#100BlessingsofRamadan: Journey to Ramadan & Eid 2023

By Halal Trip | 26, Jan, 2023
#100BlessingsofRamadan: Journey to Ramadan & Eid 2023

As we enter the final 60 days to the start of Ramadan, it's always best to get our preparations early on for us to face the challenges and reap the benefits of Ramadan to the fullest.

To help you in this journey from pre-Ramadan preparations to Ramadan and even after Eid, HalalTrip is launching the #100BlessingsofRamadan series where you’ll be able to get tips and useful nuggets of information that will hopefully elevate our Ramadan and Eid experience this year, InshaAllah!

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100 Blessings of Ramadan

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Here's a glimpse of some of the things you can expect in #100BlessingsofRamadan:

Morning Routines

Discover tips to start the day right for a successful Ramadan, it's recommended to begin early in the months of Rajab and Shaaban by experimenting with different morning routines and adjusting them to suit your needs.


Food for your Soul

Take some time to learn various dua and hadith, save them for easy access, and recite them during prostration. Begin by reciting a new dua during one prostration and gradually increase by reciting different dua during each prostration.


Make the Quran your Character

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger ﷺ saying: 

"Allah is at the back of a servant so long as the servant is at the back of his brother, and he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah would make that path easy, leading to Paradise for him and those persons who assemble in the house among the houses of Allah (mosques) and recite the Book of Allah and they learn and teach the Qur'an (among themselves) there would descend upon them tranquility and mercy would cover them and the angels would surround them and Allah mentions them in the presence of those near Him, and he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds, his (high) lineage does not make him go ahead."

(Sahih Muslim)



Participate in classes, live webinars, and lectures offered at your local mosque, as there is always something to learn. Record the information in a notes app or journal, or save the information so you can refer back to it later.


The Good Muslim

Narrated 'Aishah: 

that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

"Indeed among the believers with the most complete faith is the one who is the best in conduct, and the most kind to his family."

(Jami at-Tirmidhī)


Our Prophets

Obtain a book and read about the stories of the prophets. Remembering the trials and difficulties faced by the prophets is a reminder that struggles in this world are inevitable, and that even the prophets were tested in ways we cannot comprehend. Despite this, they always turned back to Allah.



The strength of dua comes from the purity of one's heart above all else. Be honest with your emotions, learn the different names of Allah, and find comfort in the fact that He is Al Qah-Haar, The One Who Has Control over everything.


When is Ramadan 2023 and Laylatul Qadr?

The month of Ramadan in 2023 is set to start on 22 March 2023 and end on 22 April 2023. Do note that this is subject to change depending on the sightings of the moon because of the nature of the lunar calendar but it will still fall around the dates stated earlier.

This year, 2023 will mark the first-ever Ramadan and Eid post-covid where there are little to no COVID restrictions in most countries around the world, it is a great time for us to reconnect and reestablish the bonds with our family and friends in this blessed period.

5 Things To Note When Trying To Catch Laylatul Qadr


When is Eid 2023 and the start of Shawwal?

Eid 2023 is expected to fall on 22 April 2023 concurrently with the start of the month of Shawwal. Similar to dates earlier, do note that this is subject to change depending on the sightings of the moon because of the nature of the lunar calendar.

One of the significances of the month of Shawwal is the sunnah fasting right after Eid. You can read more on the Virtues of Fasting on the Six days of Shawwal here!

Shawwal: The Tenth Month in the Islamic Hijri Calendar


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