang Yao can be seen on the Chao Phraya River that flows through Bangkok. Longboats are now used mostly to transport tourists and to visit islands, but they are still being used outside Bangkok or for canal cruising.

3. Canal Taxis, Thailand

In Thailand, canal taxis navigate through the water canal network of Bangkok city and is still frequently used. There are different types of river boats that travel along various routes along the water canals and it remains as one of the interesting modes of transportation in Thailand.

4. Barco De Totora, Peru

Barco De Totora is a watercraft madeby fisherman from the Uros people who live on the floating islands of Totora reeds. It is one of the most unusual forms of transport that you have try when visiting Peru and it is big part of Peruvian culture.

5. Traghetto in Venice, Italy

Traghetto means ferry in Italian and has been around for generations in Venice.The boats are not as decorated as gondolas and passengers can easily travel to seven different points along canals. Similar to the way gondolas are rowed, Traghetto are also rowed by two oarsmen at each end.

6. The Ice Angel in Wisconsin, United States

When Lake Superior freezes over, the only way to travel to one of the Apostle islands -Madeline Island, is by a wind sled known as Ice Angel. It is definitely one of the most unique modes of transport that is used instead of the regular ferry service when necessary.

7. The Zeppelin, Germany

Airship or blimp rides have become a popular way to view a city from above and it is one of the most unusual forms of transport that has become popular in the United States and the United Kingdom too. There are different routes and airship sizes depending on how many passengers will be on board.

8. The Cyclo, Vietnam

This three wheeled bicycle is used as a taxi and it is quite easier to get through traffic too. Now it has become more of a tourist attraction. As some of the more interesting modes of transportation, tourists can enjoy rides around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

9. The Bamboo Train, Cambodia

This unusual mode of transport consists of a bamboo platform that is used on the railway tracks that is powered by an engine. It is known locally as Nori or Norry and can move at al least 30 – 40 km/h, and this bamboo train still remains popular for its low fare and speed.

10. Underground Funicular, Turkey

This underground mode of transportation was established in 2006 where passengers can quickly travel for a lower rate on the funicular that make stop from Taksim square to Kabatas in Istanbul. A funicular consists of a tram that moves on an inclined railway.

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